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Chase Goldman

Why The Simplex Is More Compelling To Me Than Vanquish - Performance Diversity

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I am not really looking for a new detector to add to my arsenal.  I think my Deus, Equinox, and GPX cover the bases pretty well.  I keep an MXT and F75 DST around mainly for nostalgic reasons (like a guitarist collects guitars) and because they were classic designs in their day with solid performance, features, design, and ergonomics bar none in the case of the F75.  I laso keep my Tek Delta around because it was the detector with which I really learned how to detect and helped me form a passion for the hobby.  Plus they all support concentric coils which are advantageous under certain conditions.

So why was I still drawn to the two new low cost offerings by Makro and Minelab? There is always something refreshing about a stripped down, back to basics detector design that incorporates the latest tech and capabilities (e.g., Multi IQ for Vanquish, straight forward single frequency detecting with decent all metal capability, and a waterproof package for the Simplex).

Why get another detector, when my main arsenal seemingly consists of detectors that should easily outperform either Vanquish or Simplex?

The answer is simple, performance diversity.  Hitting a site with a different detectors of diverse capabilities, features, performance usually pays of if you have the luxury of time and access.  Last week, at several different types of CW relic sites in Virginia I was able to use the diverse capabilities of the three detectors I mentioned in the second sentence of my post and each delivered with keeper finds under the conditions to which they typically excel.  The GPX penetrated deep into highly mineralized soils of those Virginia fields to snag a number of deep non-ferrous brass and lead targets including my first US Cavalry bit boss - a "bucket lister" for me.  The Equinox with its Multi IQ capabilities and diverse modes (including gold mode) was able to ID and lock onto shallower no-ferrous targets in the mineralized muck of multiple non-ferrous and ferrous targets which enabled me to ultimately pull several non-ferrous keepers out of a single hole.  And the Deus gave my tired arm a break while deftly navigating between huge chunks of big iron in pitch mode that enabled me to literally visualize the large target footprint of these big iron targets and as a result snagged some actual ferrous CW relics including stove leg and some antique door hinges and other unique ferrous keepers.

So what does this have to do with Vanquish and Simplex?

The Vanquish is a very capable entry level detector with some high-end features (Multi IQ) and a cool coil selection and neat stem design but, not surprisingly, very limited setting customization options and missing features that appropriately put in a couple of notches below the even the Equinox 600.  Some of the missing features are quite frankly head scratching as far as I am concerned (e.g., not fully waterproof housing, lack of user firmware update capability, no single frequency mode option, and while the coil selection is compelling, those coils are not also compatible with Equinox - a missed opportunity IMO - confirmed with me in person by Debbie S of Minelab at last week's dig).  Sometimes manufacturers tease higher end features into their new lower-end offerings that are otherwise not available in their mid or high level offerings.  Other than the decent coil selection, there is no such situation here.  The Equinox envelopes the Vanquish completely.  Bottom line, the Vanquish is solid and provides "multifrequency for the masses" but brings nothing to the table for Equinox users.  That is not slam, it is a fact and frankly is not unexpected.  If the coils were cross compatible with Equinox, I might seriously consider picking up a Vanquish solely for the opportunity to use the coils on Equinox while getting a fairly decent emergency backup or grab n go machine in the process.  But with the coils solely married to the less capable Vanquish and without the capability to wring the most out of them, it is a pass for me.

The Simplex on the other hand is limited to single frequency and the emphasis is on solid basic performance and ease of use.  Yet Nokta has packed it with some high end features such as fully waterproof, wireless ready (and cheaper than the wireless variant of the Vanquish), firmware updates (updates and bug fixes have already been released), and the promise of some decent accessory coils consistent with the Nokta track record on their other recent detector designs.  So there are slight feature advantages that in the Simplex design that provide something a little more compelling in the "basics" than Vanquish, though Vanquish does have Multi IQ going for it.  

