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Seen this on E bay, could this be a china fake ?  said it came with wireless module and headphones and was under warranty until dec 2020.


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What’s fake about it? The Chinese text? The Equinox comes with a multi language set of screen protectors / menu labels. Nice thing about that is you have extras if the English one wears out. You can cut the other menu language section off before applying. This person did not bother... or speaks Chinese! :smile:

EQUINOX Multi-Language Screen Protector Pack


Low-reflection screen protector pack. Keeps the original screen free from scratches. 

Available languages: English, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Mongolian, Turkish, Arabic.

Part No. 3011-0379

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    • By notfairchild
      Can you guys suggest me a country that let people pan for gold without any / or special permission ? 
      My goal is to make over $100 Everyday 
      Thank you in advance 
    • By hawkeye
      Recently read Lucky's post about his Rye Patch adventure.  Nice job guys and gal.  He mentioned "we cover hundreds of acres with our coils a day".  I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that literally, it just felt that way.  Anyway, it got me wondering how much ground are we covering with our coil in day.
      For the sake of simplicity let's assume we are swinging a 12" coil in a 6' arc.  Therefore we cover 6 sq. ft each swing.  To cover an acre (43560 sq. ft) we need to make 43560/6=7260 swings.  Also let's assume we are taking 3 sec./swing.  Then 7260 swings x 3 sec/swing=21780 sec or 21780/3600sec/hr=6.05 hrs.  So to put your coil over an acre of ground with a modest swing rate takes about 6 hours excluding any digging, eating, or whatever.
      You could cut that time by swinging faster or using a bigger coil, but covering an acre takes a fairly long time.  You also could move faster and pass over ground between each swing, but your coil is still only seeing one acre.  Food for thought.
      Damn, I got to get a hobby.  
    • By Digger Bob
      We all know it, but how many of us actually do it?  I'm talking about asking your friends and total strangers about places to hunt.  Many old timers know about places that no one else does.  And they know other people who know places, and they know people, and so on.  Once you gain their trust and are honest and straightforward with them, all kinds of doors can be opened to you.
      Here is a perfect example;  It's actually a long story how this came about but suffice to say, this little piece came from an "estate" that her late husband had acquired many years before.  This, along with several antique tools, were bought for less than $50.  She had no use for them anymore and had no family members that were interested.
      I've looked online for similar items but haven't found anything this big or impressive out there.  There is a small label on the back that says "Anaconda mine".  No idea which one as there are at least three of them in the west.  In the direct sunlight the display of color is breathtaking!

    • By shredmandan
      Will be out in Littleton....Boulder area for 3 - 4 weeks. Would like to do some nugget shooting (maybe panning) while Im out there in Sept. Any areas anyone would suggest, in say a 50-100 miles of either place? Will have my Gold Bug Pro and pans. Never have done any nugget shooting been detecting for 50 plus years.
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Saw a TV commercial this past memorial day weekend.  Had to do with mowing lawn. And thats what i was doing most of the weekend.  But my mind was definitely thinking about detecting for nuggets.  
      But is got me thinking about detecting. Last season was my most productive. I did quite well. I finally got some rewards for all of my efforts. 
      But while mowing and weedeating, thinking about how meticulous you have to be to make the yard look nice. Nice even rows while mowing. Even slow swings with the weedeater.
      In principle, the same as swinging a detector. But wanting to up my game this season,  I know I have room for improvement.  I've done lot'sof research this past winter. And got some leads that look promising, but will see if they pan out in the field. 
      I know my main thing I  want to improve on is hearing them faint signals. I feel I've been dismissing some as ground noise. I apologize for the rambling,  but had to get some of my thoughts down on print. 
      Hopefully the snowpack will be down this weekend for me to get to some of my areas. Wishing everyone on the forum great success this season. Scott K.
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