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Coil Problem With First Simplex Units

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A coil issue has been found in the first U.K. deliveries of the Simplex. Some, not all, detectors have exhibited false signals after the coil gets wet. Existing customers that experience the problem can get the coil replaced. Nokta/Makro has identified the cause and is purging the bad coils from the supply line. This may result in delivery delays as the situation is being addressed. As far as I know no U.S. deliveries have been made yet, and this may delay those deliveries for those with orders already in place.

Proving once again that waiting a bit is not a bad idea when new detectors come out.



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Hello all.... yes we had some coil issues and we acknowledged it publicly and sent an email to distributors as well. Copying and pasting my post from the UK user group:



Dear Valued Customers,

As some of you may / may not know, we have experienced an issue with some of the coils in the UK.

The problem reported by users was falsing on wet vegetation or over sensitivity to high stubbles.

This has alarmed us to look into the issue but the failure not occurring with all the coils and being limited to a percentage of them, has actually made it harder for the quality department to find the underlying cause.

After literally working day and night and analyzing each coil material, they found out that the issue was due to one of the materials used in the coil from the supplier not being within the tolerance limits.

A high percentage of the coils pass the tests and work fine but as of Friday night, we stopped production and shipments and dumped all coils.

As much as this sounds upsetting and disappointing, we are actually happy to catch this at an early stage and make the right move.

As Simplex+ is an unrivalled product with its performance-price value, we do not want to jeopardize this by even letting a further small percentage of customers experience any issues.

And more importantly, we are ready to take this hit on our end rather than letting any of our valued end users be a part of this.

The new material is received and we are planning to resume shipments as early as next week.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused but we believe that our valued customers will appreciate our honesty and hard work and putting customer satisfaction before our commercial gains.

Please note that only a portion of the coils are affected by this. If you are experiencing no falsing in wet grass or high stubbles other than a minor chirping sometimes, please do not contact us panicking and please help us to replace those that are determined to be faulty and resume our regular shipping schedule.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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With the high gain nature of the typical NokMak detector I’m sure it’s a tough venture maintaining tolerances while producing detectors at the price point of the Simplex.   Theres a reason why  most entry level detectors are “dumbed down” super stable beepers.  

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Sorry to hear of manufacturing problems with the new launch.  Really interested in how the new Simplex will compare with my MKruzer. Dilek is an awesome assett for MakNok and rest assured she will be on the ball with handling any initial “problems” they may experience in releasing such a full featured product at this low of a price point.  

If you have need of any “amateur” testers that are familiar with your previous machines, please let me know.  Would love to put the new Simplex through its paces alongside its big brother the MKRUZER!!!!  

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Without Dilek, I am not so sure Nokta/Makro would be so appealing. Her dedication to the customer base is nothing short of amazing. Think of all the detectors they have sold, and how many times we have seen her take time to make contact with the customers. I sure hope they realize the contribution she makes to the company and building a bridge to the customers.

Without such dedication Nokta/Makro would just be another company with something to sell..

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Garrett had a similar problem when they came out with their ATPro 's  years ago.  Some kind of coil shielding issue. 

It can happen to the best of them.  I like how N/M come right out and admit it/ and correct it.  Good Job.

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On 10/15/2019 at 12:02 AM, Redneck said:

Garrett had a similar problem when they came out with their ATPro 's  years ago.  Some kind of coil shielding issue. 

It can happen to the best of them.  I like how N/M come right out and admit it/ and correct it.  Good Job.

Yes, being transparent like that is ALWAYS the best way to deal with any kind of issue. That kind of honesty is what it takes to earn people's respect. We live in a world of mass production and there is no way we can expect every piece that comes off an assembly line to be free of a defect. In this case, they didn't try to keep it quiet, the truth was told.

I really feel that people can look over an issue if they know the company is not too proud or arrogant to admit there IS a problem. Again, this instills a lot of confidence in the consumer, knowing the issue will be corrected. Top notch.

