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Going To Maui With Nox 800

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Hey guys,

I have never beach hunted or hunted for coins/relics/jewelry. I have only hunted for gold nuggets.

We are heading to Maui and my son wants to metal detect the beach where we are staying. I have a new in the box Equinox 800. I don't have anything other than my nugget hunting gear. It looks like I should pick up one of those beach scoop things with a long handle. Is there anything else I should get? Any tips on beach hunting? Thanks for any advise and yes I will start searching the forum and youtube for other threads on beach hunting basics. Can't remember if the Nox is waterproof?

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Yes, a sand scoop is essential and a finds pouch is a "very nice to have" item.  I've yet to detect in Hawaii but here are some general thoughts regarding beach hunting:  Before you go, do the update 2.0 and use the F2 Iron Bias feature and then test a few targets you're most likely to find so you're familiar with what your EQX is telling you regarding a variety of those targets--coins, gold and silver jewelry. 

When you get to the beach, select Beach 1 mode and do a noise cancel first then ground balance.  You'll most likely run into some very unfriendly sand conditions so you'll have to "dial in" the EQX to run as stable as possible.  The relationship between recovery speed, the F2 setting and sensitivity will be key.  Start by using Beach 1 on the dry and damp sand and Beach 2 on the wet sand and surf.  Observe where the most people are on the beach...towel line, walk line, activity centers and about knee deep in the surf at low tide.  Look for cuts in the sand where the surf has eroded the beach, low areas and ripples.  Hit those areas with your coil low, level and slow.  Grid the area to cover the area as thoroughly as possible.  When you hit a target, I suggest you spiral around it to see if you have a coin line or other valuable targets in that same area.  Good targets like gold tend to sink to similar depths.  If you hit lead sinkers, stay in that area...its a good sign that gold is lurking nearby.

I'm sure others, especially those who have hunted Hawaii, will add their thoughts,  The folks on this forum are very friendly and eagerly willing to help! 

Good luck

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    • By Skullgolddiver
      There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work...
      A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job.
      Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10".
      Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil.
      I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos Joe OBN is publishing, but I only think about a smaller coil to be released soon.
      I hope Alexandre+FT are already working on this thing, cause otherwise I'll be forced to wait until that moment will be reality.
      8" coil is a rule for me.
    • By Compass
      I've been thinking and posting a lot about the Impulse AQ lately as I patiently wait my turn to purchase one. Perhaps my TDI Beachhunter realized this and decided that it needed to put out a little more than it has during my last few trips to the beach with it. Same thing that happened to forum member, Seeker, happened to me yesterday. The news media had mentioned a particular beach being open on July 5th (that starts after midnight right?) but when I got down there there were signs all over saying that the beach was closed the 4th AND the 5th. Fortunately, I had a backup plan and, as has happened so many times before, the backup plan was probably better than my original one.  
      Eventually, I found some wet sand to hunt in where the top of the slope showed indications of recent sand movement. It didn't take long to find pockets of targets but there was a fair amount of trash along with a few coins here and there. I typically hunt in "all metal" (ground balance off) with the Beachhunter because, after years of using the Dual Field, I'm more comfortable in that mode and like the extra depth when needed.
      I followed the tide out and the number of targets dropped off considerably. During  the next couple of hours I searched all over for low-on-the-slope pockets occasionally digging that discouraging 1 foot deep pull tab or piece of can slaw. I only had about another hour left where I was parked when I started to get some promising targets in an area about lower-mid slope. First I hit a couple of coins, then a cheap ring followed by a heavy fresh drop silver ring, a neck chain and not long after that a lightweight fresh drop silver ring. 
      I was "in the zone" when you can almost sense that the gold is near and time was running out on me. Suddenly, a nice loud tone rang out in my headphones and with one scoop the target was out of the hole. With my hand I grabbed the unseen target out of the mound of wet sand and immediately felt the unmistakable shape of a nice sized ring band! In the improving daylight I could see that it was stamped but I've been fooled so many times that I tried not to get too excited even though with the weight and feel I was pretty confident that I had a good one and my last target of the hunt.

      The chain is stamped .925 but appears to be plated. The ring in the top left of center is stamped "750 Swiss" and weighs 13.3 grams.


