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Equinox 6" Coil Connector Repair...Update,Fixed!


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UPDATE:    Minelab just replied to my coil repair inquiry.   "Unfortunately there is no repair for your damaged coil. They (the repair techs) are unable to perform a  repair or replacement of the coil plug connector."   

Sooo...    your on your own if you damage the connector, which in my opinion is too easy to do.   I was actually worried about doing just that when i first bought the EQ. 

  Ill update as soon as I get around to performing the fix with the new connector. 

If anyone has more tips/tricks or product recommendations to use for this fix please post them. 

In the mean time here is the last batch of EQ600 nugglets (before the accident) that were found by my competition.....I mean girlfriend,  and I :biggrin:



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Doing good on the Gold!
 If they can’t repair a connector , how do they Fix anything else?
just to keep from a similar problem, how did that happen?
did you slam a door on it, I did that once or twice back when I was young and in Too big of a hurry!


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 Thanks Fred, funny enough I just bought  a nice padded case for the back of the truck to carry the detector(S) in..to protect them!  I think it was just the bouncing around on the back roads that did it....

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FIXED!!!   Ok, so I finally got around to doing the coil repair.   Not the most professional soldering  but it got the job done. 

Items needed:

Soldering iron and solder

Plumbers flux

wire snippers/strippers

Liquid Tape and fine -cheap paint brush

dual wall heat shrink tubing (two sizes.  one the same size as coil cable, and one size larger)

Optional:  Jewelers glasses, third hand tweezers.  Made it much easier to see and hold things in place.



Six very fine wires and two shielded wires in the center.   I stripped back and separated the two inner wires first, making sure to leave a  little bit of the plastic shielding on each side so they would not make contact while soldering.  

trimmed all wires to about the same length so they would all line up when soldering. 

Then Fluxed all the wires, tinned them very carefully with a touch of solder.


(I could have done a better prep job and taken more photos but i was motivated to just get it done before dinner)

I soldered the innermost wire first (to establish the length of the other wires and because its strong and held every thing together)

Then soldered the surrounding red wire.

Trimmed and soldered all the others.  

Painted Liquid Tape on all soldered areas, and put extra around and between the two inner wires.IMG_3605.thumb.jpg.4099ecf2a34d7148275077fd2d196e7c.jpg

I finished it off with the dual wall heat shrink tubing..... and Viola!  The coil is back in action!!


I dont think I would trust it to be submerged in water ever again, but it seems to be bomber enough to take some rain or a quick splash.

Im sure I could have taken more time and done a cleaner job but it seems to work just fine.   Ill test it out in the field and report back if there are any sonic anomalies, bump sensitivity, etc...      

Thanks again for hooking me up the connector Steve!




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  • microsniper changed the title to Equinox 6" Coil Connector Repair...Update,Fixed!

Never heard of liquid tape! Good to know. I think the most important wire there, in terms of insulation, is the core of the shielded wire. It is the positive TX signal which is very powerful and probably will damage something if there is a contact.

When Nox turns on it fires the TX signal at a reduced strength to check if all is good (not shorted, etc). After that, it is at full, even if the short occurres. 

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On 2/29/2020 at 8:49 AM, microsniper said:

FIXED!!!   Ok, so I finally got around to doing the coil repair.   Not the most professional soldering  but it got the job done. 

Microsniper can you remember how manny wires was on the coil connector? is it 7 or 8 pins because in the pics i can see only 7 and its supposed to be 8, im trying to make an extension cable connector for my equinox 800 because basically the coil cable its to short and im going to try to make a extension cable with waterproof connectors for it  im trying to find a connector online, thank you for the pictures and very nice job fixing the connector .

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I just checked mine and it's 8 pin. 7 outer and 1 in the middle.

 Be careful to note where the indexing notch is .

We used to call these connectors DIN in my world.

There's probably a 4 or 5 pin on your old CB mic.

If I had a nickel for every time I forgot to put a connector cover or some heat shrink on before starting to solder..........I wouldn't care about gold ! LOL I started my tron life at 12yo !

Liquid tape is "the balls" as one of my friends used to say.

(Use a little around the ends of the heat shrink unless it's the kind that has sealer inside to add a bit more waterproofing , ).  


OH and ML not wanting to fix that connector  probably something about waterproofing  ? Or doubts of consumer doing the soldering.




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one more thing..
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