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Steve Herschbach

Nokta Makro Simplex Vs Minelab Equinox Depth And Recovery Test

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That Simplex is a lot of detector for the money. The Field mode seems to be outrageously strong. Looks well made. I'm impressed with it based on the video. I like it's "language" too, the audio sounds very good. I know a lot of you guys are Equinox fans, and I had one myself but this Simplex seems to be a really nice unit. When I get some spare money will look into getting me one.

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Part Two /II/..


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    • By pinpointa
      Hi Guys,
      What sort of set up are you guys using on the equinox 800 for gold jewellery in parks etc.
      Regards Pinpointa.
    • By phrunt
      This was on TV in New Zealand tonight about a guy finding a gold sovereign with his Nox worth about $50,000 NZD, about 33,000 USD.  It was an Aussie minted coin.
      The video even has what I see as a typical Garrett user in it 😛  Just kiddin'
    • By Dances With Doves
      Has anybody done better with the Turkish machines on US silver coins in a park setting?
    • By nickeldNdimed
      Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. 
      So the manual only tells you that certain modes have “low frequency weighting” and “ higher frequency weighting”. Otherwise a chart shows the adjustable settings that have been optimized for scenarios they describe presumably.  Understandable, we get some presets.
      My question in title in other words: Assuming I set all adjustable settings the same for Park 1 and Field 1 (or Park 2 and Field 2), would these two modes be essentially the same? Or would the non-adjustable portion of the “1” modes and the “2” modes still be different?
      Thank you for your insight.  If this has been covered in another post, a link is appreciated as my search did not lead to an answer.
    • By Canarias_detection
      Hi everyone ... I recently updated my equinox 800 to version 3. I have gone to the beach to test it ... after trying on several beaches the detector is unstable ... beach mode 1-2 ... the screen always shows -9 (with any sensitivity) I can not remove it ... sometimes a small triangle comes out next to the battery ... these beaches where I have always detected, never any problems ... anyone knows the reason EDIT: software version 2.1, false signals continuously, sometimes with bad sound (centimes or garbage) I locate with pinpointer but without targets, unstable detector in and out of water
      some reason?
      Thank you
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