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Same football field as the tape player today. This came in a faint 28 on the Nox with the 15" in park 1. I was using 17 sensitivity and it caught it as deep as the Garrett Carrot is long. First one of these I've found, too. 





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Nice find, that is about the same depth that I had found a pendent about the same size. The ID was the same as yours, and I was using the 11 inch stock coil. One of these days I am going to go back to find the necklace that went with it.

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    • By ColonelDan
      While detecting several hundred yards south of the Daytona Beach Pier, an elderly gentleman approached me to tell me about a lost ring that was “flung” from the patio deck of their hotel and asked if I might be able to find it. He said they looked for it several times without any luck. I asked him several questions such as how long ago this happened and in what general area did he think the ring landed. He told me he could show me the area and where they thought it landed after being tossed off the hotel deck.
      As we walked over to the area below the patio he told me how all this happened. It seems his grandson threw something off the patio onto the beach and the ring went with whatever it was he “flung” [the grandfather's word]. When we arrived at the area below the patio, the gentleman described where they were standing on the deck and about how hard his grandson “flung” whatever it was. I laid out a general search area based on what the grandfather described. Fortunately it was in dry sand not more than 15 feet from an elevated patio overlooking the beach.
      I began to grid search the area and within several minutes the distinct tone of gold rang out. I pushed my scoop into about 4-5 inches of dry sand and out popped a ring. Not showing what I'd found, I asked him to describe the lost ring. He said it was white gold but that's all he knew. He would have to ask his grandson's wife for a more specific description. I told him to please ask her to come see me.
      A few minutes later a young lady approached me and identified herself as the wife of the man who lost his ring. I asked her to describe it in as much detail as she could and she nailed it to a T. I showed her the ring I'd found and a big smile brightened her face as she exclaimed “That would be it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
      I asked if I could take a few photos and she agreed. She then quickly headed back to the surf where her husband and the older gentleman were. As I resumed my detecting near the water line, I caught site of the grandfather making a bee line my way with a big smile on his face. He couldn't thank me enough. I simply told him that I was happy I could help. After we exchanged a few pleasantries, he wished me “good fortune in my day's hunt” and rejoined his family.
      That was the only ring I found that day but I walked away from Daytona Beach convinced beyond any doubt that my time was extremely well spent as there were big smiles all around for those visitors from South Carolina!

    • By Dan(NM)
      Beautiful here in central Texas, so I headed down to the lake to see if I could score any jewelry. I made my first pass to the water and was headed back up to the shore when I spotted a park ranger truck pull up and stop. He got out and headed my way, so, I put my gear down and walked straight to him and stuck out my hand and introduced myself. I knew as soon as he stuck out his hand and smiled, he wasn't here to harass me.
        He told me his name and began to ask me how I was doing and that I should keep my eyes open for arrowheads  as quite a few have come from the beaches on the lake. I was able to get some good info from him about which park was the most popular and where most of the swimming took place. He also told me that the lake level was down quite a bit from full capacity and trying to give me an idea as to the best place to hunt might be. I also was told that I'm the only one he's seen hunting on this beach :super:
        Anyway, after about 10 minutes, he wished me good luck and drove off. The next 3 hours was digging nothing but garbage. Toward the end of the hunt, close to the water, I got a nice, solid, repeatable 9, pinpointed it and grabbed what I thought was a piece of wire. Fortunately I was able to pull it from the sand without breaking it. I was very pleased to see a charm and both ends were intact. I'm pretty sure it's silver from the looks of it.
        As luck would have it on the next pass and down by the water, within 6-8 feet of the other necklace, I dig another one. Up until this point of hunting the lake I hadn't dug one until today. Unfortunately it's junk, it read 3-4, but, a solid repeatable signal.
      My settings were as follows
      Park 2
      GB 5
      Sens 21
      Recovery  3
      Iron bias F2  0
      2 tones
      Digging from -1 up

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      During the winter here in the Chesapeake bay my main goal is to watch for the best conditions, then try put and myself in the right location to find gold. I seen a Opp coming Monday mornings lowtide,  No  winds and calm water. Perfect conditions and I knew where to go, a spot that has been very good to me since July 2019. First target of the day a Nice 14k cigar band, 45 minutes later gold ring number two for the day. A Victorian ladies gold ring, no fineness mark. Ring was badly stained. Third and final gold came as water was starting to get rough. Cutting across in the water and headed in I got a strong signal, two scoops and out came a badly stained gold band. Unmarked / No fineness mark which is very common for this beach since it opened in the 1880's.  Not many targets this hunt, 3 gold rings, 2 coins, several sinkers and a few pieces of brass in a little over 3.5 hours.  Water temps are now in the low 40's, a month from now should really be some great hunting with constant lowtides and NW winds......water will be in the lower 30's but I can do about 4 good hours with my drysuit setup....Thanks for looking...Joe

    • By Denny
      Hit the gravel area of the river where I dug up the two silver coins.   After a couple of hours of hunting  I dug up  a  nice silver pendant.  

    • By Cal
      I found this 1946 $2 gold coin in a pendant today. Found with a kruzer in 3 tone mode, disc3,notch 4, gain 92, pp 8 inches, GB 81, range up 25 to 27. Thanks for looking! 

    • By Dan(NM)
      I've been hunting a lake nearby for the last week, so far, every hunt has produce some nice silver or gold jewelry. Today I was able to retrieve 3 more rings, 2 silver and 1 junk. I found something else, but, I'm not sure what it is.

      Here's my setting:

      Park 2

      Manual GB

      Sens 22

      2 tones

      Iron bias 0

      Tone break +5 up

      Tons of trash to wade through to find a keeper, but, very satisfying when it happens.

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