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    • By Lunk
      The weather in northern Nevada has been extraordinarily nice this past month, but it's due to deteriorate rapidly soon; time to head for the sunny warmness of the Arizona goldfields. During the last 3 weeks I've managed to scrounge up 43.4 grams (27.9 dwt) of the good stuff from old patches with the GPZ 7000 and stock 14" coil. Largest nugget weighs 7 grams (4.5 dwt) and the deepest bit was close to a foot and a half. 

    • By Lunk
      The nugget shooting world lost a legend today: Smokey Baird of Lovelock, Nevada passed away after a battle with cancer. Rest in peace my friend. 
    • By Roughwater
      I finally got retired this past Friday evening.  Today is my first day of retirement of what would normally be a work day.  It feels really good too!  
      I have been planning for a while to go out west to do some semi serious prospecting.  I'm pretty well set on equipment (metal detectors) now but trying to narrow down where I will actually go.  I am set up to go to Oregon in the Sumpter area July 8-10th and to the GPAA veterens outing on the 23-24th of July in Fernly Nv (near Reno).  Right now that's the only definite things I have planned other than going to the crater of diamonds mine but will work that in when convenient.  I plan to take as long as a month or so for my trip. 
      I am thinking to stay in the NW area to prospect (Oregon, Nv, Washington State, maybe Northern California etc. But am open to any areas between NC and the NW as well.  I have recently re-joined the GPAA.  I would appreciate any suggestions of places I could check out to Nugget Shoot or maybe any clubs in the NW I might join to have access to some potential nugget producing areas.  I hope to hit a few Gem mines as well on my trip.   
    • Guest Jennifer
      By Guest Jennifer
      Anyone gonna be on the patch this Summer or is it too hot to be out there between now and Sept?
    • By Chris Ben
      Hi all,
      Spent my last few detecting days out trying to find a new patch, hitting hard to reach spots in a known gold area. I have probably hiked and detected20+ miles with nodda, zip, zilch.  I am getting discouraged, haven't gotten my ATX over gold in a while. I'm contemplating going to a completely different area like Gold Basin, though I know it's been pounded . Or should I stick my plan of finding a virgin patch. Never really found a patch, unless I had to dig up the wash to find the nuggets, too deep to beep.
      What do you guys do to get out of a slump?
      Thanks Chris
    • By LuckyLundy
      My Wife Robin and I, spent several days at Rye Patch at the end March and Beginning of April with some horrific weather that kept us busy at the casinos for two days and then fighting the wet ground noise after the snowmelt.  We ended up with a 1/4 ounce of hard earned nuggets, but discussed we need to find some new spots, which I agreed.  Well the weather looked great, so I loaded up my truck and headed out on 15 Apr and back home on the 18 Apr. This trip was getting back to the basics as I know them, as to finding productive ground.  Sleep in the back of my Mega Cab Dodge, swings my coil for as long as I could stand it, eating cold fried chicken and a treat myself to hot coffee in the morning...I try to keep it simple...lol. I was joined by a couple of other prospecting Buddy's that stayed in town.  They arrived to my spot by the time I washed down plenty of hot coffee to fight the morning chill of the high desert.  We swung our coils low and slow for miles and ran into 3 small patches, that we can expand and piggy back off of for the next hunt(s)!  I'm happy to be home where I can fully stretch out for a good nights sleep...getting old, for the Back to Basics hunt.  But they can pay off in the long run.  Below, is Joe from Colorado (Colorado Joe) SDC 2300 and my GPZ 7000 on the end of the first days hunt and then my end of trip poke, which just got over 1/4 ounce.  I'm recharging for the next trip and more good times with our friends.  Until the next hunt!

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