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Hello From Middle Georgia

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 Hi ya'll.... I got into gold prospecting in 2003, bought a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. Never really used it much, until 2006, we moved into an old farm house, and then not very much. Fast forward to 2016, I became disabled and was bored sitting around the house, so broke out my Bounty Hunter. I found a few interesting things, then in May 2019, I got a White's MX7, loving it so far...my problem is I haven't had any luck getting permissions, mostly finding the right person to talk to....I would love to go to a Civil War sight, especially in my neck of the woods, or old mill site, there are a lot around...another problem is, I can only hunt between an hour, to two hours and have to stop. Still lovin' it though, it got me to reading up on history in my town, found some really cool info.

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   Hello and welcome,

    I do a little hunting up near Albany a few times a year on family property! Definitely a different type than my usual in South Florida! Good luck with the finds!



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    • By Dirt Wagon
      Hi, just purchased my first metal detector yesterday and looking forward to exploring with it. It's a Minelab Gold Monster 1000, since I live in the gold belt of N. Georgia it seemed like a good choice from all the positive reviews of it. I found it on sale for $659 which I thought was a good deal, but enough of that....I tried posting the link for others on this site to get it but was unfortunately flagged and banned for posting the link.
      Thankfully the ban was lifted and I'm back. Looking forward to get the detector in my hands and learn the ropes!
      - Dirt Wagon
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      I am a new to detecting starting out with a Minelab Equinox 600, living in Connecticut I will have the chance to work beaches but will usually focus on parks and private sites looking for coins and relics. I have seen already that the Equinox is a fairly advanced machine and will take some time to get used to, so far I have been digging everything and found a few modern coins and a lot of aluminum pop tops, cans and bottle caps. I seem to be picking up a lot from the more experienced users on this forum and appreciate the info and sharing you all do.
      I will stick with Park 1 , noise balance , and auto ground balance for now until I get the VDI numbers down but hope to branch out as I learn more. 
      Thanks for the great introduction to this hobby 
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      My name's Kyle, I'm 34 or so frm Colorado springs I started out detecting last September after seeing some YouTube videos. Saved up and bought a harbor freight machine. Fet I hit the jackpot with my first hobby that actually made me money, with all the coins I was finding. Still wasn't finding anything great like I was hoping for, so saved up, and bought a simplex after last Christmas. 
      Turns out the cool finds were to follow buying the simplex.  I'll have to post some of my best finds. A little late, but better late than never.
    • By Valens Legacy
      It seems that many here knew my grandfather, and I only hope that I can gain the same respect that he had from man of you.
      I am new at this so please forgive me if I make a few mistakes along the way.
      I love fishing, hunting, and most of all family.
      I have my grandfathers equipment to learn and use and I have a lot to learn about this type of hunting. I went with my grandfather to several countries searching for lost treasures underwater, but never anything like this. I have used sonar, side scan sonar, and my grandfathers underwater detectors with UAV's.
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      Amateur Detectorist and rock hound.

      looking for some help with this find.
      I think it may be a type of achondrite, possibly a Eucrite.
      It most resembles Stannern eucrite, found in the Czech Republic.
      Appreciate any informed input. 

    • By DavidBNJ
      Just joined and just got my first real metal detector today. I just got a Garrett Ace Apex and am excited to see what I can uncover with it. Looking for tips and tricks and any other helpful info. 
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