Since I do not own a Nokta or Makro detector, the Simplex provides the performance diversity that the Vanquish does not, IN MY CASE.  This would not necessarily be true of those who might own a Kruzer, Anfibio or Impact.  For those folks, the Simplex probably looks to them the same way the Vanquish looks to me or the typical Equinox owner.  At this price point, the performance diversity is worth it.  I get Nokta's signal processing which is lacking in my arsenal, a decent VCO all metal mode (which I prefer over the processed discrete tones of the Equinox in the non-gold modes) and the prospect of decent accessory coil choices with user upgrade-able firmware in a waterproof package.  It is still entry level and fairly basic, but compelling to me from a performance diversity standpoint, nevertheless.

Remember, this is only my opinion and is applicable to my particular situation based on the detectors I already own and the type of detecting I like to do (primarily CW and Colonial relic hunting).  It should not be misconstrued as Simplex is better than Vanquish or that these detectors can outperform their more expensive and capable cousins.  

So do you find either the Simplex and/or Vanquish compelling even if you do own higher end detectors already?  Discuss your thoughts below.




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I have mild curiosity, same as whenever a new detector is released. Entry level detectors have really improved since I first started with an Ace 250 in 2011.

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It is true there is no clear winner in this race, Multi-IQ is the massive draw card to the Vanquish for me personally.  I promised myself I'd never buy another single frequency detector, the days of single frequency are numbered in my opinion but it's so hard to resist.  It's after all old outdated technology and with Nokta working on multi frequency who knows in a couple of years other brands may have it too and then we'll likely be putting all our old single frequency detectors in the cupboard.

For most of us it probably makes sense not to buy either as we already have superior detectors, but that's just so difficult to do 🙂

Nobody is right or wrong with either of them, if you hunt fresh water the Simplex is a clear winner, are you going to take that Simplex to the beach and jump in and start detecting in the salt water with it? Not very likely.  You're not going to be able to do that with the Vanquish either but you'll be able to get that coil down in the salt water and do some good beach hunting.

The Vanquish with the v8 coil (Pro Pack) may end up being the cheapest small gold detector on the market with multi-IQ and all metal mode, something I look forward to testing.

It really comes down to what you want to use the detector for.....

The best thing about both of these detectors is they've set a new benchmark in price and performance.  It's put other manufacturers on notice, they can no longer charge what they used to.... First Texas appears to be seeing this making the F19 (better version of the Gold Bug Pro) into a Bounty Hunter.



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3 hours ago, Chase Goldman said:

(Simplex provides) Nokta's signal processing which is lacking in my arsenal, a decent VCO all metal mode (which I prefer over the processed discrete tones of the Equinox in the non-gold modes) and the prospect of decent accessory coil choices with user upgrade-able firmware in a waterproof package.


1 hour ago, phrunt said:

The Vanquish with the v8 coil (Pro Pack) may end up being the cheapest small gold detector on the market with multi-IQ and all metal mode....

I think we're again at the mercy (nice way of putting it?) of different manufacturers' usage of the term 'all metal'.  Minelab has chosen to mean discriminate mode (and its associated filtering) with all segments open (i.e. no discrimination threshold and no notching).  Simplex goes with the industry standard (first one's to the plate) meaning, what Dave Johnson expands here:  (http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/davejohnson/goldprospectingmetaldetectiontechnologies.htm

Most VLF prospecting is done in an all-metals mode which may be variously described as "single-filter", "first derivative", "autotune", or by trademarked names.



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That's true, but it makes no difference in terms of results, I've found 0.011 gram (0.169 of a grain) bits of gold with the Equinox 800 in "all metal mode", quite a few that size so it wasn't just fluke 🙂

I have all confidence in the Equinox all metal mode in multi-IQ, so I am assuming the Vanquish one will be just the same, and if it is I'm happy.  I'm especially interested in the V8 8x5" DD coil, a coil I truly wish was made for the Equinox.


