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    • By wltdwiz
      hi all
      just got me a simplex & gotta tell you they named it right
      its a simple to run hi teck detector with lots of features & its got some bite to it..
      took it down the what i call the beach from hell  lots of bottle caps & nails & hot Arizona ground
      ground balanced at 87 & ran it in park..
      i would love to tell you that it dident pick up bottle caps but its a dd coil so it hits them but up just bellow the zinc penny range they could be dealt with hope they get a concentric out soon..
      the simplex has a wide spread on the discrimination nickles 22-23 coins 79-90 pulltabs in the middle.. hits hard on nickles..
      she found me this little beauty on a heavily worked beach in a mass of iron .. rang in at 19-20
      10 k 2.3 grams
      im happy  i have a new friend..
      Thanks makro for a great detector

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Complete tear down with good circuit board photos here.

    • By Ridge Runner
      I’m posting this to help our fellow man or woman.
       What we have out here is a lot of V -Want to be’s But the only place they can get them is at Shaft Sports.
       So you ask what can a Simplex + owner do  . Well first just let them hold your Simplex and tell them they can buy it from a dealer that  will be there after the sale . 
      If they ask why holding the Simplex it makes them nervous. Be sure to tell them you got it on vibrate. Do let them know it’s waterproof too .
       If they want to know how many different Simplex + are they just let them down easy and tell them Dilek said just one .
       I myself was looking maybe to buy a V but you won’t find me at Shaft Spots buying it .
       At this time in my life with my Simplex + I’m not sure of the need of a V.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Iffy Signals Dec 1, 2019 - We took the Simplex and Vanquish to a 1675 permission and compared some signals throughout the day.
    • By Ridge Runner
      Yes this is my opinion not a review. 
       I’ve had my Simplex for a while but trouble finding the time to get out to see what it had to offer.
      i had done some air test with coins and several different gold rings. Then started notching out items I didn’t want to detect. After that I went back over the coins and jewelry I’d used for testing. The first problem was in some case I’d narrowed the notch too much without chopping the signal some.
       When I got it in the field with it in park I started swinging. The first thing that jumped out at me was the Simplex has super recovery speed.
       Checking everything that the Simplex has to offer I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about it .
       Maybe at a later date I’ll give a review on it but just my opinion for now.
       I will say that the 254.15 I spent for the Simplex + is the Best Buy you’ll ever make for the money.
       I told a friend earlier today that I don’t see the need to ever pick up my Sport again. Another thing I said that I don’t see the need for another coil being I was so happy with the coil that came with it .
       All the detectors I’ve had in the last few years would fall over ever time I put it down . Well today the sky opened up and every time I put the Simplex down it didn’t fall over not one time..
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