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I'm having an issue. Only received my Simplex + 2 weeks ago. Started having some static yesterday. Thought it was from a low battery. Brought it home to charge it, and the display started blinking. It wouldn't turn on. While playing around with it today, I discovered that it will only turn on if its plugged into the charger with the search head disconnected. Anyone with any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. In desperate

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    • By ls4s
      Does anyone know if other wireles headphones are compatable with the simplex metal detector
    • By phrunt
      I've struggled to like my Simplex since getting it, I guess it's totally my fault as I expected more from it than it should and could provide for a detector in it's price range I guess.  It's loaded with great features and build quality is fantastic but the performance of it was rather lacking for what I use detectors for and that's finding deep silver coins in mild soil, a situation where the Simplex really doesn't do well in it's standard setup., I admit I've not tried a bigger coil than the stock coil on it although other detectors with that same size coil do better by comparison and even older cheaper detectors do better than it with their stock setups at that task.
      I've heard a lot of people say where the Simplex does well is sorting out good stuff from trash, some saying it's better or equal to high end detectors at this task so I thought I'd try it out in a rather unusual situation of digging the trash (nails) and leaving everything else.
      I have another block of land behind my house that used to have an old house on it that was burnt down some time ago in a accidental fire before I bought the land, when I first started detecting I found a number of reasonably shallow old coins in this area, I suspect it was someones coin collection that lived in the house as they were unusual coins from all over the world and in good condition like they'd not been in the ground all that long, they cleaned up well.  These were mostly found with my T2 which I find amazingly similar to the Simplex in performance.
      I've recently killed all the grass off an area on that land and leveled it as it was a bit lumpy as it's only had sheep on it the past few years before I started clearing it and planting a bunch of fruit trees.  The idea was to use this part of the land that I've cleared off grass for a parking spot for a caravan which I believe Americans call a trailer? once I get gravel compressed down on it.
      I first marched out there and tried to use my CTX 3030 and the thing drove me nuts, I don't understand it enough to deal with the mess of targets in the area from the old house being demolished I guess.  I tried the Nox with Coiltek 10x5" coil and it was easier for me to understand as I've used it to death, although there is so much trash here I just wanted to get rid of any old nails that could give the caravan a puncture, so just shallow nails and the Nox was rather annoying with the various target ID's all over the place for many targets and nothing was a reliable dig me I'm a nail guaranteed.
      Then it hit me people talking about the Simplex in high trash.  So I fired it up, and to my surprise with the sensitivity on really low in the Park 1 I was able to cruise over the area and dig up nail after nail easily, no confusion as to what was a nail at all, the ID'd as 4 every single time.  Nice solid 4's.  It made it so easy to clear the area of nails.

