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Just Received My Simplex+

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My shipment arrived, and several units were packed and posted off today, and the rest will go tomorrow. So feedback from Aussie users should start flowing in next week. 

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15 hours ago, PhaseTech said:

My shipment arrived, and several units were packed and posted off today, and the rest will go tomorrow. So feedback from Aussie users should start flowing in next week. 

Have you sold out of the Simplex with no headphones already or still got a few floating around?



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I finally got out today with the S+.  I went to a near by park  .   Auto Ground balanced at 45.   The soil consists of an inch of black dirt , the rest is a yellowish- orange  clayish mix, with rocks mixed in.  The deepest I have ever found dimes here is about 6", and a silver barber quarter at 7" , 6 years ago, using a T2.  I have used the nox 800,  SEpro, F70,  Atpro, Racer, and others here. Lots of alum trash, can slaw and some iron.  

I turned the volume up to the max setting on the S+, My 60 yr old years like the higher volume,  Sensitivity max, it ran pretty quiet,  Relic mode,  Using the green wireless nokta headphones, which are very lightweight and comfortable.  I have smaller ears so the cups cover my whole ear.  I headed out into the baseball outfield.  Right field, on up to the 1st and 2nd  baseline area.  I got a 26-28 signal , figuring I had a nickel, and dug up a gold colored or plated Michael Kors pendant at one inch.  Its 1/4" diameter, and very thin.  Sensitive 11" coil!   I hit a solid 25 signal and figure this has to be a nickel, it was a square tab cut in half.  Later I hit a solid 24, and that was a nickel at an inch.  Most of the aluminum crap comes in from 30 to 60, so I soon did not bother to dig those signals.  Yes I could miss a gold ring, but I don't need another 5 gallon bucket of pulltabs in the shed.   Zincolns were hitting in the high 60's,  A dime hit near 80, and quarters were 89-91. 

I hit a good sounding signal, with the numbers hitting around 65.  I massaged the signal and the numbers climbed into the mid to upper 70's.  The depth meter I think was showing 3 bars ,so I dug a bigger plug and lifted it out. I rescanned, and it was showing upper 80's.  I dug deeper and at 6" was a clad quarter!   There were a few holes I dug that were 8-9"  , but I just did not want to go deeper, so I let those targets in the ground.  This detector is DEEP.   It is as deep, or deeper than the detectors I mentioned in the beginning.  

The draw backs are it does not visually  ID as deep as the audio detects, which is really no surprise.  If you are detecting in a sand beach or relic hunting in a field,  be prepared to dig deep.   Another negative park hunting is aluminum.  If you are in the park setting , it has 3 tones, but the high tone kicks in at 43, which will include a lot of aluminum in the high range.  The next park visit I will notch out the numbers from 30 to 60, and will eliminate most aluminum.  Al screw caps come in the low 70's , so those will get dug. 

I really like the 0-100  target range , with nickels coming in about 25, clad coins start in the  high 60's and up.  The compressed numbers on the Nox I did not like.  I noticed a lot of targets that came in from 30 to 60, usually bounced around, indicating odd shaped aluminum.  I'm thinking most rings will lock on to one or two numbers , so by watching the target id, it may be possible to dig up a ring  amongst the aluminum. 

I like it that the detector can be shortened up to about 29", its a space saver. Also the shaft lock  system you can set the shaft size where you want it, unlike the hole and button system that can be adjusted every 3 inches.  

It was a fun hour and a half, I rescued 12 coins.  In this price range , it has to be the deepest unit on the market!

The poor mans Nox, I nicknamed it!  HH

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High tone at 43!? That's way too low of a tone break, for the USA at least. Nokta might want to change that.. I like to set the mid/high tone break on 3 tone detectors right on the zinc penny number to give them a broken signal (Actually I'm just used to that because it's where the AT Pro has it). So that would be sixty something on the simplex right?

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