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Rivers rat

Mixing Pulse And Fbs

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Hello to all i had another go at the beaches this week end (for me😃)i woke up super early monday (4am) and hit the beach from 4.30 till 8 was able to run the machine hot with a SAT half way the rest on full steam managed only those fragments(see pictures) but so far i am happy with my swing arm and my home made bungee.

In the afternoon went to another beach with the CTX and managed to find a sweet spot in less than an hour but the Darkness and Madame waiting in the car made me abort the session i fully pumped ,so result 2 rings seemly old pink gold and silver i guess i also found a fishing weight 10 cm from the silver ring so was super hopeful for the next day

Next day i brought the G5c but the weather was terrible i was fully gear but the running water under the coil made detecting very difficult even with the SAT lowered..........tide was going to be low late and the "sweet spot " is surrounded by mudflats......and i was sinking fast with all my gear so .......i aborted after 1 hour with only a copper bit


Here are the pics enjoy!!








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That looks like 18k rose gold, did you test it?

What material is that old ring on the bottom pic? I found similar ones out here and thought they are bronze.

Good finds

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5 hours ago, kac said:

That looks like 18k rose gold, did you test it?

What material is that old ring on the bottom pic? I found similar ones out here and thought they are bronze.

Good finds

It may be 18k  no I have tested wife keep telling me to invest in a kit I shall oblige soon............:) the other is silver I cleaned it a bit and I can read silver inside .........funny thing is I got a gold ring found on the Thames with a similar partern and no one can date it...........some say Roman other said foreign(like India.............) if it is roman it could worth a lot more ..................


Any way now I need to wait till next Monday as I am back in London may do 1 or 2 session on the River




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I got a test kit, was pretty cheap $24 usd included platinum and silver along with 2 stones and a jewelers loupe that will make your eyes cross if used too long.... again was only $24 usd :)

Some the old old rings around here go back 1700's and even 1600's and look to be bronze. Probably commoners rings I guess but many don't seem to have marks on them and badly worn. Think I had posted a pic of a couple earlier this year.

925 silver and higher shouldn't tarnish, dug an old cross that looked like new that tested at 999 silver. Thought it was tin because it was fairly soft but was wrong on that.

That ring looks like rose gold, recently found a charm with diamond chips in it that had pretty close to the same color and it tested at 18k. If that was plated you would see bubbles and any scratches would reveal the base metal. Plated stuff is pretty easy to spot.

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    • By Dan(NM)
      I was able to get back to the lake this morning before the crowd took over. Took me about an hour in the water, to hit the wedding band in knee deep water. I don't recall what it read, but, out of the water it hit at 5, weighs a whopping 3 grams, 14K. It says wedlock on the inside. The inner layer looks to be white gold, with an overlay of yellow on the outside.

      The 8000 seems to run smoother with black sand and salt on for some reason, this is a fresh water lake btw. My settings were:

      -30 disc
      -2 Threshold
      Manual GB at 638
      12 Khz
      Salinity at 28

    • By Skullgolddiver
      Due to the high danger in entering the house with grains of sand and rusty materials when my woman is there, I keep my buttocks safe leaving any find that is not gold outside in the garden, inside a basket ...
      I do not remember how many hunts ago I left this pendant and other coins in the basket, perhaps distracted by the rings, much heavier ... Also it is rare to see pendants with red paint ... It seemed like costume jewelry. Anyway with my daughter yesterday afternoon, we rummaged in the basket and I showed her how many coins that I discard can return as new with a bit of hard work .. She immediately noticed and took the little heart and asked me if she could keep it ...
      I was surprised by the color, which I neglected to check well and with a lens I searched for the title engraving ..
      With great surprise this 2.3g pendant is 18K and at the current price it is a find of respect!
      I explained to my daughter that she will have a prize for this discovery, because I don't want her to wear gold at the age of 6 ...
      I was about to throw a good part of everything I collect and leave only coins to clean up and she saved something that I had not even noticed that I had recovered ...
      For the record, like an idiot I lost today's hunting session sleeping till late, after more than two weeks of decent waves stop and only 24 hours available before other waves arrive ... Too much wine and roasted meat last night ... Damned Italy

