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Typical Circuit Diagram

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My brother knows I'm trying to build my own machine and sent me this diagram. Thought it was pretty funny πŸ™‚


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Now that is clever, and funny, thanks for posting it. And there's definitely aspects of LRL innards in this diagram. Not just the hot melt glue - there's the non-functional 'decoy' component; the impenetrable jumble-of-wires; the 'Holy Water' and the magic smoke container; the switch that's glued in the 'open' state so it never functions.
An obvious omission is a frog's leg, possibly the first electronic component. And a jar of 'Gypsy tears'. I like the inclusion of the electric eel, an under-rated component, for definite.
A few in-jokes appear too: you can use a sandal in place of the 'flip-flop' circuit.

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Will never work without the transflux capacitor, and then it will only get you future finds or on occasion a couple of past finds.

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Have to forward this to engineering and see what they can do to screw it up.  🀣

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    • By diggindaboot
      THIS !! All the people boo hooing will be in line to get one at that price point. It will also force the hand of ML with their price structure. ML raised their price on the 800 and NM absolutely crushed that price point. The Legend doesn't have to be better, just equal to turn the fortunes in their favor. ML and their arrogant "obsolete" charge is foolish. Obsolete by definition means no longer produced or used. Many detectorist and their single frequency machines are still out there making great finds and having fun. Furthermore, single frequency detectors are still being made and sold. NM build quality is far and away superior to the Nox detectors.Β 
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      I thought I was pretty damn good, but this technology has me beat.
      Might be time to invest?
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      Metal detectors often seem to have a 'Depth Gauge'.Β  How is it calculated? Is it the strength (or inverse of it) of the amplitude of the return signal?Β  So, for instance, everything else being equal, the 'deep' target would mean either a stronger target at greater depth or a weaker shallow target?
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      While we're all abuzz with the announcement and advertised feature and performance characteristics of the XP Deus II, I'm wondering about tests that distinguish between detectors' target separation abilities.Β  'Word on the street' is that in trashy iron sites, the original Deus is still the best available.Β  Presumably those reports are based upon in-field testing, which of course is the real proof.Β  But the downside is, (AFAIK) these are qualitative observations, not quantitative.Β  Subjectivity involved?Β  Unfortunately, yes.
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      Is there an advantage to multi frequency in mild ground?
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