      So the Simplex nailed it 😛  I left anything deeper in the ground only wanting to recover the shallow targets that were at risk of going into a tire.
      Unfortunately during the process I didn't hit any ID's that were exciting enough to think they were a good coin but I really found the Simplex really quick and easy to target the shallow depth nails with accuracy in among all the other junk in this area.  If I get bored I'll experiment more and dig other ID's of shallow targets and see what I've missed.
      I know it's a bit of a pointless post, but I just found it cool how easy and effective the Simplex was for the task and every single nail in that photo came up an ID 4 even though they're different size nails and some bent and some straight.  The big metal things I dug as I just wanted to see what they were 😛
      I must say the Simplex tones are horrible, on these nails it sounded like I was murdering a chicken.
    • By Rick N. MI
      Just wondering when the SMF comes out.
    • By w.j.mccrary
      I bought a 2.68 Simplex its a new one ,however I am being told that I cannot use a 8.5" or 9.5" coils unless I upgrade to  2.77 or 2.78 .Is this true?Thanks William
    • By abenson
      I recently picked up a Garrett Ace Apex with 3 coils for a very good price locally. This is the second one I have owned. I spent the last few weeks doing some indoor and outdoor tests as well as some park hunting to get reacquainted with it.
      I stated on the Garrett forum that I would give the Apex another chance and do some infield testing against the Equinox and Simplex and report back. I had a chance to spend about 5 hours at a relic site over the weekend and do just that.
      The site has had mixed usage since the late 1850’s and includes Military artifacts as well as more modern house site items. The site has been hammered over the last 6 decades and so I thought it would be the perfect test. Ground is 4-5 bars on the F75 and is for the most part loaded with iron except farther out where we will usually just find fired .58 cal bullets, shotgun and .22 brass.
      I started with the Apex 8.5 x 11 coil out where we usually just find bullets running MF, custom program where everything is accepted over 20 and sensitivity all the way up. My goal was to just see if I could find bullets, no comparisons were done. I quickly found out the sensitivity was too high as I got a lot of false signals and chased a few ghost signals. Once turned down 1 bar the Apex ran smooth. I managed to find 4 .58 cal bullets and a few .22 and shotgun brass. Deepest bullet was 6 inches and was a very jumpy signal. I’ve done a video in the past digging bullets with the Apex in this same area if you want to see it you can find it in the Garrett forum. It’s under 10 things I like and 5 I don’t like about the Apex. Unlike the Equinox in this same area, the Apex has a real hard time identifying deep large targets vs small .22 brass. The signals are jumpy in both regards and hard to determine depth.
      Next I moved to an area close by that has produced quite a few buttons and dropped bullets in the past. The area is very trashy in places with glass shards and square nails. I used the Equinox 800 with the 11” coil running Park 1, 50 tones, iron bias F2 0, recovery 4, Multi and sensitivity 22. The Equinox 600 can be setup exactly the same way. I proceeded to mark 8 targets that came in at as low as 1 up to the highest being 15 on the Equinox. All of these targets were located in the trashy areas. The Simplex 11” coil Park 2 was able to see all but 2 targets, one being a small pewter button about 3 inches deep the other being a fired percussion cap also about 3 inches deep. The Apex 8.5 x 11 coil unfortunately was only able to see 2 targets. The first being a large pewter button maybe and 1 inch deep the other being a fired percussion cap on the surface. A small Navy cuff button laying on the surface (that only read 1 on the Equinox) was surprising invisible to the Apex. Granted there were a lot of iron signals around it.
      Last area, the house site. This time I started with the Simplex 11” coil running park 2. Now I know what some of you are going to say. Why use the larger coils in trashy sites? I wanted to see what the stock coils would do, I consider the 8.5 x 11 the stock coil for the Garrett machines. Yes I may have gotten better results with the Apex using a smaller coil. Anyway, I located and marked 4 targets with the Simplex. The Equinox was able to see all 4 but did struggle with one, all explain in a minute. The Apex was able to see 3 out of the 4, but was totally blind to the one the Equinox struggled with. Target 1 was a modern penny about 1 inch deep and was not a problem for any of the detectors. Target 2 was a small piece of decorative brass about 2 inches deep which all the detectors saw. But the Apex numbers were all over the place where as the Equinox was a solid 14 and the Simplex a solid 44. Target 3 turned out to be a 1929 S wheat penny at 5 inches deep. The Simplex read 66-68 and could get the signal as I rotated all the way around it. The Equinox struggled, first direction I tried got nothing but iron grunts. But as I rotated around it, I started to get a choppy signal that would bounce up to about 17. The Apex got nothing but iron grunts no matter what I tried. Signal 4 turned out to be a 1946 dime at about 3 inches and was a good solid signal on all the detectors. I also located 2 old clay marbles while I was walking around the house site.
      In a relic hunting scenario, the Equinox and Simplex have a clear advantage over the Apex. The Apex likes round objects and does the best on them and has a fairly accurate ID. Odd shapes are not it’s strong point for sure. But for someone who only wants to dig coins, it could be great. I will also say that of the 3 the Apex was most comfortable to swing and I think I like the wireless headphones the best on the Apex.
      In the future I plan to take the same 3 machines to a ghost town and the beach to see how they stack up against each other. I will say that the more I use the Simplex the more I see just how great a value this machine is. For the money you can’t beat it.

    • By oldcoinhunter
      Been using the Simplex with the SP 24 for a year now and have done really well with it, especially in trashy areas. Just won an xp orx which came with the hf elliptical coil and I just ordered a 9 inch x 35 coil. Detected a couple of places with the orx and it doesn’t seem to separate out the trash that is close to a coin like the Simplex. I’m wondering if the x35 coil I’m getting  can be setup to do as well as the simplex in trashy areas. Thank, Jim
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