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PulseDive Gold Rings!

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This little thing actually kills it!

My cousin and I have been using the pulse dive in salt water exclusively and although it has a small coil, the ability to swing this thing like mad hugely make up for that fact!

So far I’ve found the design/ quality of the PulseDive to be very ideal for salt water hunting.  The machine simply beeps and buzzes in your hand, is easily audible  through the water and there is practically no maintenance other than just cleaning the rubber seal/gasket every now and then but there is no knobs, cables, headphones or anything that I can see deteriorating on this detector.

Depth is definitely surprising when digging targets but still decent in air tests with a nickel/10c Aussie coin hitting at 4” air test and depending on minerals in the sand it’ll hit deeper 5-6” even due to its non-motion nature.

Anyone who wants to try water detecting I highly recommend trying the PulseDive, the small size and lack of headphones make it ridiculously convenient and even stealthy if you want to be discrete or are a bit shy! 

This isn’t really a review but just a quick mention of what I think is important to know about the machine 👍

Here is the gold we’ve found on the last few outings 👊👊👊 

Pulsedive Scuba Detector & Pinpointer



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Before my next holiday to Gold Coast I'll be buying a Pulse Dive, I'd never use a detector there with the 1000's of people on the beach and in the water but I'd happily swim around with a Pulse Dive.  Great tip on that, I'd never considered it.  Discrete detecting, just how I like it.

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Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

There is a dealer in Brisbane you could get one off in person which is about 50km’s away from GC👍 

It’s so cool, you can just look like you are going for a snorkel and the black one is super stealth.

I HIGHLY recommend you get some kind of weight system before trying, it’s 100% a requirement for water detecting IMO.

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15 minutes ago, Edsped said:

Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

Hey Ed, No, no decent dealer yet,  i lived in Brisbane for about 20 years,  the family are mostly still there.   I'll pick one up next time I go there, I'll just order it and get it delivered to the mother in laws house before I arrive 🙂

I'll have to look into weight systems, I'll contact you before I go to work out what I need, it's so hot for me there I like to spend a lot of my time in the water anyway, may as well be swinging something while floating around.



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Ok sweet sounds like a plan, it’s pretty basic really.

If you want to pull off 3+ hours you will need a wetsuit even at the Gold Coast over summer I think so a 3mm spring suit would be what I’d go for.

When using a wetsuit you need a little extra weight but a 3mm spring suit shouldn’t be too buoyant. 
If you are going in to surf you will need more weight again but I’d try to avoid any surf where possible as it’s a lot lot harder than it looks 😂

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    • By karelian
      Just arrived in the mail, Nuggeteer 18 x 6 mono, mounts nicely on the Tdi pro using a Minelab lower rod. It is weighty at 1 kg but easily balances on the Tdi Pro, just don't have any metal in your shoes..
      When the weather clears I'll go down to the beach and give it a good run. Useless air tests, test garden results and beach run results in the very near future.. karelian

    • By ColonelDan
      The way I “classify” beach sand determines which search mode I use on my Equinox. It works well for me on our central Florida beaches.
      Since all beaches differ in terms of salinity/mineralization, I’d be interested in hearing from other beach hunters if they too make this “4 layer classification” of beach sand conditions.
      Dry Sand: area where the surf doesn’t or hasn’t covered. The sand is extremely dry and where most beach goers spread their towels and chairs. Area to the lady’s far left in the photo.
      Damp Sand: Area where the surf once covered but has recently receded to the point where it no longer does leaving the sand still somewhat damp. Smooth area to the lady’s immediate left.
      Wet Sand: Area where the surf still covers as the waves come on shore but recedes with wave action leaving the sand distinctly wet. Smooth dark area to the lady’s direct front and immediate right.
      Surf: Self explanatory...in the water.

      In the Dry and Damp areas, Beach 1, All Metal with sensitivity, recovery speed, and F2 settings adjusted for conditions works best. If I try to use Beach 1 and All Metal in the Wet sand and Surf, the amount of falsing naturally increases significantly.
      In the Wet sand and Surf, Beach 2, discrimination activated and sensitivity being situationally dependent works best...the EQX settles down considerably.
      This simply confirms Minelab’s recommendation but I’ve distinguished between damp and wet sand where they use dry, wet and surf classifications.
      Question: Anyone else see a performance difference in Damp and Wet sand modes/settings?
    • By George1971
      Hello everybody yesterday was the best beach handing day so far. Why? Because I chose the right place. What was the right place? The beach in front of a close for winter beach bar. The result was 38.40 euros and a silver cross. Think that I search only the half beach (I didn’t have enough time) looking only for coins and silver with discrimination -10 to +17. If I can make it, I will go soon at the same place and I will tell you the results.

    • By mn90403
      It has probably been over a year since I've used my 3030.  Tonight I used it for a bit over 2 hours and I got the hang of it again.  It is a much different sound than the 800 and now I remember why I had a learning curve about hearing targets. 
      One of the things that came back very quickly is the ability of the 3030 to be 'played' like a violin.  By that I mean you can get a target and swing on it and make the detector 'sing' really loud.  This was what was happening with the many tent stakes I found.  You could tell that it was a mostly iron target because it was down in the lower right of the screen.  I still dug most of them and some of the other iron pieces were just the same.  The 3030 has clear identification of the target and that lets me choose to dig it or not.  If I was getting better targets then I may not have dug so many of those stakes. 
      When I get tent stakes with the 800 it kinda blanks out rather than sings out.
      The depth was good with the 17.  One of the quarters was 13-14 inches.
      I use it with the Minelab harness because it is a bit bulky and heavy.  When I first got the 17 years ago I used it without a harness for the first 3 weeks and I got something akin to tennis elbow.  That took about 6 weeks to heal and I've never swung the 17 for more than 20 minutes without the harness since.  The screen now has a flaw down the right side where it doesn't show data but I can live with it as a backup.  The battery didn't last too long.  We'll see what happens after this charge up.
      It was a real pleasure being able to turn on the GPS and see where I had found rings in the past.  Many I had transferred but a few are still there and that made me slow down in those areas.  This was an end of the weekend, end of the day hunt and I saw where several detectorists had been out before me.  I'm ok with the results.

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      Sometimes there is something better than a detector.... 

      Another one (won’t embed)...
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