I really like that coil 🙂  I'm not worried it's not solid, the holes are going to be pretty small. I'd rather a pointy noise on it though.

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No more VLF for me unless it’s a clearly superior replacement for my Equinox. I’ve been thinking about the ORX and Simplex but just keep telling myself no, I have the Equinox, I don't actually need them. The old battle of separating needs from wants! :smile: It’s the way they are packaged as much as what they can do that makes me want them but they will not do anything I can't already do with my Equinox. I suspect my next detector will be the Fisher Impulse AQ, assuming that they ever actually release it. I'm lacking a waterproof beach PI so that I actually have a need for.

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Well Steve, the Orx is an amazing detector. Orx w/ 9" coil is better in iron than the Equinox w/ 11" coil. I would say equal with Equinox using 6" coil.

Will not be get rid of either. I also have the waterproof kit for the Orx too. The Orx doesn't false like the Equinox in iron.

To bad the coils cost so much for the Orx.

Looking forward to seeing the Fisher AQ too.

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Since I only have 2 detectors my 800 and a old Bounty Hunter, I can only say I wish I had known about this forum before I got my 800.

Not that I don't like the 800 of which I do, but to have helped me learn more on what to have purchased in the first place.

I have learned so much here and every time I am out I learn even more.

Once I learn how to use this properly and know what I am hearing I will be looking for an other unit.

I try to learn something everything and the hardest thing for me is that I constantly have ringing in the ears which throws me off a lot.

Thank you Steve for all your insight on all detector units that you talk about. I also thank everyone else for their knowledge on this subject also as I am a beginner at this.

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1 minute ago, 2Valen said:

Once I learn how to use this properly and know what I am hearing I will be looking for an other unit.

Unless there is a big change in VLF technology or you want to get serious about prospecting there is really no need to get another unit, you're up there with the best and you've got a true multi purpose detector, perhaps another coil for it might be a wiser choice if you've only got the stock coil?  Some of us buy lots of detectors as we like the technology and playing with it, it's a big waste of money 🙂 , I'm very guilty of that however when hunts get serious out comes the Nox.

If you are into prospecting then yes, a PI of some form would be a wise future investment.

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2 hours ago, phrunt said:

there is really no need to get another unit


Thanks for the advice, and I only have the stock coil that came with it. I might get another coil in the spring and work with it.

I am still trying to figure out if something is wrong with my unit as it has done several things that is unusual.

Like I have said I am learning from all of you here on this forum and I try to put that knowledge to use. I do get confused sometimes wit all that I need to do , but that is expected with only 3-4 months of use.

Thanks for the advice and I will keep it in mind.


