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Minelab Pro Find 35 Keeps Beeping

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I have had the same problem at times, the 25 was even worse. It's not consistent with the 35, I had no problem my last time out. I turn it off and on when it happens and that seams to take care of it.  

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    • By Ridge Runner
      I myself don’t see the advantage of a folding handle but I guess it makes it more compact.

    • By 1515Art
      it seems the biggest weakness of the GPZ is the lack of any reliable discrimination other than a best guess as to depth due to the double target response. My Whites SST will power up in seconds and is a great detector with excellent iron discrimination and may even give an accurate iron response in proximity to the GPZ, but its not practical to carry both. my question is there a small lightweight detector that would compliment the GPZ mainly by giving the operator a second look that reads for an iron signal on the target in question, something like a pin pointer with some decent depth made for iron.
    • By Hobo
      Has anyone tried using a Sunray probe for small nugget hunting? It seems to me that a sunray probe attatched to shaft of a GB Pro or a F75 would work great in places where a larger coil would be too big, like in cracks and around rocks. Since the Sunray workes off of the detectors control box it should have good depth and sensitivity.
    • By Oiwon
      After much deliberation I finally pulled the trigger on the Nokta/Makro pulse dive. My old pp crapped out and this seemed like a logical choice for me because A: it's a waterproof pinpointer and B: it doubles as an underwater hand-held detector. I've constantly been gathering feedback online about this machine as it had sparked my curiosity from the first glance. It arrived Wed in a nice heavy duty carrying case. The case isn't something I would lug around, but it is perfect for garage/closet storage. (or just a cool decoration on my cabinet)
      Taking into consideration the carrying case, the versatility, the pp coil-cover and the waterproofness it seemed like a good bargain, and I must say, 160 bucks and a few days later I still feel that way. 
      It definitely doesn't feel like a toy.. (but it's as fun as one) You can tell some thought went in to this thing when you pick it up and start pushing buttons and connecting and disconnecting things. No it doesn't have the depth that a nox or a fisher has, but having had one, I believe it exceeds the depth of a garrett carrot. What do you expect? It's a smaller handheld device. I have to admit that what i saw from the air tests, and lack of air tests online left me feeling underwhelmed and hesitant, however since powering it up the first time I have been pleasantly surprised by its responsiveness. I have tested it on several gold and silver pieces of jewelry we have here and it was able to pick them all up. No this isn't a fine tooth comb, and perhaps there are things it will miss, but it also doesn't discriminate - i mean you can come up with a hundred things it's not, and it wont do. Let me tell you what it has done for me so far. It has solved my lack of a pinpointer problem. It has made my underwater searching way easier and allowed me to cover more ground and recover targets faster. I no longer have to lug around my nox in the rolling waves if I don't want to. I can easily swing my arm around under water while i kneel, crawl, float, lay on my belly, or swim around.
      Maybe I hit the jackpot when I took it to the beach today and 5 minutes into my first hunt, found my first target, a beautiful diamond or diamond-ish ring. (GF already stole it from me - see pics below.) 
      It was about 3 - 4 inches below the sand under about 3 feet of water. 
      Most fun i've had detecting in a long time. Not an excal. Not a sandshark. Just a fun way to search for stuff while you swim. Now I have only taken it out once and plan to add some more updates as i continue use in the future but wanted to share this with the community for those who might be interested and those who may be on the fence. In my opinion if you are considering spending $100+ on a PP why not get something with a bit more utility? Especially if you mess around in the wet water stuff like i do. 
      Seems durable. Nice weight to it. The vibrate function and sound works very well. The coil attachments are very easy to take on and off. It also came with a lanyard that i conveniently hooped around my wrist. Just dont forget to put the waterproof cap back on the bottom after charging - before you leave the house and walk to the beach, otherwise you will have to walk all the way back to the house to get it and then walk all the way back to the beach again. Anyways, i had a blast and I cant wait to take it for another spin. Don't really understand all the negative feedback i've seen online, though it's still early. If you are considering getting one and your expectations are realistic, i think you will be pleasantly surprised. The lil lady says she wants to get one as well. 
      I can't really speak about how it compares to the Quest handheld or other similar style detectors because I haven't used them. Also i am not affiliated with this company nor any other company.
      Cheers and HH all

    • By Hard Prospector
      Looking to get a new pin pointer (to assist in nugget shooting) as mine is 7 years old. There must be better more sensitive ones available these days. Input would be much appreciated......Thanks!
    • By mh9162013
      A while ago, I posted about a using a Minelab Pro-Find 35 without a 9V battery. You can read more about it here: 
      But I wanted to run the modification with NiMH batteries. However, due to space constraints in the Pro-Find, this was not possible without modifying the internal battery compartment (which I didn't want to do b/c it would void the warranty, I'm sure). So instead, the Pro-Find runs off of a LiPo cell.
      Well, I got a hold of a Garrett Carrot (Pro-Pointer AT) and given the extra space for the battery, I was able to run the 9V booster off of 3 LSD NiMH AAA cells. Works like a charm! The advantage is that I don't have to worry about "babying" the LiPo cell and worry about storing it with too little charge or anything like that.
      Not much else to say, except show you the pictures.

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