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Rick N. MI

Didn't Realize How Powerful The Gold Modes Were On Gold Till Now Lol

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Last summer I hunted with the Orx in the freshwater lakes using Deep mode. Just now was testing a ladies 2.04 gram 14k gold ring in sand and was taken by surprise how much more powerful the Orx was in the Gold modes than Deep mode on the gold ring. On my test coins Gold mode didn't do as well as Deep mode so used Deep mode ring hunting last summer lol. Should have known Gold mode would be more powerful on gold lol.

Was just taken by surprised how much deeper it was on the gold ring.

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A 2.04 gr 14k gold ring buried at 12" in sand the Orx hits it in Gold 1 & 2 and with the coil raised about 4". Gold 1 hit a little louder. Orx w/ 9" hf coil. 28khz, sensi. max, recovery 2,  disc IAR 2. Iron off.

This will be my main lake hunter.

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Hi Rick,

I have had the same experience as you with the HF 9" coil in program 1 Gold and to a slightly lesser degree in program 2 Fine Gold. The 9" HF coil can detect to depths past its coil diameter in mild soil with good two way tones on coin sized targets. If you are using IAR of 2 you can even get a little more depth by lowering the reactivity to 1, at least on smaller gold targets it really helps me.  In really bad dirt in the mountains here in Colorado where I prospect for nuggets it will punch easily to 6" on 1 gram or bigger nuggets with great target ID and iron probability readings, which amazes me. This ground is so bad and so varied that I am constantly having to ground balance. I can hover my pick head with magnet just above the ground and the magnet is immediately covered with an inch thick or more of magnetite black sand particles! I'm extremely impressed with the Gold modes on the ORX.

Coin Fast is no slouch either if you set it up with default discrimination and reactivity around 2 or even better 2.5 so that the silencer ( correct me if I'm wrong Hugh) is on its lowest setting. That is where the 3 tone audio sounds best to me and I get excellent depth in mineralized soil. 


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Gold 1 is incredible. Thanks for your experience with Gold 1. It seems like an all metal mode with a different form of Disc.

Was doing some tests in my living room and will set disc iar to 1.

This mode will be unbelievable in my mild fresh water lakes.

Can't wait till spring.

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Ring .89 grams 14k at 12" in the sand.

The Orx in Gold 1 and 2 got a solid hit and Gold 1 could be raised about 3".

Gold Kruzer got a tick that would be noticeable using the 9x5 dd coil.

Simplex no hit.

Equinox w/ 11" coil no hit. Don't know why the Equinox didn't get a hit. Tried Gold 1 and Park 1, Sensitivity 24, 2 tone, Tone break -1, recovery 4, F2 0
Orx is the best for lake hunting. The Gold Kruzer close behind.
Still amazed how powerful the Orx is in Gold 1.

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      Ok.. I've encountered some really tough ground conditions in a lot of areas that I hunt regularly. We are talking the red dirt with little shiny particles all in it that also has iron mixed in.  My Teknetics T2 struggles in it. My ORX struggles but will fish things out if you can stand the machine gun blips. I keep reading that the Equinox is more suited to deal with this. Now, I tried an Equinox 600 and found it to also cut up on certain plots of land, and the particular one I had was really horrible in iron. The tones also played tricks on my ears and I found the bleepity bling like sounds to confuse my caveman brain. The ORX has been a decent detector for me, and helped me rehabilitate myself after a car accident this year. However the tones in it are so close together that my ears can not often discriminate high from mid tone. There is no way to adjust it.
      Let's fast forward to today. The Equinox 600 does not have the adjustability of the 800 concerning tones, or at least that is my understanding. I walked away from my Equinox 600 ticked off that I could not seemingly bond with it. In my mind there was a single thought - how much better would the 800 be? For those of you that have especially used the XP ORX or the Teknetics T2 and also used an Equinox 800 I'm asking you, does the Equinox 800 do better in contaminated soil than my current 2? It is possible I will trade the XP ORX towards the EQ800. Would that be a "step-up" in capabilities? I've always found this forum and the people here honest and fair with no BS. So I ask you, would it be worth the extra money, hassle and such to truly give the Equinox 800 a chance even though I had a 600 and it didn't quite suit me. It is entirely possible the 600 I had may have had a fault of some type for all I know. And what of depth with the EQ800 vs the XP ORX?
      Reaching out to everyone in the know.
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      Im looking to buy an orx but, ive noticed the price of them is all over the place, from 899 to 650 i know theres roughly 3 packages or so im looking for the package with the 9 inch hf coil and wireless headphones. Where are you orx owners buying from?
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      Shot a video of a small nugget I found yesterday using the XP ORX in Carefree Arizon...... If anyone is interested : 
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      I find myself also using the Orx more and more.
      I'm finding it pretty equal with the Equinox. The Orx is better hunting gold jewelry in Gold modes. Gold Kruzer 2nd for gold jewelry. Equinox 3rd.
      It doesn't false either. Better in iron.
      It's becoming my main detector.
      Detectors I have:
      Equinox 800 w/ 11" and 6" coils
      XP Orx w/ 9" hf coil
      Gold Kruzer w/ 9.5x5.5 concentric, 9.5x5 dd, 4x7.5 dd coils
      Lobo STmodded w/ 8" and 5.75" concentric coils
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      I’m just speculating that for the die hard nugget hunter the HF coils make sense but with the ORX X35 wired headphone combo available for as low as $649 it might actually be the better option for the multi-use detectorist.

      XP ORX with 9" round HF coil or 9" round X35 coil options

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