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Steve was observing recently that it's amazing how fast a patch can go from a great producer with nuggets seemingly everywhere to a place where you work for hours just to grind out one or two. It seems like we are always on the hunt for the next patch.

Nice find on the matching nuggets.

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Found the nuggets metal detecting this summer. They were found in a straight line, approximately 30 ft apart. And found in order from left to right. On separate occasions. Guessing how they interlock, that they were one nugget at one time. Then eroding out of the same piece of quartz. Pretty cool I think!


Tha'ts great observation to jig saw puzzle those bits together & they do seem to fit pretty good. May well have been one piece originally. A prospectors greatest tools are his observation & imagination. You have done very well on your patch. Well done & congrats. Hope it keep producing for you.


Good luck out there


JW :) 

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Had a couple of hours to kill Sunday afternoon. So I went to one of my beaten old patches. I've probably ran my coil over this area 50 times. Goes to show you that you never can get it all. 


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    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Yesterday afternoon I headed out with the Zed to a spot I had not been to since my GP 3000 days when I had a bit of success. Drove out to the spot, parked up & walked to the area. As I was walking I turned on the WM12, B&Z booster & the detector. As I approached the first bit of bedrock I noticed that the sound had not kicked in. Looked down to the detector screen & it was off. Oh bugger. Pushed the on button & saw the screen light up, but then a message came up. Flat battery shutting down in 10 seconds. Oh no. I hadnt recharged the battery as I only used it for three hours on my last mission. I am now thinking I can't have recharged prior to that time either. I have never had the battery go flat on me before. Not having any other detector on board I had to pack up & head home again, Damn. Got home & grabbed the Nox with 6" coil on & headed to a closer local location. I went to the little hot spot where I first tried the nox with 6" coil & got 14 little bits of gold off some rotten schist bedrock. It was a location where the more you scraped the rotten schist bedrock it seemed to bring more small/tiny gold to the light of day & into view of the coil. Not today. I spent an hour scraping & detecting. Raking out my older scrape piles & re detecting them. Nothing. Not a speck. It was getting cold & I had left my sweatshirt back at home when I grabbed the Nox.
      Determined not to be skunked I went to another little hot spot area for this small/tiny gold. But I guess the day has to come when nothing else seems to be on offer. I was making hard work of it. Plenty of tiny shotgun pellets. Way smaller than the usual size pellets I normally get. Showed that the 6" coil was doing fine but l just wasn't getting it over gold. I then got a very positive hit & it was a small bit of gold. Ye ha, skunk averted.
      I went for another hour & until dark. Was half frozen but no more gold. My little hot spots seem to have done there dash.
      Today I had charged up all my batteries for the Zed, WM12 & B&Z booster. No flat batteries today. So this afternoon I headed back to where I was going to Zed it yesterday. Got stuck into it but was getting nothing but pellets & .22 shell casings. There were signals everywhere. Bugger, I was getting overloaded & sick of digging crap. Got a faint signal right beside some raised schist bedrock that lived on down to a good depth. I was literally just pulling out the schist bedrock in slabs.
      The signal improving all the time. Due to the nature of having to smash out the bedrock I just knew it was going to be gold. But how big....or should that be How small 
      Finally it was out.
      Despite going for another couple of hours that was it. But beat the skunk again. Cheers.
      Good luck out there
    • By jrbeatty
      Unfortunately, nothing much to brag about this winter . The weather, in sharp contrast to last year, was wet and miserable and all the properties targeted were under crop.
      Anyway, enough excuses. Managed to scrounge an ounce reworking last years shallow leads which were now free of long grass, allowing the coil to run at least 4" closer to the ground.
      The three rough bits were detected by Reg Wilson and I on an excursion to a patch of forest way out on the western edge of Victoria's gold bearing zone. The larger 5 gm piece (found first by Reg) got us excited but only had two more small companions. All found with the very latest QED which Howard graciously supplied for testing.

      The unworked shallow lead discovered last year and I reworked this year. Reg and I recovered many ozs off it last year, including 19 and 53 gram pieces.
      It begins at the small ironstone hill in the background and extends for well over a kilometre with the gold thinly scattered along its length.

      Looking down the lead the other way. It runs directly down the centre of the image and (hopefully) beyond the distant tree line onto the next property currently under crop.

