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Gold Monster Pi Anyone?

Desert Dawg

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I keep making noise for something like that. Right now the QED and upcoming Fisher Impulse are potential contenders. I would love to see Minelab do something. Just stick the SDC in a standard detector housing for gosh sake!


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Phrunt I agree the speaker in the gm1000 is exceptional. I find myself running it with no headphones a lot and  thats not like me with a vlf. A grab and go automatic lightweight  pi if it was priced right would sell like hotcakes. For me it would have to exceed the depth of the sdc. If it could hit grain size gold to 4" or so and a  1.5 gram nugget at say 12"-14" in mild ground that would be enough for me.  I know the gpz is exceeding that now in mild ground with the x coils.

Steve, maybe it will happen sooner than we think. I know you been asking for a lightweight machine for yrs in a pi. The older I get the more desirable such a machine is looking, being trussed up on the gpx harness for hours is tiring. And I know the gpz is very heavy as well.

MInelab hit the nail on the head with the controls on the Gold Monster, manual settings for those that want them and two automatic modes I personally just switch between the the auto modes for different ground conditions. leaves little margin for error and a pleasure to run. I could only imagine a pi with similar controls.

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Well that really is pretty much the Minelab SDC 2300, full time autotracking, no controls to speak of. It is the perfect beginner machine really if cost is not an object, nor the not so ergonomic 5.7 lb design, and the fact you have to bastardize third party coils into it to get any selection past the one that comes hardwired. The SDC 2300 really is just a turn on and go detector that ignores virtually all hot rocks, based on the GPX Fine Gold timing.

That's what makes all this so frustrating. There it is. The circuit exists, nothing to invent. Just put it in an ergonomic housing with standard interchangeable coils.


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