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Before my next holiday to Gold Coast I'll be buying a Pulse Dive, I'd never use a detector there with the 1000's of people on the beach and in the water but I'd happily swim around with a Pulse Dive.  Great tip on that, I'd never considered it.  Discrete detecting, just how I like it.

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Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

There is a dealer in Brisbane you could get one off in person which is about 50km’s away from GC👍 

It’s so cool, you can just look like you are going for a snorkel and the black one is super stealth.

I HIGHLY recommend you get some kind of weight system before trying, it’s 100% a requirement for water detecting IMO.

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15 minutes ago, Edsped said:

Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet?

Hey Ed, No, no decent dealer yet,  i lived in Brisbane for about 20 years,  the family are mostly still there.   I'll pick one up next time I go there, I'll just order it and get it delivered to the mother in laws house before I arrive 🙂

I'll have to look into weight systems, I'll contact you before I go to work out what I need, it's so hot for me there I like to spend a lot of my time in the water anyway, may as well be swinging something while floating around.



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Ok sweet sounds like a plan, it’s pretty basic really.

If you want to pull off 3+ hours you will need a wetsuit even at the Gold Coast over summer I think so a 3mm spring suit would be what I’d go for.

When using a wetsuit you need a little extra weight but a 3mm spring suit shouldn’t be too buoyant. 
If you are going in to surf you will need more weight again but I’d try to avoid any surf where possible as it’s a lot lot harder than it looks 😂

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Love the gold!    I wish they would make a simple little discriminating one for fresh water.   I could use something like that!


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    • By Glasswalker
      Hey everyone, new to the forum, so please go easy on me as I ask my first stupid question of what is likely to be many...
      So I'm just getting back into the hobby after many years (actually decades, but I'm choosing not to use that term out of denial!) 🙂
      Back then things were a bit simpler it seemed, either that or I was young and ignorant... Anyway...
      I've blown all my "hobby budget" (or technically my wife did buying me a present). Getting the Minelab Vanquish 540 for Christmas to go do some beach hunting this summer...
      And I'd love to have a pinpointer to make things a bit easier when digging targets, but realize that I can't likely afford one. Unfortunately things here in NZ come at a premium, and all the "good branded, and known quality" pinpointers, are fairly pricy. 
      So I am facing 2 options:
      Just suck it up, and wait. The Vanquish has a pinpoint mode, and that is probably good enough to do my first couple hunts. Then I should be able to afford a decent pinpointer such as: Nokta Pulsedive, which is about $200 NZD locally, shipped. Minelab Profind 35, which is about $265 NZD locally, shipped. Gold Century Pinpointer, which is about $99 NZD locally, shipped. (seems like a bit of an "unknown quantity", not much about this brand) "Cheap Out" and get a random non-known brand, imported one from Amazon, which I can justify now because it's dirt cheap, and then upgrade later on. The "SUMGOTT Waterproof Pinpointer" on amazon for about $50 NZD shipped (seems to have decent reviews on amazon if that means anything):
      https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YHCDHB6 The "UCPJLV Upgraded Waterproof High Sensitivity Pinpointer" on amazon, for about $85 NZD shipped (again seems to have decent reviews):
      https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HCR9XK8 What I'm seeking is some input on whether the cheap options are likely to work well enough for some basic beach and park hunting (not diving, maybe searching in surf or wet sand). Are they likely to give enough advantage just through their basic function, to speed up and enhance the hunting experience, considering the cheap price, even though I acknowledge I will likely want a better one ultimately in the future, and considering I do have a detector with a pinpoint mode.
      Or should I just stick to the detector only, use it's pinpoint mode, knowing that realistically it will be at least 2-3 months before I'll be able to get a "decent" pinpointer.
      Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? Anyone have any actual hands-on experience with one of these? etc...
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Jason China
      I bought a Nokta Makro Pulse Dive, but I won't snorkel, I need to buy goggles and snorkel, what else? I have no experience, but I am willing to work hard to learn, only by using Pulse Dive can I avoid crowds, and that is, what kind of bag to use in the water to reduce drag to collect!
    • By kac
      So I have the Green headphones and have them currently paired to the Multi Kruzer but it seem that if I pair the pin pointer to the same headphones then the headphones won't be paired to the detector? Either or and not both? If that is the case it is kind of a bummer but not that big a deal. Audio on it isn't super loud with the waterproof cover on.
    • By B0SC0
      From what I have experienced, you can only silence the audio on the probe with Z-Link.
      The vibrate will still sound on the probe.
      If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not.
      If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise.
      Kind of defeats the purpose.
      I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset.
      Your thoughts?
    • By Joe D.
      Hey all,
          I got up to Treasure Coast for a couple of hunts, to break in my new/used Equinox! I haven't had one for a few months, but i got back into it in a hurry!
          The area is always full of detectorists for any rare erosion event, and this past week was no different! The blue erosion bags are a main indicator of the level of erosion present! Normally they are covered by up to several feet of sand! The orange sand is the original sand we look for, when looking for the old stuff! Last friday was the better of the two days i was there! I found a few pieces of lead, iron, copper, and modern coins! For a few lucky hunters, there were musket ball's and spent bullets! There were a few coin and artifact finds, but those were on various other beaches nearby!
          The highlight of this trip was recognizing, than meeting a local legend here; Terry Shannon, a super nice, very experienced detectorist, and author! He has a few very good books out on Amazon! He was my best "find" of the day!
          I also went Monday, but i caught the tide incoming, and just got beat up by the big waves, with very few targets! But i will keep going there, whenever i get the chance, to finally find some of the elusive and rare Spanish items!👍👍

