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Garrett ATX For Relics

Rick Kempf

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I found this post over on the Big Boys Hobbies forum. How much of it is applicable to prospecting is open to question – but it's a thoughtful and detailed summary of one guy's experience with the ATX looking for relics.

I think this guy is a dealer but I don't think that invalidates what he had to say. Of course one of the beauties of this forum is that Steve isn't a dealer, he doesn't – as far as I recall – have any problem with links to other forums even if they're commercially sponsored.


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I welcome and indeed encourage links that are informative. Probably the main reason I started this forum was wanting to post something on another forum and being told "no, that is against the rules". I think it is an insult to people's intelligence to pretend other forums and websites do not exist. The only thing I will stop here is obvious spam. I have no problem if you see a good deal on a dealer website or on eBay and want to post it. eBay in particular has some killer deals on used stuff sometimes. If somebody sees a great deal, post it. I may want to buy it!

Evan works for Big Boys Hobbies, a reputable dealer. Bert by all accounts is a real customer oriented guy. Coincidentally I was looking for a new water digging scoop recently and ended up buying it from Big Boys Hobbies, my first purchase there. Very easy purchase and quick delivery.

Evans main website at Gonehunting for History is worth a visit http://www.gonehuntingforhistory.com

Anyway, I appreciate the link Rick. Very interesting. I have a bit too much of the dig it all mindset sometimes and as a result have not been learning all I could about the discrimination feature on the ATX. It is the best iron discrimination system on a PI detector in my opinion from what I have seen so far.

Here is a video put out by Garrett on the ATX being used at a very popular relic hunt in Virginia

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