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Cyber Monday Sales

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Anyone know of any shops doing cyber monday specials?

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Teknetics Direct has the Patriot (a re-badged Fisher F70), a Tek-point pinpointer and a pretty good digging tool for $399.  You need to put in a discount code, but you can get a list to choose from by state - or you can use mine 1485



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    • By Jim in Idaho
      Got a message while I was out of touch in Nevada. Holly? said they were reopening their Oregon repair center for 3 or 4 weeks. She said they'd take care of my GM24K problem, under warranty.
      Best news I've had since Tuesday Morning...LOL
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      For almost a half century, my family and I have enjoyed your multitude of metal detector models, 1st class Customer Support,  and such friendly people who have worked with White’s.  But most importantly, the family fun you have allowed millions of people across the globe to experience. 
      Mr White’s, from me personally… to help fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a Treasure Hunter.  You see, our family started enjoying the MD’ing hobby about 1970.  Then a couple years later as a young eager 7 yr old skinny kid trying my hardest to push that big blue metal box across a school yard, and from there it all began for me.
        Now, 40+ yrs later as an accomplished MD’erist and multi line dealer, pushing the same MD’ing passion onto as many folks as I come across, I can only wish you a fun filled and well deserved farewell.
      No reason for me to try and figure out the mistakes made, when how and or why?  As it won’t change me, the person you have already helped mold and or the career path I took.  I personally don’t care who did or didn’t do something at a certain time as we all only live 1 life on this mother earth and I feel the overall history of White’s has done a remarkable job.
      I do know this is this fact.  There are many thousands of happy families and individuals out there who’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a White’s metal detector for 60+ yrs and to be honest, is an accomplishment most any other family run company would be proud of.
      Am I bitter?  A little since I feel part of me is going away for good.  But when I think back of all the friendships made, MD’ing adventures traveled, the countless pictures and memories shared with your detectors in my families hands, a big grin and smile comes across my face and I just chuckle a little at what you have made of me.  Many people know, but my family knows best, I built my life around the MD’ing hobby and 30 yrs ago turned it into the most enjoyable thrilling job and career a treasure hunter could ever dream of.  Again, All I can say is a big Thanks for a lifetime of fun and dreams fulfilled.
      Here is a salute to you White’s Electronics for all the great memories.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Now that White’s has closed the factory in Sweet Home, this is the officially designated place to have warranty work and service done in the U.S.:
      Centreville Electronics
      9437 Main Street
      Manassas, VA 20110
      (888) 645-0202
      (703) 367-7999
      Fax: (703) 367-0868
    • By Rick Kempf
      There is a thread about this over on Dankowski. After having some muck slung at me by someone over there, who, among other things accused Fisher and me of palming a “Prototype” off on the public.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is odd. I just tripped over this clicking on the FT logo at the bottom of the Fisher Labs website. It looks new, but has a 2013 copyright date on it, and has models listed for sale that are now longer current.
      It is basically a First Texas online store, with all three brands listed - Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Teknetics

    • By Steve Herschbach

      Important Information from White's Electronics
      June 18, 2020

      To our valued White's Dealers-

      This is a very difficult message to write, but the time has come for retirement from White's Electronics.

      We are suspending manufacturing operations at our Sweet Home facility while we re-evaluate the future of the company. It is never easy to make these decisions, however, we are faced with the reality of intense competition in the industry and ongoing counterfeit instruments coming from China. Lastly, there have been critical material shortages since the Covid 19 shutdown that we now find insurmountable.

      All of us here in Sweet Home are grateful for your service. We consider each you part of the White's extended family.


      Ken White
      American Made Metal Detectors since 1950
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