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1903 indians pocket spill from the old transient camps along the river with my mxt and 10 x 5 detech coil. They must been very close together because vdi came up 74, l was expecting modern firearm brass and was very surprised when the first indian popped out, a quick check of the hole and still a signal , another one emerged from the semi frozen ground. I had the mxt in relic mode, discrimination at 3.  Also recovered some clad and cheap jewelry  and the usual .22 brass and bullets and junk. The last image is of remnants of RR track that used to run through the area.




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    • By Guessologist
      Got back to having a swing around my usual spots with the Nox 600 after a month's break, it's funny how targets grow back if you leave the area alone for a while:

      Also picked up $6.50 in modern coinage in one spill which in a way was more unusual than the old pennies - not much modern action in this old gold-mining area so pre-decimal coinage is the order of the day usually.

    • By kac
      Went out for a bit earlier today and found these. The quarter was shallow on edge of what was a small orchard. The locket hinge still works but the photo has disolved away. Locket was pretty deep under a good size rock. Think it was silver plated at one time. Grounds starting to freeze so might be getting close to the end of the season. I'll call it a day when my digger makes a clank sound and I can't dig.

    • By calabash digger
      Hunt the camp didnt go so good BUT found a few relics...  

    • By castleberry
      Used the historic aerial site to do some research and found that the local ball field was just a plain ole park at first ..circa 1960.. so give it a shot. Based  on the overlay I hit the original part of the park by some old trees and finally found my first silver ever .. 1941D Merc.. Hook firmly set now .. lol

    • By castleberry
      Hit a local school lot twice the past few days, no silver, but the Equinox is a quarter finding machine ... And to boot nabbed a Sacagawea dollar ...
      Only old place I have permission on had the old home bulldozed and there is scrap literally everywhere and Im not experienced enough yet to detect this environment.
      Had lots of fun, got dirty and needed advil afterwards..LOL
      Cheers Brian

    • By devilsrenegade
      Back to the old hobo camps along the river with my whites mxt and 10x5 detech coil , got a solid nickel signal in relic mode. I knew it would be a coin but did not expect this nice 1906 v nickel. I have included photo of where the coin was found and one looking across the valley.

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