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Cyber Monday Sales

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Anyone know of any shops doing cyber monday specials?

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Teknetics Direct has the Patriot (a re-badged Fisher F70), a Tek-point pinpointer and a pretty good digging tool for $399.  You need to put in a discount code, but you can get a list to choose from by state - or you can use mine 1485



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      I bought my Simplex + from a dealer and when this same dealer has the Vanquish I may buy it too . For the cost of one detector just last year I can buy two now for maybe less money.
       Whatever I buy it won’t be coming from a Sports store. I can see me asking a sales person all the about the Vanquish and them reading off the box on what it had to offer.
       I feel that the major cause of a detector finding it’s self in the dark part of a closet is because of no help after the sale.
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      Take a look.
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      Hi, all!

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