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Research Into Gold Nugget Hunting

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I am undertaking a research project at university investigating the detection and extraction of surface gold. I'd appreciate it if you could fill in this short questionnaire to help with my background research. It should only take around 6 minutes, and your input is much appreciated. 

Thank you



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Welcome to the forum. So tell us a little more about yourself, who you are, and what made you decide to research this subject. What university are you at? What is your main line of study and how does this play into it?

How many questions are in the survey? Will results be shared with forum members?

Thank you! :smile:

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I looked it over. It goes in a direction I wasnt expecting. He/she is thinking along the lines of an automated nugget searching machine, think hunting dog that finds and points the bird for you. Honestly the questionnaire isn't great.  You dont know enough yet to ask the right questions.  The concept is interesting though, and you have some of the most experienced folks in the world on this forum. I think you should forget the survey for now and start a new thread laying out the basic idea and asking for input, why it would or wouldn't work, the challenges involved,  the most Iikely approach,  etc. If you make the topic interesting enough and the thread takes off you will get more and better info than you are imagining. It would likely need to dig and verify gold to be of much benefit,  as we spend most of our time digging trash targets. I'll start you off with that tidbit.

We get lots of folks that stop in and ask one question and sometimes never even return to read the answers. Show people your really interested and are sticking around and it will help.

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Drive by poster. I guess if my questions are not worth the effort neither are yours Mr. Nugget, but thanks anyway!

Too bad really as you would have learned a lot more engaging with us. The idea of a mars rover wandering around digging nuggets by itself is nice, but I know if I did that somebody is going to see it and load it plus the gold up in their pickup and be gone with it. Nice fantasy though.

Maybe with radar enabled gatling gun perimeter defense system? :laugh:

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