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Current exchange rate Euros to US dollars.


Approx $2750 US 

This price could be different depending  on where units are made- less or more depending (shipping cost). 

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On 11/30/2019 at 1:58 PM, LE.JAG said:

he is in production // finally ..
I find it amazing that your dealer does not speak

a French seller already takes pre-orders
without delivery date ....
price announce France / Europe 2490 euros

I find it even more amazing there is no official announcement from First Texas. Dealers sometimes jump the gun trying to round up preorders that may not be delivered on for a very long time. If the detector is in production an official announcement with final specifications would be in order very soon. Maybe after this holiday weekend? It would be a nice present for me! :smile: I wonder if we are looking at one model or two?

Thank you once again LE.JAG for giving us a little hope for the new year.

Price also depends on that being MSRP or final discounted price in the U.S. plus who knows what kind of import taxes they have in France.  Over $2K but that’s been expected all along.

Fisher Impulse AQ Specifications & Data



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After conversion and taxes.......these will be about $4500 Australian or the equivalent of 3 TDI Beachhunters. I’m guessing they will sell about one unit based on that price here in Australia. Serious hunters may consider the AQ if there is a significant depth increase over what is currently available........in my opinion, highly Unlikely but I’d be very happy to be proven wrong 👍
Also, if the unit is only rated to 1 metre depth of water........it’s not “if” but “when” the detector will be compromised. For that sort of money....the waterproofness needs to be far better. Look at the Seahunter battery setup.....probably the best going.


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I do not have the US price
for Europe, there is the cost of transport
customs taxes
and of course the seller's margin
you will have it much cheaper ..

the French seller is undoubtedly optimistic
to already take pre-orders ...

concerning the detector

until the last straight line
he received modifications

more stable / even quieter
and less sensitive to the soil effect

cut the iron / take the gold
is now child's play

cut leaden balls (25 gr) and take the gold ring 2.5gr 18k

cut bullets / flintlock rifle model english 1750
and take the 22k gold coin

my last hunt / 3 days ago

a ring in white gold 18k / 2.6gr
and especially the medal 18k 6gr
this medal has a horse head stamp = 1838/1919
he is a jeweler known in France
Augis / model of the medal 1907 ((diamond and ruby and a quote from a poem
+ than yesterday - that tomorrow ))

she was laying on the bottom / black sand
between 17 and 19 inches   //  It is much deeper than the TDI (all model 12 / 14.4 volts)

7us all metals / sensitivity maximuum
SAT at the slowest

I think she was here for a century
this medal / perfectly summarizes the system, AQ

the ability to detect the gold that is under your feet
since always
you walk on / at each exit

they have been there for 50 years / since a century .......

now = you can hear it 🙂





2 - Copie.JPG

poinçons    .jpg


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I'm sure an old GP extreme will still beat this for depth, and you can pick one up for about $1300 here in Oz. I agree with Tony, can't see who will buy the Impulse here in Australia. For it to be of any serious interest to myself and I'm sure other beach hunters, it would need to ID iron at depth consistently accurately, and would need to beat an Equinox, 3030 or even an old Sovereign for depth. 

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I would back my TDIBH to get that medallion at that depth too.

For now, I don’t accept that the AQ is “much deeper” than the TDIBH at 14.4v.

From what I have gathered, the AQ is comparable or MAY have a slight depth edge but nothing suggests it is “much deeper”.......for now. 

Time will tell....and if the AQ is “much deeper” than the TDIBH then there will be no one more happier than me and the current pricing would be somewhat justified.



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If you mean depth of water then latest specs have it rated to 1m.....👎

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WooW,, what a relief!! have been waited for this detector for years now.I have already send a message to our metal detector dealer here in Sweden and waiting for the respons.I dont know if the dealer is aware of this detector at all or maybe he is.The price is acceptable if the detector deliver what it suppose to do which is finding gold,then the machine paying itself in no time.

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    • By Mikeguard01
      Hunted a few hours with a good friend today. Half of the hunt was in All Metal and the other half in Tones Mode.  I dug everything today trying to learn the machine. Those Corona caps became predictable in Tones Mode. All Metal seems to run a bit more stable and punches really deep. I originally thought the piece of a bracelet I recovered was junk until the 10K stamp was pointed out. No sign of the rest of it in the area, but Ill take it.