      Detail of the rough 5 grammer:

    • By phoenix
      For quite a few days I have been detecting around a surfaced area with the 7000 and for about 3 hours I detected in the surfaced area with the 2300, and this is what I managed to get.  The bottom 6 came from the surfacing and the top 7 came from outside the surfacing.  It is a long time since I have found a nice piece at depth and I don`t understand why, but any day I come home with a rattle in the jar is a good day ◕‿◕

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed out for a quick 3 hour detect this afternoon. Beautiful day weather wise. Simon got a mint day for his skiing. I could see that Coronet Peak ski field had there snow making guns going full noise on top off the fresh 6" of natural snow that fell the other day. Cover up that ice that Simon had to deal with last time he was up there. I took a photo but the sun was right in my face & it turned out crap so I didn't bother putting it up.
      I went to a spot I had not been to since my GP 3000 days where I did ok with the Coiltek 10x5 mono joey coil. When I got there I was gobsmacked at how overgrown the area was with briar rose bushes, blackberry & broom. Parts were impenetrable.🤬 I had my secateurs & leather gloves in my backpack. So I spent half my time pruning  crap back just to get into places. Didn't do any good on the gold front. So I wondered on down to a tailing race area, where again I had to prune stuff back to get in there. You will see the briar rose & broom in the back & also down in the tail race itself. I use to be able to walk down that tail race & all around the top edges.

      It was the left side at the top edge that l started detecting once I got in there.

       I worked my way down to the bottom end when I thought I got a hint of a signal right up against a briar rose bush. First thing to go was that bush. You will see it bottom left of the above pic.
      Start of the hole to the right of the detector & near the edge of the drop off down into the tailing race. The signal had improved. You will also notice the detector is sitting on the run of bedrock that my hole ended up getting down into.

      Smashing into the bedrock schist & peeling it out, sitting to the left of the hole, signal was getting better all the time. Until it was finally out. I knew it was going to be gold.

      How deep do you reckon that is? Scoop is 12". How big do you think the bit of gold was? You won't believe it. Have I ever said before at how the Zed blows me away for the depth it finds small/tiny  gold?? This is no exception.

      .16 of a gram or 2.2 grains,(I think) That was my only piece. I gave up after that. Cheers.
      Good luck out there
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Western & Eastern Treasures magazine does a Silver & Gold Annual issue and another customer of mine was featured. Many of you saw the photos posted earlier this summer. Some gobstopper saves/discoveries are in this issue, so I recommend you order one online. Congratulations to Duane and Sarah on their Golden Treasures and thanks for allowing me to earn your detector business again.

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Finished work early today & had a few hours daylight up my sleeve so I headed out for a detect. I went back to the same spot that I got my last one piece from. I had unfinished business there. I was getting plenty of signals but none were gold. So I headed right to the spot where I got my last bit from, which was here in that bedrock crevice. 
      Notice the dead briar rose bush at the top left. Well I thought I got a very faint signal between that & that exposed bedrock, which has been ground smooth from glacial ice grinding over it many moons ago. Probably the same time as the gold was deposited.
      So I started to dig between that dead bush & the schist bedrock. The signal improved.
      But I needed to hack out that bush.
      Done & deepen the hole. Signal still in there. I was now breaking into & hacking out the schist bedrock. Has to be gold now.
      Suddenly the signal was out &........
      Gold it was .52 of a gram
      I don't know how I missed that last time. I detected that area very slowly & carefully, same settings but for what ever reason I didn't get it before. But snagged it this time. It was the only one. So after a couple of hours of very careful detecting I moved on.
      Here is a pic of an old timers tailings race that they had hacked out of the schist bedrock. Now choked with briar rose bushes. This area in general is a glacially deposited boulder field. Some big suckers too.
      I moved off to another tailing race & exposed bedrock area & snagged a small piece of gold on the sidewall of a tailing race. I have hammered this area so was surprised to have got that one. I moved on to some deepish glacial gravels that the old timers had not sluiced away. got a few hot rock signals in these which sucked me in as they sounded good. But you have to investigate them. Here was one such dig. The two rocks at the top edge of the hole were hot rocks out of the hole, but there was still another signal in there. Could be yet another hot rock.
      But it wasn't.
      Ye Ha
      Had I of walked away from not only the first hot rock but even the 2nd I wouldn't have got that third signal in the same hole that turned into a piece of gold. Who said the Zed wasn't a magic wand.
      So there I had Huey, Duey & Louie.
      Ended the golden day on a beautiful golden sunset. Time to walk on out & back to my wagon.
       Three for 1.18 grams
      Mrs JW has gone up north to visit family. So while she was away I pimped her ride. She doesn't know yet but she will he rapt. I E - biked her Mountain bike. So she can carry a detector up into the hills now too.  
      Good luck out there