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Ucla Meteorite Lectures

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I get an email from the UCLA Meteorite Collection which is on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.  I've attended a number of their lectures in a small lecture room which is usually attended by less than 50 people.  You have the ability to ask lots of questions and see the meteorites on display in the gallery.

The November lecture and link to the website is here:



The January lecture is going to be of importance because they will be discussing one of the largest stony meteorites ever found.  Here is the preview:


Advance notice of the next lecture

Title: "A coming out party for a large stony meteorite"

Lecturers: Dr. Peter Utas, a physician meteorite collector, and Dr. Alan Rubin of UCLA

When: 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, 26 January 2020


Large iron meteorites are common, big stones are rare. Our atmosphere presents a formidable barrier to large rocks, efficiently transforming boulders into pebbles. But a few survive the fiery plunge. Peter reviews the roster of these great intruders, with a short description of several, and introduces a rare survivor, NWA XXXX, the 15th largest surviving stone. Discovered five years ago, in Mali or Mauritania, this flight-marked 205-kilogram specimen was largely buried, the soil-line still clearly visible. Rubin describes the analysis and classification of chondritic stones; naked eye examination of hand specimens gives important clues, but quantitative techniques are needed to avoid being misled. Hand samples of chondrites will be available for examination by attendees.




Free and open to the public.

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When you see him, tell him Hi from Gary Crabtree!  He bought a Dale meteorite from me years ago.  He was only a student then.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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