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    • By Sven1
      Simplex Hunt with the NEW 8.5” Searchcoil
      Part 1
      By Sven Stau
      July 12, 2020
      Now I have read all about people having complaints the Simplex is to chattery and just noisy to use. So Nokta/Makro came out with Update 2.78 for those that don’t want a hot rod of a detector. My Simplex has not been updated to 2.78, didn’t feel the need to. Loaded on my Simplex is 2.77.
      After a number of hours bench testing targets of various sorts from coins to gold and silver rings indoors. There was really no EMI issues living in this high rise. Maybe just a bit of noise at 7 bars, max. sensitivity. Much more quiet at 6 bars and silent or almost at 5 bars. This gave some indication how the detector would react in the wild.
      Both new 8.5” round DD and the 9.5 x 5” coils were bench tested for air depth, reaction time, target ID, masking. First off, both coils are of the usaul high quality found supplied with Nokta/Makros other upper end detectors. They did not cheapen out, just because the Simplex is supposed to be an entry level detector. Both coils were impressive on the bench. Both coils would will really enhance a detectorists detecting ability to handle much more situations, hunting styles and types of hunting.
      Both coils have no issues locating the usual good targets most are after. Target ID’s are more accurate, junk targets do bounce or have somewhat consistent ID numbers. Modes seem a bit better defined. Pinpointing is much easier, center of the 8.5” coil if using the pinpoint button or edge of the coils tip if using the pull back method.
      Canadians will be interested on how it fares with the Canadian nickel plated steel clad coins.
      There have been a number of different compositions of these clad coins over the years. Current clad coins are really junk. While the older composition coins can be difficult to ID due to some number bounce or whether they are lying flat or on edge. The older coins are not to difficult to find once you master their signature tones and ID number. They will mostly fall in the 60-72 number range. There will be exceptions. As for current composition coins. You will have to get your head around most detectors see them as rash targets. They will ID in the lower numbers such as 10-14 number range, if they are on edge, they drop ID numbers into the iron range 04-06 on average. That’s like nail range, so if you get a tight narrow target, or clipped audio sound that is not the usual nail double blip sound. Then you may as well check it out. Some of the older coins lying on edge will also ID in the 04-06 range.
      Some want to know how depth will compare between the round and oval coils. Because they are DD, the round coils will get better depth. But, the oval coil have an edge hunting in very very trashy areas, where depth is not a factor. And will be better getting into tight spaces, such as corn stubble for farm field hunters. Air testing has shown the 8.5” coil gets close to the stock 11” coil air depth.
      Saw others were asking about the coils weight. Some may find them a bit heavy, they are not super lightweight like those found on other detectors. As I recall they have to be heavier, the main reason is that the Simplex is both a land and water hunting detector. The coil has to be heavier so it will not try to raise to the surface. Like a beach ball when pushed under water, which takes a lot of human pressure to keep it down. If hunting in salt water, if the coils are not neutrally buoyant they will float unlike hunting in freshwater. So the Simplex being a dual purpose detector is probably not much different than other similar detectors. If the Simplex was strictly a land detector, super light weight coils could be made. And the Simplex would feel much lighter in weight more like the Quest detectors.
      Today, went out to field test the 8.5” round DD coil. To a schoolyard hunted in the past, wasn’t too concerned if I didn’t find much or anything old. It was just to see how the coil handled the soil and performed among all the trash………………locating Canadian coins.
      The Simplex was turned on and ground balanced. Notched out only the first bar, which I really didn’t have to do. First thing that was noticed, at 7 bars, max. sensitivity it ran stable and quiet. Didn’t matter which mode I was in. At 6 bars the Simplex was almost dead quiet. At 5 bars, basically a silent hunting detector. Except for All Metal’s mode threshold which is always there. Encountered no EMI, except from my pinpointer. Too lazy to switch frequencies, so the search coil was just moved out of the way. The only time you hear some slight chatter is when you lay the detector down to dig a target.
      Most coin targets today were in the 5-7” range. They were not a problem for the Simplex to pick-up. As always there were some deeper targets, that were too deep to dig for. Performance was typical for a DD coil in the 8.5” range. Makes for a really good all purpose search coil that many favor. A breath of fresh air, it feels like when using the Simplex. Very pleased with this coil.
      As for my finds, about $11.00 in Canadian clad, $1 and $2 coins, quarters, one nickel and a bunch of pennies, no dimes. And the usual trash.
      Will point out, all modes were used, the mode I liked best for hunting Canadian clad was Park 2. Bench testing originally thought I would have preferred Park 1, the tones sounded a bit cleaner and crispier.
      Next outing, will be checking out the 9.5 x 5” coil. Stay tuned.