    • By mn90403
      After my success at the beach the night before I was ready for another 'bite' of it.  Conditions were almost the same with all new sand and targets minus a few I found the day before!  haha  Now that I knew targets should still be there again I went with the tide down as far as I could go until near the hard pack.  As you can see it was another productive hunt.  This time someone showed up and 'infringed' on my hunting style but I adapted.
      I still got 47 quarters, 55 dimes, 19 nickels and 28 pennies in addition to a couple of the most unique finds for me ever.  I was on a slow grid to get everything that sounded with the 15" coil.  To do that the coil speed has to be slower in order to get the 8" plus 10s to be loud enough to dig.  This has been part of my learning curve with the 15 on the beach.  At one time I thought of it as 'finicky' but now I know that was mostly my impatience and not the coil.
      Any way here are the finds.

      As you can tell it was another 'good' ring night as far as the count goes but most silver and only one gold.
      The silver rings total 8.5 grams.

      The gold items were a Jesus pendant at 4.4g/14k and the 1.3g/14k ring.  Now for the 'unusual' stuff.
      Early in the session I had dug a deep mostly negative target.  It was down 14-15 inches.  It turned out to be the rust covered crescent wrench.  Later on while working slow I got a little 10ish signal and it kept dropping through my scoop.  When I looked at it I could hardly believe what I was looking at.  A tiny crescent wrench!

      It is not a working wrench but who could believe I find a .84 gram wrench by itself.

      Another thing I found was a silver chain that weighs 6.3g.

      To top off the session I had gotten another '10-11' and it was dropping through my scoop also.  When I finally got it in my hand I couldn't really believe what I was looking at.  It was a gold nugget!

      How could I explain this?  Was it a part of a jewelry piece?  No, it wasn't solid and then it hit me.  It was gold and it was from a tooth.  It also had the hollow on one side.  The waves had kicked out a 'nugget' that weighs .73g and I found it with the 15" coil.
      So those were two really odd finds with very similar ID.
      I attempted one more hunt on the beach but there was a squadron of detectorists on it.  I consider this session to have given up 7 more rings for a total of 17 in two days.  It is my best beach.
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