    • By cuniagau
      This is an update on the lower shaft that snapped into two pieces on a Sunday morning wet sand hunt on April 25.  I list events in a timeline.
      Sunday April 25 about 10:00 AM the lower shaft broken into two pieces after 30-45 minutes of detecting in the wet beach surf.
      Monday April 26 in the morning I emailed First Texas with pictures of the broken shaft and received a RA from FT and shipped it back to FT Monday afternoon April 26.  I posted a message on the Impulse AQ Facebook page pictures of the broken shaft an received a reply from Russ Balbriona that said “Hello Joe- Russ from Fisher here. Email me russ@frsttx.com. I'll get you taken care of.”  I also posted on here at DetectorProspector a post with pictures and received a response from Alexandre that said “Thank you for you feedback.  We are ready with the Mechanical Team to understand and solve the problem.  A lower rod will be sent to you in exchange, and we are studying the phenomenon.  Tests are already carried out internally with high lateral pressure, we will continue in this direction to understand.  I contacted the whole team when I san the message today.
      Thursday April 29 at 10:23 First Texas received the broken shaft which was signed for by someone named Mocosta.
      Friday April 30 at 3:47 (on the beach detecting with my Equinox) I received a call from First Texas.  At 4:05 I received an email from Felix at First Texas that said “We just received your lower tube and is being analyzed by our engineers/quality and will call you on Monday to follow up with you – stay tuned.” And that my voice mail was full.  (it did have one 22 second message about my car warranty in it)
      Monday May 3 I called Felix early as I had an appointment later that day and he said Engineers/quality would decide IF they would replace the shaft under warranty.
      Today Monday May 10, 16 days after the shaft broke, 15 days after First Texas was made aware of the break with pictures and responded to me, and 12 days after First Texas had the broken shaft in their possession.
      So the update is “there is no update”.    
    • By Mikeguard01
      Just received my AQ last week. First two hunts at a worked out beach scored some really deep silver and some old coins.  Most hunters can't find a target at this beach, just ask OBN everybody hates this place. Then I tried another heavily hunted beach today for the third hunt. Scored two 14K rings and a crusty 10K pendant. I thought the pendant was a mini sinker at first. Today's Gold was very deep and the AQ hit solid on them. I'd still be there if the battery didn't die.  I don't believe my Excal would have found them today.
      I love my AQ

    • By Slimpickuns
      Had an awesome month using the Fisher AQ on the low tide wet sand slopes. Ran the AQ mostly in "tone" mode but did spend some time in "all metal" when trash targets were not too bad..All I can say is that I love this machine! My trusty Sov. GT is starting to collect dust now and the AQ has become my go to detector and the GT my "just in case" back up.
      I started out April with a very crusty 10k class ring. Soaked it in CLR over night and removed all the crust, here's the kicker though, as I was sitting on my couch looking through my loop at the ring trying to figure out the date on the class ring and other details, I fumbled the ring in my fingers and it dropped directly onto my tile floor and shattered into pieces! I spent about 15 mins carefully gathering the pieces along with the Ruby stone that was in the center. I was going to scrap the ring anyway but I did want to get a picture of it after clean up before I did. There is a date under the eagle, its very hard to see but it looks like "1955".
      The rest of the rings are 14k, with one having CZ stones and the one on the right with real diamonds. Also found what look like two gold tooth caps, acid tested good for 18k. The last gold item of the month was a 22.1 gram 18k (750) gold Rosary found way out in the negative low tide wet sand plateau. I searched around the area thoroughly for the cross and the rest of the beads but had no luck.
      Also an honorable mention on the silvers I found, The silver heart bracelet is Tiffany & Co and goes for $275 new https://www.tiffany.com/jewelry/bracelets/return-to-tiffany-love-tiffany-blue-heart-tag-bead-bracelet-GRP09904/
      Also found a silver Gucci stud ear ring,  a pair goes for $245 https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/jewelry-watches/silver-jewelry/silver-earrings/silver-interlocking-g-earrings-p-356289J84000702?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1_Ofj-qu8AIVcz6tBh3eJwziEAQYAiABEgKm0vD_BwE 
      So gold totals for the month are:
      10k- 5.8 grams
      14k- 20.3 grams
      18k-22.1 grams
      Tooth Caps (18k) - 3.5 grams
      Now onto May!
      Thanks for looking & Happy Hunting!

    • By cuniagau
      I have sent an e-mail to Felix at FT with these pictures.  Hopefully they just send me a new rod ASAP.  This is what happens when you hunt wet sand and California surf.  Or it could just have been a poor quality made rod.  Hoping for that latter as the wet sand California surf is the only place I have to use the Impulse AQ and don't want to have to worry about this again.

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