    • By Nuke em
      Yesterday i took my XP ORX to my dealer and swapped it for the Vanquish 540 Pro .
      I know i have said a few things in the past about it and i said i wouldn't buy it . Well i have .
      When i opened the box i saw the red (still yuk) , thank %$&* for a box cover lol
      I unpacked it and put it together and apart from the awful colour i thought it was well made . Apart from the battery cover which i think will cause trouble . I think there will be a few breakages . I also noted the different shade of red of the cover. 
      The control box buttons layout is fine but like other machines i have seen the coil lead goes into a tight spot in the side of the control box. Chubby fingers might not like that .
      Unfortunately the upper 2 shafts are painted , they should have been Carbon Fiber , i can see the paint being chipped a lot like they do on the ET / Explorer's .
      The stem locks look good but i dont like the coil bolt idea. Desi Dunne said that on his last video i saw before he passed away. Its a pity the middle shaft didn't collapse up above the top one like the Deus does . Could have collapsed to around 20 inches instead of 30 in.
      The coils look a good size and the small one will be good for Irony / trashy places . Pity the target numbers weren't 99 instead of 40 .
      I tested a few coins and the depth seems good at full sen's and the recovery speed seems good .
      I checked my new Maz headphones to see if they worked with my adapter and they do , i also paired the headphones out of the box and listened to them . They seemed ok but both sets of headphones seemed quieter than if just going without headphones. That might affect targets being heard for the hard of hearing . 
      I will also not be using the batteries out of the box , being only 1.2 volts and not 1.5 v that many disposable batteries have i will use disposables and use rechargables as back ups. I am used to getting a lot more power from batteries and Minelab's tendency to chuck any old stuff into the box ( batteries / Headphones ) lets them down and the RNB batteries of the ET prove that Minelab could do a lot better . 
      On the Nox there was an update that helped with knocking out crown caps , i think the Vanquish could do with that update if it can be done.
      Overall it looks not to bad a machine but like the Nox did it will have its place . I wont use it everywhere . As i think most that know me my ET is my main detector and Minelab will have to come up with something much better to prize my hand off that . 
      I still think that Minelab have made a machine that looks to much like a red Garrett Ace just in time for Garrett to come up with something that might be a lot better at the same price ? 
      I have to say the Vanquish is mega easy to set up . If Nokta/ Makro didn't think of it Minelab could have called this machine the Simplex . I will call it " Piece of q!55 " . I hope it finds my beaches a piece of q!55.
      If my beaches look right late next week i will use the 540 then . Before that i need to find some bicycle tyre innertube to put over the upper painted shaft to stop it scratching on the stones on the beach . 
    • By levdeb
      Hello all! New to the forum. Got a Nokta Simplex+ to replace my old Whites detector. First 2 times my son and I took it out, we found good stuff (knife, ring, and a dime). Took it out yesterday, and on any setting, it is just beeping like crazy. And the numbers jump from 10-90. Even when not moving the detector.
      Just saw a post about a wonky update, and wondering if we should so something about that. Or is there a way to reset this thing and tune it in?
      My old Whites had a ground control knob, but was also from the 1960's... lol
      Thanks for any help/advice!
    • By Bash
      So I've been getting a lot of clad coins with both the Equinox and the Vanquish 440 in the local parks, but even in the older ones, silver coins have escaped me for a couple of months now.  In between thunderstorms this afternoon, I hit the neighbor's parking strip, and in less than ten minutes, I pulled two silvers and a wheatie!  My first silver quarter, AND my first Canadian silver. The quarter is pretty trashed, but I'm glad just the same!
      Felt good to break the slump!

    • By Sven1
      Shipping to distributors next week

    • By Simplicius
      Hi guys,
      I've just received my Simplex+  2.77 (coming from a Teknetics T2).
      I connected my wired headphones and immediately noticed that volume is very  poor.
      At L1 level I can't hear anything; at L2 a little bit more... and so on... To have a decent volume I have to rise to max (H4), just to operate in a quite environment.
      Wrong headhones? 
      Keep in mind that:
      I use a jack adapter (6.3 to 3.5)
      Headphone are some Philips wired model (nothing special) 
      They have no volume control
      All cables are well plugged in
      Simplex speaker plays loud as expected
      I tried with other headphones (no brand) but no joy
      Same headphones play loud with my old Teknetics
      Simplex battery is near full
      Any help will be appreciated.
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