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Hello From Middle Georgia

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 Hi ya'll.... I got into gold prospecting in 2003, bought a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. Never really used it much, until 2006, we moved into an old farm house, and then not very much. Fast forward to 2016, I became disabled and was bored sitting around the house, so broke out my Bounty Hunter. I found a few interesting things, then in May 2019, I got a White's MX7, loving it so far...my problem is I haven't had any luck getting permissions, mostly finding the right person to talk to....I would love to go to a Civil War sight, especially in my neck of the woods, or old mill site, there are a lot around...another problem is, I can only hunt between an hour, to two hours and have to stop. Still lovin' it though, it got me to reading up on history in my town, found some really cool info.

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   Hello and welcome,

    I do a little hunting up near Albany a few times a year on family property! Definitely a different type than my usual in South Florida! Good luck with the finds!



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