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Minelab Mds-10 Project (version 2.0) Was Adapted To Search For Historical Finds

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I welcome!
Minelab is a hybrid MDS-10 Minelab multi-frequency metal detector and Ultra WideBand pulse radar from Chemring. In the summer of 2019, the Minelab MDS-10 project (version 2.0) was adapted to search for historical finds. For what I bought, for what I sell ( https://md-arena.com/sekretnyj-proekt-minelab-gibrid-detektor-georadar-novinka-2019/ ). Target sizes include coins and jewelry. Practical tests confirmed the effectiveness of the technology. In Russia expected that the novelty will be presented at the copy slate Detectival 2019.
But alas...
Does anyone know when?

IMHO Minelab should enter the market of such devices.It is impossible to give the market all the time to LORENZ, MAKRO Detectors, Nokta, with ichony georadars.

With respect.

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The MDS-10 is a countermine detector. You can inquire about it directly with Minelab at https://www.minelab.com/countermine/detectors/mds-10

I suspect that adapting this detector for use in coin and relic detecting is more rumor than fact, but simply do not know for sure. The best bet is contact Minelab directly at the link above and see what they say.

Minelab MDS-10 countermine detector

Minelab MDS-10 countermine detector folded down for transport

Product Brochure Link

Instruction Manual

Field Guide

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