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Another V Nickel

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 Met up with Rick the other day at the site of an old fairground to see if there's anything left there (it's been pounded for years) .  Right off the bat  the Nox hit a solid 13, I crossed the target and checked it PP mode and they agreed on the location.  Flipped the plug and nothing, dug another few inches and my pin pointer showed nothing in the bottom of the hole .  Checked the sides and there it was a 1905 V nickel on edge at about 4".

It's a good thing the NOX is hot on nickels and Indian Heads as I just can't seem to get the coil over silver. 

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Nice dig!  Great job on that "V" on edge!


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Congrats on that V nik !!!!

Before I got my Nox, I strictly focused on silver and there were more than a few times where I got skunked because I couldn't get my coil over the silver. 

However, honing in on the Nox 12/13 TID range, I've dug several V's, Buffalo's and Gold. Those TID ranges really kicked it up a notch and added to the excitement of this hobby.  

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      I have had the pleasure of hunting this property recently.  Here are a few of the most notable finds. I’m hoping this is the forum to post pics. A  Tshirt I made that I’ll wear on my hunts so you all can recognize me when I’m out there...The house itself... as it is today.
      My dog Draper.
      Would like help identifying this one.  I can not make anything of it....

      These twin coins were picked from the same hole in the front of the house. They are Canadian 60 year confederation coins given to each student attending schools in Ontario in 1927.  

    • By James Etling
      Dean Wormer informed Delta Tau Chi pledge Kent Dorfman "Fat, drunk & stupid in no way go through life" has been ringing in my head the last few weeks. While I don't drink much with much being the operative word, fat and stupid are probably a pretty good fit. I can't fix stupid so in addition to starting the Paleo diet a couple of weeks ago I thought I needed to get out more and get a little exercise. I used to be a avid detectorist in the past and used the progression of Minelab's machines. I decided I would get back in the saddle and purchased a brand spanking new Equinox 800. After tinkering with it in my yard a bit and finding a copper memorial I loaded up Andy Sabich's coin program and headed to a local high school that I am quite sure has been bombarded over the years. BOY, I AM OUT OF SHAPE! After a little over an hour and a half I was starting to lock up. I did celebrate finding a wheatie early on, which was more than I was expecting. I had programmed the detector to ignore zinc pennies and was just looking for very good signals. Literally turning the corner to make my way back to the car I got a 27 signal. I had found a couple of clad dimes and was sure I was adding another and out pops a silver rosie. For the first run finding a wheatie and a rosie made my day. Well I gots to be going now and I'll see if I can stand up. I am going to be sore tomorrow. Cheers!

    • By kac
      Hit an area where I had picked up a trime before. This time out I snagged an 1853 half dime, old 3 ringer, bronze wedding band that was fairly deep and 2 large cents that are in rough shape.
      Probably won't bother cleaning the large cents as they may just disintegrate.
      Used the Multi Kruzer at 14 khz in 2 tone mode. Had isat off, was manually ground balancing as the ground is pretty tame, gain at 95 and disc at 0. I'm finding it is better to let it do it's chatter and low iron hum once in a while rather than using discrim at all as it disc seems to make the audio bit choppy and hard to follow. Finding 2 tone very easy to pick out good targets even when there is a lot of trash and iron around, just work slow. That stock coil is working really well in the woods.

    • By Coilpower
      It was a rather strange day today ......broad spectrum of finds and dates of coins.  BUT .........I got a tiny 9ct gold stud earring in black sand mix. A nice old penny, the other penny is just too far gone to see a date. Another coin for the scrap. Hubby ran off with the stainless steel hose clip thingys......guess some junk is useful eh? 

    • By dogodog
      Bored silly with my states lock down on covid 19, I decided to go out to a place close to my house and run the MK with the 9 inch today and test out my home made detector stand. I was out for about 4 hours and found a bunch of clad and a fake diamond earring. Then I decided to dig every signal that I passed up before to test the 9 inch even more. 25+ pulltabs later I got a good nickle sound in the 60's. I dug a small hole pushed the pointer in and at about 3 inches was the large cent. I thought it was an oddly corroded 1/2 dollar. It was about 6 inches from the edge of a parking lot. It turns out it is an 1821 or 1827, hard to tell, I can just make out a 182- maybe 1 or 7. This was a great week for me. Might go out tomorrow if the wife allows. By the way the stand works great no dead dog detector anymore. Guess I'm not getting the battery pack now!!

    • By dogodog
      Out digging with the MK 9 inch coil and man did I get lucky. I decided to head to an old sight and hunt in the woods. I was hunting around an old spring about 300 yds from an 19th century house. Was finding my usual shotgun shell cases and wire, buckshot and a 32 cal. bullet. When I got a huge signal!! I new it would be iron so I dug it anyway. Found myself an awesome horseshoe. Thought to myself that's got to be good luck. I stumbled around for a little bit and found an old spoon and a weird piece of twisted copper wire, seem's hollow with solid wires inside (no clue). I got onto a bunch of aluminum, not even sure how it got to where I was hunting. I was ready to call it a day when I got a big aluminum hit but it was different, it was a much lower tone. Dug to about 8 inches and popped a big coin, It was a 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. Man did I get excited!!! I decided to stay a little longer. About three feet away I got the same big signal. Dug that and popped another 1942 WL 1/2 dollar. I spent the next three hours finding nothing. I guess the horseshoe thing has some merit.
      Shotgun shell cases,    two peter's Large P circa. 1915 to 1927
                                               one UMC co. circa. 1900 to 1910
                                               one USC co. circa 1926

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