    • By Compass
      I've actually had some pretty good weeks of detecting earlier this year mostly because of a drained lake I stumbled upon before the pandemic. However, this was certainly the best week of beach hunting for me in 2020 with my 4th hunt of the week this morning. It seems to be an unusual time of the year for significant beach erosion, a phenomenon usually experienced during our winter storms out of the northwest Pacific or in the late summer when hurricanes in the southeast pacific generate swells that make their way to the southern California coast.
      I already posted about the first 2 hunts and hunt #3 came a day after a massive swell that I think even surprised the weather and surf experts. The lingering swell coincided with some extreme tidal swings so I anticipated that the conditions would still be ideal for detecting and I wasn't disappointed. It was a situation where I even had options on where to hunt as it seemed that pockets of targets were scattered over miles of wet sand, not particularly dense with targets but enough to keep me digging as many targets as I wanted to. 
      One of these pockets yielded a nice sized silver ring that I thought was gold at first because it felt smooth and heavy and looked so clean in the moonlight. However, it was a fresh-drop silver and meant that other heavy metal targets could be nearby. Shortly after, a sterling silver cross made its way into my pouch and not long after that, perhaps, my favorite find of the year.
      A nice coin-sized target was scooped out of the hole into a mound of wet sand beside the hole. Rather than taking a smaller bite with the scoop to retrieve the target I often reach down with my hand to feel for it and that is what I did with this one. In the darkness I love the feeling of a heavy unseen target in my hand immediately followed by the discovery of a hole in its center and the realization that I have a ring that is possibly made of some precious metal.
      However, when I felt this target it took me a little longer to process what I had found. It felt like a heavy wet noodle and when I lifted it up I could see it was a clean, glimmering bracelet with gemstones! I turned on my headlamp and saw the golden luster and a stamp on the clasp where you would expect to find one on a nice piece of jewelry. Pretty confident that it was the real deal I thanked God for this wonderful moment that will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life.
      Today's hunt was fun although not nearly as memorable. It seemed that the sand was beginning to return but there were still enough targets to keep me busy most of the morning. I did find a small, unmarked, gold letter "B" pendant that I'm sure is a lower carat piece and several small silver jewelry pieces and a pretty, wave-shaped, cuff bracelet that I thought was silver but turned out to be plated. 
      Here are some of the better finds this week- actually all from the last 3 hunts as the first hunt yielded only costume jewelry:

      The bracelet is 7" long, stamped "14 K" and weighs 8.5 grams.
      Used the TDI BH with Ground Balance "off" on all 4 hunts
      Thanks for reading,
    • By Aaron
      Lots of targets, mostly fresh drops from the holiday weekend. I’m still waiting for my chest mount from Amazon, so still trying to video and scoop at the same time🥴. This was a 10hr hunt and normally don’t find nearly this many targets. The 3 golds made all the abuse from the little kids worth it!🤬 https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/5/3-gold-day-lake-w-tarsacci-4th-gold-ring-season
    • By mn90403
      When it is a 14k/6g/33 diamond ring!

      And then there were 4 other cheap rings to go along with it and two cheap chains.  These were from the same beach that had next to nothing on it for over a week.

      In addition to that loot there were lots of other targets.

      After I found the first ring and the gold ring in my 3 hour plus session I decided to switch from Beach 1 to Park 1.  It just bangs harder on the coins and targets on the damp beach sand better than the B1 that I have used for years now.  It also seemed easier to pinpoint.  If I went down to the black sand line it would get noisy at 23 or 24 so these were all targets up the slope in a very compressed beach.  I found nearly nothing on my mile hike in and same hike back out because there was nothing in the wet and the top had been waved over/blown out without a cut.
      It was a glorious full moon night with no one on the beach and most thankfully no other detectorists.
    • By Jeff McClendon
      I am old enough (64.5) and definitely sore enough from football, kick boxing, golf, gold prospecting, years of metal detecting, 30 years of K-12 teaching, four kids and bad genes to just walk over US zinc penny signals when I'm near the end of a detecting session, no matter how good a day I've had or what detector I'm using. It's just a corroded zinc penny RIGHT!!!!! Nope, too many times to count, I have dug a zinc penny signal and ended up with a shot bottle sized screw cap which is super annoying, junk pot metal jewelry, and large aluminum can slaw or building material. A few times however, luck and sheer tenacity (ignoring the pain) takeover and I dig that zinc signal on the Equinox 20-21 or ORX-Deus (and many other detectors) 82-84 and being stupidly stubborn does pay off .

      This 14K 5 diamond beauty popped out of the ground at 3" depth July 3rd and seriously made my day. Screaming 20-21 on the Nox, Field 1, 50 tones. It sounded so good I almost didn't dig it, but common sense and experience thankfully took over. 9.8 grams of beautiful gold and 5 Sl1, H, diamonds totaling approximately .25 Karats.............
      I also found this stunningly beautiful custom made pendant with turquoise, 14K gold and Sterling silver which made for an interesting crown bottle cap type signal with no iron grunt. At 4" deep it sounded like big, jagged, aluminum can slaw or a foil covered beer crown cap and bounced between 12 and 25 on the Nox. Gotta dig those weird signals folks.  Jeff

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