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After 2 weeks of lots of work, I was finally able to get to the beach for a hunt. I was hoping that I could try the 18” DD coil I just bought for the GPX. The area I did well at with the 14” coil, was even more sanded in and that defeated the purpose of comparing it to the 14” coil to see if it could find something else there. But I did use it for a while, and it was heavy. I put a side arm on, to offset the weight and that worked, but trying to carry a bigger shovel and holding the arm did not work well at all. It seems I will have to get a bungee harness set up for any coil larger than a 14”.  So, I brought the Equinox out and hit a patch of rocks that I later found out was being pounded days before. I heard it was a good section. I did ok, considering the amount of sand and other detectorists that hit this beach regularly. Junk, clad, possibly some silver rings, 2 Mercury dimes, a nice 14K earring and some good observations. First observation was that some iron was encrusting the small stud earrings. That’s not new news, but it only happens sometimes, and you need to pay attention to those times. That leads to the second observation, which just seemed like some junk jewelry trapped in the salt/sand mixture. But at home I noticed it looked gold and did not show any signs of being plated. It may be a low karat jewelry that was not mixed with copper, or the usual green copper encrustation was already gone. The other problem on this beach are the black rocks. Not all the black rocks respond to the Equinox, but the ones that do read a solid #1. That is the exact number that a lot of fine gold rings and chains ID at. But it was nice to get out and hunt for about 6 hours. 2 silvers and possibly 2 gold for me is a good hunt and worth the long drive.










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A very successful hunt, thanks for the post.  I hope to one day be able to put a post up in the "metal detecting for jewellery" section 🙂


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30 minutes ago, phrunt said:

A very successful hunt, thanks for the post.  I hope to one day be able to put a post up in the "metal detecting for jewellery" section 🙂


Ya know, you will actually have to start digging junk signals for that to happen. Actually eventually you will find a gold ring that rings up at exactly the same number as a coin, but you are limiting yourself if jewelry is a goal.

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19 hours ago, phrunt said:

A very successful hunt, thanks for the post.  I hope to one day be able to put a post up in the "metal detecting for jewellery" section 🙂


It's a lot easier on a beach to get jewelry then at a field. Someone probably will lose some playing there, but it will be a lot rarer to find. Even though we all want you to start digging those different signals, in your situation, with almost NO competition, you are better off hitting new areas and getting the silvers first. You can always go back and look for jewelry later. If we do that here in the states, when we go back we will see a million holes in the area we wanted to hit "later" 😓

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Nice variety of digs my friend.  Interesting as how some folks will tell you that gold jewelry is never crusted over or does not tarnish.  Thanks for sharing.

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    • By George1971
      Hello everybody yesterday was the best beach handing day so far. Why? Because I chose the right place. What was the right place? The beach in front of a close for winter beach bar. The result was 38.40 euros and a silver cross. Think that I search only the half beach (I didn’t have enough time) looking only for coins and silver with discrimination -10 to +17. If I can make it, I will go soon at the same place and I will tell you the results.

    • By mn90403
      It has probably been over a year since I've used my 3030.  Tonight I used it for a bit over 2 hours and I got the hang of it again.  It is a much different sound than the 800 and now I remember why I had a learning curve about hearing targets. 
      One of the things that came back very quickly is the ability of the 3030 to be 'played' like a violin.  By that I mean you can get a target and swing on it and make the detector 'sing' really loud.  This was what was happening with the many tent stakes I found.  You could tell that it was a mostly iron target because it was down in the lower right of the screen.  I still dug most of them and some of the other iron pieces were just the same.  The 3030 has clear identification of the target and that lets me choose to dig it or not.  If I was getting better targets then I may not have dug so many of those stakes. 
      When I get tent stakes with the 800 it kinda blanks out rather than sings out.
      The depth was good with the 17.  One of the quarters was 13-14 inches.
      I use it with the Minelab harness because it is a bit bulky and heavy.  When I first got the 17 years ago I used it without a harness for the first 3 weeks and I got something akin to tennis elbow.  That took about 6 weeks to heal and I've never swung the 17 for more than 20 minutes without the harness since.  The screen now has a flaw down the right side where it doesn't show data but I can live with it as a backup.  The battery didn't last too long.  We'll see what happens after this charge up.
      It was a real pleasure being able to turn on the GPS and see where I had found rings in the past.  Many I had transferred but a few are still there and that made me slow down in those areas.  This was an end of the weekend, end of the day hunt and I saw where several detectorists had been out before me.  I'm ok with the results.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Sometimes there is something better than a detector.... 

      Another one (won’t embed)...
    • By Edsped
      This little thing actually kills it!
      My cousin and I have been using the pulse dive in salt water exclusively and although it has a small coil, the ability to swing this thing like mad hugely make up for that fact!
      So far I’ve found the design/ quality of the PulseDive to be very ideal for salt water hunting.  The machine simply beeps and buzzes in your hand, is easily audible  through the water and there is practically no maintenance other than just cleaning the rubber seal/gasket every now and then but there is no knobs, cables, headphones or anything that I can see deteriorating on this detector.
      Depth is definitely surprising when digging targets but still decent in air tests with a nickel/10c Aussie coin hitting at 4” air test and depending on minerals in the sand it’ll hit deeper 5-6” even due to its non-motion nature.
      Anyone who wants to try water detecting I highly recommend trying the PulseDive, the small size and lack of headphones make it ridiculously convenient and even stealthy if you want to be discrete or are a bit shy! 
      This isn’t really a review but just a quick mention of what I think is important to know about the machine 👍
      Here is the gold we’ve found on the last few outings 👊👊👊 
      Pulsedive Scuba Detector & Pinpointer

    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Nuke em
      Last night after work i took my Nox with the 11 inch coil this time for another search of the beaches i went to 2 days ago. I took the Bus to the beaches further along beyond where i finished the other day . I started at around 10 pm and found a few coins but soon found that area was too built up for any successful hunt so i went to where i finished last time and worked back to where i started last time .
      Again i saw that there were new holes about , and again i started to find coins near and around where these holes were . It was a lot harder this time and the beaches are building up due to the longer tides and the sea hitting the beach straight on . I didn't stay out as long as i thought i would and finished at 12.45 am . 
      I counted up and went home . My total for this search was £20.53p and a unidentified Pre Decimal Penny and a George VI Farthing . 
      My next hunt will be either Saturday night or next week sometime .
      Someone on my last hunt post wanted my settings , i will put them on here when i have had some sleep .

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