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Rick N. MI

Wanted Found One: Super 6 Coil For Deeptech Gold

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    • By calabash digger
      I need another underwater detector...
    • By Highlandhowler
      Hi forum, I’m desperately looking for a good condition LI battery full size for my GPX 5000. I travelled half way across the world to do some winter detecting Arizona way and my airline refused my battery at check in; both hold and carry on were not permitted. Any one got a battery for sale this would help me out massively. Don't want to buy a new one as I’m only here for a month and can re-unite with mine back home.
      Many thanks
    • By Dan(NM)
      I'm looking for a dead Explorer S, XS or EX2. I do not need the battery, rods, arm cuff or coil, just the housing unit, thanks. You can e-mail me at drc59@yahoo.com or text me at 575-921-6511, my zip is 78645 to calculate shipping.
    • By Tag1260
      Looking to buy a shovel  for a good price. I can sharpen if needed. If you have something sitting around that you're not using and want to sell it please let me know.
    • By Elijah
      Hi All, do you have a Nugget Finder 15" EVO coil that you want to sell?  I'm looking for one in good condition to use on my gpx4000.  Please pm me if you have one to sell.
      Thank you,
    • By PimentoUK
      As an electronics tinkerer, I would at some point like to attempt making a custom coil for my Equinox. I need to salvage the electronics board from an existing coil in order to do this. So I'm after a suitable donor.
      I'm located in the United Kingdom. As most of you guys are in the US/Canada or Australia/NZ, I should state that the international carriage charges are not a barrier.

      Please get in touch if you think you have anything suitable.

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