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    • By Yellowstone
      Recently I was beach hunting with a friend (EQX 600) who detected almost exclusively in pinpoint mode and did very well.  After watching him pull several silver coins out of the black sand and cobble, I asked him to let me try to hit his next target.  Sure enough, my 800, beach 2, recovery 4, F2=0, full horseshoe, did not hit a silver dime.
      A few days later, I spent 3 hours trying his method.  Using the same settings, beach 2 hit about 90% of the targets.  The targets it missed were silver dime, wheat penny and copper bracelet.
      Does anyone know what frequency is used in pinpoint or what is different than regular modes?   I tried targets in all metal with no success.
    • By phrunt
      Detect-ED have released an alloy Arm Cuff for the Nox.  I very much disliked my plastic arm cuff for my Nox so I ordered a metal one from Ukraine.  It's been great and a big improvement over the plastic one, it's probably not ideal for salt water use as it will eventually rust.  Detect-ED being very much focused on water hunting as he's a water hunter himself has made an alloy version.  It's looking very solid and good quality and they have a free worldwide shipping promo going at the moment for it that ends on the 2nd of February.

      You can tell it will be nice and solid on the shaft.

      The Detect-Ed Alloy Arm Cuff is a high-quality CNC cut aluminium part, with smooth edges all round. It is designed primarily to replace the fragile plastic arm cuffs found on many metal detectors! 
      The cuff is designed to be ergonomic as it hugs the arm rather than the sloppier fit of most modern machines. The placement is not dictated by the holes on your shaft, allowing you to bolt it in your preferred position.
      We designed the arm cuff without padding so that it's compatible with submerged and wet environments. However, the low profile button heads are essentially unnoticeable on your forearm and product testers have confirmed this. It also has rounded edges for comfort

      The arm strap points are lower than some standard cuffs meaning your arm is strapped down snugly in place rather than bouncing off the walls of the cuff.
      This product comes with everything included to easily install it on your detector!

      Fits Most Metal Detectors:
      - Fits on 7/8" or 22mm diameter shaft.
      - Fits Minelab Equinox 600 & 800, Excalibur & Gold Monster
      - Fits most Whites Detectors
      - Fits most Garrett Detectors (AT Pro, Gold, Max and Ace Series)

      What's In The Box?
      - Anodized Aluminium Arm Cup and Stand
      - 2 x Aluminium Tube Clamp sets
      - 4 x 316 Marine Grade Low-Profile Stainless Bolts
      - 4 x 316 Marine Grade Nyloc Nuts
      - 1 x Webbed Velcro Arm Strap
      - 1 x Hex Key Tool
      - 1 x Spanner Tool
    • By PhaseTech
      Cool video! 
    • By phrunt
      A decent video comparing targets on the Vanquish Vs the Equinox.
      The Vanquish really looks like the perfect first detector for someone, easy to use, built based on the Equinox so performance is pretty damn impressive.
    • By phrunt
      I figured I should post this here as I posted the information elsewhere on the forum that's less relevant than here.
      Our extremely innovative Russian friends have managed to make a range of aftermarket coils for the Equinox, they remove the security chip out of your coil, reseal your coil and give you an adapter which then allows you to run aftermarket coils.  They make a range of sizes too.   My pick of the bunch would be the 9.5x5.5!

      That's the range of sizes and pricing in Russian currency.
      You can find out more about it here on these Russian forums, you'll have to use Google translate or something similar to read it.
      Original thread
      More information
      And videos from them about the coils
      and lucky last 🙂
      When nobody can do it, the Russians do and they do it well.
    • By Pavlos97
      Hi everyone,
      I want make me sure if my program on my Detector is properly set or..
      I own Equinox for 4 weeks and walked lot of km with it (90% of time on field). But I am still little confused about my settings to forest. I tryied with settings: field 1, 5 tone, disc -9 to 0, Rs 4 and iron bias 2. Our woods is pretty clear, so I can get more depth. (I am coin hunter)
      What I read or what I heard is that park 2 is more to depth than field 1..
      But park 2 is more for dirty locations..
      I'm from central Europe and local old silver coins are differently conductive because of their age and and size.
      what would you recommend? Park or field settings?
      I'm still trying to understand it and I'm still learning. I will be glad for your advice, I have not read anything about the forest anywhere in the topic.
      PS: sorry for my english I'm not native speaker 
      Thank you
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