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Gold Setting For Equinox 600?

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Cómo configurar el equinoccio 600 el más cercano al modo dorado del equinoccio 800, quiero hacer una prueba de profundidad con una pepita de oro de 14gr. ¿Cambiará la profundidad en relación con el equinoccio 800 en una pepita de 14 gramos?

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16 minutes ago, lauchon03 said:

How to configure the equinox 600 closest to the golden mode of the 800 equinox, I want to do a depth test with a 14gr gold nugget. Will the depth change in relation to the 800 equinox in a 14 gram nugget?


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Gold modes on the 800 can go deeper and hit smaller gold from my experience. However, the Equinox 600 or 800 in Park 2 or Field 2, multi frequency, set on 2 tones with only -9, -8, and  maybe -7 (depending on ground and hot rock conditions) rejected and the low tone/ high tone break set at 0, -1 or -2 (depending on if the gold in my area is really small) works great for me. For a 14 gram nugget both should detect it easily and really deep! Both my Equinox 600 and 800 in Park 2 or Field 2 will detect a US nickel coin (4.9 grams) at 26 to 28 cm with the stock 11" coil. So a 14 gram nugget!!!!!!!! should be an interesting test. Just remember if you do the test on both detectors in Park 2 or Field 2 to set the recovery speed on the 800 at 6 and the recovery speed on the 600 at 3 so that they are the same.


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You're onto something Jeff, unless it's a solid -9 / -8 I would investigate, if it flicks there sometimes it's worth the dig. A bit like the gold chance indicator on the Gold Monster, unless it locks hard on ferrous you dig as you maybe pleasantly surprised.  Someone willing to dig everything that farts on the Equinox 600 could likely do just as well as an 800 if not better.

I look forward to getting my Vanquish Pro Pack to see what the little 8x5" coil can do with multi-IQ in all metal.

I brushed up on my metal detector basics today and this section is relevant to this conversation.

In goldfields, discrimination is required only against ferrous targets, without any time constant discrimination, as gold nugget time constants include all values from very long to short.  Unfortunately, X discrimination in goldfields has several major problems:

•Most productive goldfields are extremely mineralised, and thus the soil X signal is extremely large. As was stated earlier, it is only possible to assess the target X signal if this is comparable to, or greater than, the soil signal after filtering. In such extremely mineralised soil, this will only occur when the target signal is also very large which means the target must be close to the metal detector coil. Hence, discrimination in highly mineralised goldfields is only effective for targets buried at shallow depths.

• The discriminator action must be very conservative so that gold nuggets are not falsely discriminated as ferrous targets. Thus, the metal target signal must not only be comparable or merely greater than the soil X signal after filtering, but significantly greater so that there is no doubt whether the metal target is ferrous or not. This further reduces the depths at which targets may be discriminated

A vital read for everyone, even if you've read it before.  Metal detector basics and theory by Bruce Candy / Minelab.


I often think I do better with my PI's prospecting as I've not got discrimination to stop me digging and when tired..... any excuse will do 🙂


While I'm constantly in awe when I use my Equinox and a solid 21 comes up on the screen and I dig a $1 coin without fail almost every time and I find it hard to believe my metal detector can see through the ground and tell me exactly what coin is there the same doesn't apply to gold nuggets.

I've said it many times, I've found nuggets that never once went into the non-ferrous target ID's until closer to the coil after getting them out of the ground.


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Thanks Simon.  That is worth noting.  What year did he write that?

This 'ferrous id' first syndrome occurs with detectors other than Minelab too as Steve has noted.  When I am on the beach I dig mostly everything in all metal.  I have turned up my ferrous volume from 5 to 10.  I might bring it up higher because the ferrous first ids in all metal can turn into a deep, good target up to 30% of the time depending on the beach.


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From my article referenced above  by phrunt are my suggested starting point for gold nugget hunting without using Gold Mode. This gets away from VCO audio for those that do not like it, adds tone capability, and very importantly low frequency options. There are places where these settings can be more effective than Gold Mode. You can also use Field 2 as long as the settings are the same - beware the preset notching of target id 1 and 2. Notching those two numbers will be fatal to your nugget detecting, which is why I suggest starting with Park 2. As far as I have been able to determine there is no difference between Park 2 and Field 2 other than the presets - performance appears to be identical with identical settings.

Both the Equinox 800 and Equinox 600 have identical performance when using the same mode and settings.

For Park Mode 2:

Frequency: Multi
Ground Balance: Auto (Ground pump method with manual tweaking)
Sensitivity: 16 – 25
Recovery Speed 800: 4 - 6 (default is 6)
Recovery Speed 600: 2 - 3 (default is 3)
Iron Bias: 0
Accept/Reject: Everything accepted, rely on tones (alternative reject -9, -8, and -7 if too much ground feedback)

The settings are a starting point to be adjusted as needed. More sensitivity obviously adds more sensitivity but can add instability. Lower recovery speeds will add sensitivity but also add to any coil knock issues being experienced. Increased iron bias may help in trashy areas and with some hot rocks but could filter out the weakest non-ferrous signals. Judicious notching can help with certain hot rocks. Ground tracking and/or lower frequencies can help deal with the worst ground. Every adjustment is a trade-off and comes with a cost - learn your detector! See the article for details.

The 6" coil is both more sensitive to the smallest targets and less bump sensitive.

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