    • By Compass
      I was really looking forward to hitting the beaches hard this weekend with the holiday crowds, great tides and new swell coming in but a couple of days ago the news reported that my local beaches were going to be re-closed just for the 4th of July weekend. I thought I would sneak in a hunt before the closure went into effect so I took the TDI BeachHunter and headed down to one of my favorite locations to detect a couple hours after high tide.
      There was a decent slope going down to the water and in the light of the nearly full moon I could see several patches of black sand- both pretty good indicators that there were going to be some targets. Even though the tide was still fairly high I was able to work in the wet sand and shallow surf and I started to find an encouraging number of clad coins with a surprising amount of quarters in the mix. This was shaping up to be an excellent hunt.
      That's when the local police SUV came by and told me that the beach was closed and that I needed to start making my way off the beach. Now, I have hunted this beach dozens of times at all hours of the night and day and the local lifeguards have always let me be when they saw me. The only other time I was asked to leave was also by local law enforcement. I was disappointed since I had just found a productive patch of sand but I said "Yes Sir" and went back to my car to change batteries and put on some different clothes. I thought the officer was actually giving me a little wiggle room when he said, "start making your way off the beach'" instead of "leave the beach" so I went back to hunting and never saw another patrol over the next 6 hours.
      But I did see many more people including 3 or 4 other hunters. I detected some other nearby spots before heading back at low tide to hunt the site I started at. To my surprise and indignation there was a claimjumper detecting on my claim! I decided to give him plenty of space and started to work the fringes of the "paydirt" where I was still digging targets. However, to my surprise, the other hunter left shortly after I arrived and I think I know why.
      I couldn't make out what detector he was using but judging from the number of good targets that I continued to find, some even in his scooped out holes, he was either a beginner or had a detector that couldn't handle the modest amount of black sand- maybe both. This area was not that big- perhaps 20' wide by 100' long but I found enough targets to keep me busy for the next couple of hours. I found a couple of rings and a couple of bracelets and I was certain that one of those bracelets was silver.

      I really like the TDI BeachHunter. It is the most recent addition to my "arsenal" and one that I have the fewest amount of hours on due to overall beach conditions this past year and the pandemic impact. It's been compared to the Fisher Impulse AQ Limited but from what I've seen I believe that the AQ is deeper. The BeachHunter is deep and is really sensitive to both small and gold targets but its pulse delay is 10us compared to 7.5us  on the AQ so I'd like to compare "all metal" performance of both detectors when I am able to land an AQ.
      I drove all the way home wishing I had found gold but happy to have found a big silver bracelet. Unfortunately, when I took a closer look at it I saw what you can see on the the bottom right of the photo- the silver plating wearing through. Arghhhh! Well, at least, I found enough clad to pay for gas this time!
    • By mn90403
      A couple of night ago I did a beach session hoping to take advantage of a bit of surf and wind waves I had seen in the afternoon.  In that afternoon session I couldn't find any surf/wet targets but I did find one silver band in dry sand using Park 1.  I thought there would be some low tide waves so I went back out from 1-3 AM.  I walked about a mile before I found my first penny and then I got to my spot where the wave energy had been concentrated.  I picked up a few coins and junk and headed back to where I started.  I stopped to look at my settings and noticed that I had tracking off and I turned it on in Beach 1/23/50/6/0F2.  I went about 20 feet and I got a 20 target number.  That is a number I skip sometimes when I am 'saving' myself from making too many holes.
      To my surprise there was a ring in my scoop and in my light it looked pretty good!

      It looked like a ruby and diamonds but it was a 20!  What gives with that?
      Here are the other items I found on the hunt.

      This was the same beach I couldn't find much just a couple of days before and when I gridded it I had been skipping some of the 20 signals because those are all pennies, right?  Now I had just found this ring and it felt good but I didn't have my glasses.  How many rings did I skip by not digging all of my 20s?
      When I got home I checked the ring.  Cheap and not gold.  Nice looking and I was disappointed but then I realized that the decision to skip many of the 20s (pennies) was a good choice so I could dig a quarter.  One quarter equals 25 penny holes.  The cheap ring made me feel 'good' if you get what I'm saying.
      This afternoon I went to a different beach and it is also normally a producer but not now.  Near the end I finally got a 'round sound' at 10.  This makes me anticipate.  It was a ring but a black, stainless steel ring.  Not valuable either.  Wave intervals are over 15 so I don't expect much up and I'll have to spend more time wading and get lucky for the old stuff as few swimmers are around for new drops.

      It is always a learning experience to get out.
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello i am going back to work next week so it is time to move back to London,so i did 2 sessions yesterday and today trying a new setting on the nox.and even  went into the mudflap😱😱😱
      This setting is much quieter and  easy on my ears and brain. So here we are the 50cal is probably from an US Bomber made in Saint Louis (Missouri)maybe just maybe

    • By mn90403
      I've managed to get out for a few sessions with these extremely low tides but there is not much to show for it.  There have not been many waves to get things moving up.  When I try the swimming areas it is long and far between targets.  It would have been great today to have a deep punching PI to see if I was missing anything with my 800/11.  I did dig a couple of targets in wet and damp sand that were 15 inches!  I don't like to say it but this represents about 8 hours of detecting with a few of the finds from dry sand on the way in and out of my beaches.
      This was today's session.  Once again the sea groups things together with it being a key day.  This was all I could find on some normally very productive beaches.  Come again another day.

      This session from a couple of days ago covered some of the same beaches I covered today.  I found one cheap ring.
      This session was at a beach I've done good at in the past but haven't been able to park near it recently because of the closed beaches.  I got this 20-21 signal as soon as I walked down to the wet sand.  It was the ring.  Unfortunately it is one of the tungsten/carbide rings but it did fool me.  As you can see this two mile walk didn't produce much.

      This last picture is just another session.  The picture is documentation.

      It's sessions like this that bring the averages way down ... haha
      Better days ahead!
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