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Steve's Equinox Rod/shaft Holiday Giveaways...

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Hi, all!

I just wanted to mention that in the spirit of the Holidays, Steve's Detector Rods will be giving away one carbon-fiber complete Equinox shaft (upper shaft and lower rod), AND one carbon-fiber Equinox lower rod, to two lucky U.S. winners.  Two separate drawings will be held on Dec. 18, one for the complete shaft, and a second for the lower rod.  Entry into the drawings is completely free, with no purchase required -- and the entry period is open from now, through 11:59 PM on Sunday, Dec. 15.  Additionally, ALL entrants into either drawing will qualify to receive 10% off of any item purchased through Steve's, for the entire month of December.  For additional information, including details and eligibility, please visit Steve's Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods



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No Facebooking for me but I “like” you anyway Steve 

Hi, all! I just wanted to mention that in the spirit of the Holidays, Steve's Detector Rods will be giving away one carbon-fiber complete Equinox shaft (upper shaft and lower rod), AND one carbon-f

2Valen -- I hear you, and I understand.  I don't use Facebook either -- except for the business page.  I don't have a "personal" presence on Facebook, any moreso than was required to setup the bu

Steve -- LOL!  Thanks!  😉

Chase -- sounds good!  😊



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22 hours ago, steveg said:

please visit Steve's Facebook page


Sorry but I won't use Facebook for anything, because I really don't want my life out there on the web.

At almost 63 years of age I have found that if I want to talk to someone that I know I will simply call them or go to their house. On this forum I have found some new friends that I hope to meet someday, because I have found that they are good and honest people.

Good luck with your giveaway and in the future remember us folks that don't do Facebook.

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2Valen --

I hear you, and I understand.  I don't use Facebook either -- except for the business page.  I don't have a "personal" presence on Facebook, any moreso than was required to setup the business page.  So, I totally get what you are saying.  I am NOT a fan, but it nonetheless is where a lot of folks go, now, for metal detecting camaraderie, with the detecting forums in general less popular than they once were.  That's why I opened the "business" page, there, but I share your wariness about the platform, in general.

The reason I chose to do the drawings on Facebook, is that I am not sure what the "rules" are, for having a giveaway on one of the forums.  I know that at some forums, it would not be permissible at all, unless you are a "sponsor" of the forum.  I will check with Steve, here, to see how he would feel about such a "giveaway," and see if it is something I might be able to do here, in the future...

Thanks for your thoughts; it's a good point!


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Thank you Steve and I was not trying to upset anyone, as for not being on Facebook I know it is my choice alone.

Maybe in the future there will be something else that comes up better than FB and I might try it if the security is good.

Thanks Tim (Valen)

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I suspect its largely an age thing. I have Facebook because I thought it was a good way to keep up with my daughters that lived out of town. Problem is as soon as I signed up I got friend requests from lots of other family. Pretty soon it was just a time sink, so I just stopped ever going there. You only ever see what people want you to see anyway. Anything really important would still come in a text or call from my kids. I havent posted anything in a couple years and wont because I dont want to give anyone the impression I'm back lol. Lots of people I play poker with got me to join a poker facebook group and check it out but it was the same thing, trying to wade through endless crap to find anything interesting.  

I think there is a great divide between the older and younger crowd on there tolerance for social media, basically because they were born to it and we weren't. Also the idea of privacy is far different. I dont want people to know what I'm doing, not because I have anything to hide but because it's none of their business. Polar opposite to the whole social media craze. Facebook etc is FAR more useful for marketing, so I completely agree with you doing the promo there. Honestly doing it here probably doesn't reach anyone that doesn't already know about your product.

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28 minutes ago, Lacky said:

I suspect its largely an age thing.

Now stop calling me old, I hear enough of that from my grand children.

I have been married a couple of times and my wife's granddaughter said that she was older than dirt for her birthday.

I never seen a child cry so much because someone took away her cake.

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Haha, I was calling myself old, and you are 10 years my senior.  I suspect the cut off is about 35ish. Older than that and you didn't get used to Myspace or Facebook growing up. 

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