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Cheap scales may not be accurate enough or sensitive enough to measure small gold. Just a heads up as I use a unit from AND and is incredibly stable going on 30 years old and at the time ran well over $400 which I used to mix small amounts of ink for making transfer decals. Lately I use that scale for measuring 2 part silicones in small amounts for mold making. I have a larger scale that was really cheap in the $20 range and it is ok on larger amounts upto 11lbs it is not accurate.

I believe you get what you pay for.

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I have a digital scale that is 14 years old, it works great. Happily I'm not weighing grains that could have a round explode in my face. I only want a scale that puts me in the ball park. I don't really mind if my flake is a .01 or a .02 of a gram. If I'm selling gold, the buyer will be weighing whatever amount I am selling.

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This is the one that I used to have access to at work, sure was nice but...….

Ohaus Explorer® Scale - 220 grams x .0001 gram


Most advanced scale in its class. Recommended for research, teaching and quality control labs.
  • 14 application modes, including: check weigh, dynamic weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, totalizing, filling, formulation and differential weighing.
  • MG/G/KG/OZ/LB/DWT/CT convertible.
  • Large, color LED touchscreen display. Can be removed from weighing base.
  • Automatic calibration and fast stabilization for accurate results in seconds.
  • Powered by included AC adapter.
  • Includes glass draftshield with flip-top cover.


1 2+
H-4737 1/2" Round 220 g x .0001 g 23 $5,978 $5,712   ADD
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I have been pondering this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EE6GHU8/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

But I wanted to see if something was better and at a decent price point/

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2 hours ago, rled2005 said:

have been pondering this one:

 Probably a nice scale but I don't see the point unless you intend to use it for other purposes besides gold. Gold buyers and refiners always do their own weighing so let them buy expensive scales. The only time I have wished that I had very accurate scales for small bits of gold is when I smash a few colors out of a chunk of quartz. But you never know. I might wash up on the shores of New Zealand one of these days then I would need a scale that weighs tiny bits in grams.

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My advice is to go for the cheapest one. Most of them have the same features as the high-end ones, with some exceptions. Yeah, the more expensive ones might have some fantastic features, but trust me, you won't use them. You will only try them out a couple of times, and then you'll understand that it's not worth it and pretty much useless. If you want to get a good smart weight scale for your wife, go for the expensive ones, but in this case, trust me, you don't need an expensive one, it's not worth it.

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1 gram of pure 100% Gold = $62.74 USD today 1 April 2022.

0.1gm = $6.27

0.01gm = 63 ¢

0.001gm = 6 ¢

Do you have to weigh all your gold take, for the day down to a dime accuracy. 

Those figures are no APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE.

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