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Before my next holiday to Gold Coast I'll be buying a Pulse Dive, I'd never use a detector there with the 1000's of people on the beach and in the water but I'd happily swim around with a Pulse Dive.  Great tip on that, I'd never considered it.  Discrete detecting, just how I like it.

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Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

There is a dealer in Brisbane you could get one off in person which is about 50km’s away from GC👍 

It’s so cool, you can just look like you are going for a snorkel and the black one is super stealth.

I HIGHLY recommend you get some kind of weight system before trying, it’s 100% a requirement for water detecting IMO.

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15 minutes ago, Edsped said:

Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

Hey Ed, No, no decent dealer yet,  i lived in Brisbane for about 20 years,  the family are mostly still there.   I'll pick one up next time I go there, I'll just order it and get it delivered to the mother in laws house before I arrive 🙂

I'll have to look into weight systems, I'll contact you before I go to work out what I need, it's so hot for me there I like to spend a lot of my time in the water anyway, may as well be swinging something while floating around.



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Ok sweet sounds like a plan, it’s pretty basic really.

If you want to pull off 3+ hours you will need a wetsuit even at the Gold Coast over summer I think so a 3mm spring suit would be what I’d go for.

When using a wetsuit you need a little extra weight but a 3mm spring suit shouldn’t be too buoyant. 
If you are going in to surf you will need more weight again but I’d try to avoid any surf where possible as it’s a lot lot harder than it looks 😂

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Love the gold!    I wish they would make a simple little discriminating one for fresh water.   I could use something like that!


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    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
        We have been having some major surf from a hurricane spinning out in the Atlantic near Bermuda, as well as the time of year that we get King Tides! Depending on the wind direction, this can be a really productive time to beach hunt! Unfortunately the wind has been blowing directly on shore, which only makes for a wide flat beach, and few targets!
           I made the trek to Vero beach yesterday, as well as many other detectorists, to try and get an elusive piece of 1715 Wreck Treasure! There are a lot of locals who work these beaches, and have a tremendous advantage! For me, it's about an hour and a half drive North! So unfortunately, i don't get to do it often!
         The tide was already incoming when the park gate's opened, and with the short beach's, did not allow for much time to detect! Not that it mattered, there were few to no targets to be had! Sand was being pulled out by the strong high tides, but was being deposited as a secondary break for the waves, which was killing any more good erosion! The few guy's i talked to were just as aware of the poor condition of the beaches, but said it was good practice! Everyone just wants to get out and detect, after all this time indoors, from the heat, and pandemic!
         I did find some interesting iron targets on the intercoastal side of one beach, but i don't think they are super old! Picked them up anyway, so i wouldn't be skunked! But the weather was beautiful, and not as humid, for once in about 8 months! Great way to start Fall here!
          Hopefully a few "Winter" storms this season will give us Florida boy's and girl's, and any of you visiting, a chance for some "Reale" Treasure!! 🌊👍👍

    • By Ridge Runner
      We have so many new waterproof detectors but not one comes with a air supply.
      That’s what I’m in need of and I want it powered by a battery. I’ve looked at what Keene has to offer but I was hoping someone knew maybe of something at a better price. This is all shallow diving in a river. I could just use a snorkel most of the time and I have that. Knowing this isn’t something one should do alone . If it could supply air for two people would be great.
      I just put money out for a new seascooter and it’s made for salt or fresh water but I’d like air too.
      Before it’s over with I may have to bite the bullet and buy the one from Keene.

    • By Al F
      For all the beachers.....I read somewhere ( don't remember where ), to periodically remove the coil cover and dump out the sand.... I did so on the 3rd and found a considerable amount....... After cleaning it out and reinstalling the cover, I took it out to a beach and seem to have gotten a better response on all coins and silver.....BUT I now wonder if there is a FIX to keep the sand from invading the miniscule space betwixt the coil and the coil cover......any viable ideas??????
    • By CliveHamy
      I'm about to do some detecting in English fresh water streams, I assume that the Beach modes are best suited for salt water, so I'm going to use my favorite Field 2 mode in all the default settings, any suggestions? I assume that what I could find is maybe some tiny gold nuggets, silver coins, and misc jewelry and artifacts that have yet to corrode away in the water. 
    • By Againstmywill
      This is my first post after lurking for many months. Steve, you have a way with words and a level of civility that verges on saintly. I have learned a great deal reading your posts, specifically about the Equinox, and I hope to glean more from this excellent forum in the future. Thanks to others who also contribute excellent content. While I don't have much to share, I thought I would at least post a "tip" for a common problem we have. 
      Here is a link to a video describing a way to keep the Garrett Carrot's tip from wearing through for not much money.
    • By tvanwho
      I got permission to search a sandy fresh water swim beach at a campground. I was at this same beach 20 years ago but they refused to let us in the water. It just now dawned on me as to why? It was AFTER  Labor day and NO lifeguard on duty. So, will hit the place after July 4 Holiday  and do it during the week to avoid weekend crowds.
      My question is this. When we were there 20 years ago, we actually did pretty good with our Fisher CZ 6 machines on just the beach. We got over $30 in loose change, no rings, BUT somehow we got a few mercury dimes and a silver nickel in 1 spot, just inches deep in the sand. How the heck did the silver get there? In the water itself, at one certain spot near where we got the silver coins, every time a swell would come in, I could not help but notice  but what looked like hundreds of clad quarters would rise up out of the sand underwater. The little swell would recede and the quarters would vanish. But we were forbidden to even touch the water and the owners had the evil eye on us.  I thought quarters were heavy and would sink in loose white  sand? Why would they be concentrated along 10 feet of the shoreline and in less than a foot of water? Just glad I noticed and remembered this from 20 years ago. Hopefully nobody else noticed since then? Wonder if I should use one of them sharks teeth scooper things I saw on Ebay for working this spot or just detect and dig with beach scoop? I will be using my older Headhunter Diver and AT Pro machines.
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