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TDI Beachhunter Versus TDI SL

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They are the same detector. The Beachhunter TDI is simply the waterproof version of the TDI SL. The coil is hardwired on the Beachhunter TDI to help insure waterproof integrity. If you want to use accessory coils you want the TDI SL. The only reason to get the Beachhunter TDI is if you really intend on submerging it. Operationally they are that same except the Beachhunter TDI lacks the Target Conductivity switch. From the White's TDI SL User Guide:


Target Conductivity
The Target Conductivity switch allows you to select between high-only, low-only, or all target responses (see the Principles of Pulse Induction section for details). There are two caveats with this switch. First, the two-tone response, and therefore the functionality of this switch, are disabled when ground balance knob is turned to the OFF position. Second, in order to ground balance the TDI this switch must be set to the ALL position.

Be aware that target conductivities can vary considerably, even targets of the same metal. Small gold nuggets are usually low and large gold nuggets are usually high, but where the transition occurs depends on the composition of the gold alloy. Be mindful that searching in low-conductivity mode could eliminate very large nuggets, if any happen to be in the area.*
The same is true for relics and jewelry. Many bullets, buttons, and most buckles register as high conductors, but cuff buttons often respond as low conductors. Most small jewelry responds as low conductors, but larger men’s rings can easily fall in the high-conductive range. Most coins fall in the high range, except for e.g. US nickels and small or thin coins like hammered silvers or very small bronze coins.

*The potential for Very Large Nuggets depends on where you are detecting. In most gold-bearing regions of the US, detectable gold is found as small placer nuggets up to multiple grams in size which register as low conductive targets. Alaskan and Australian gold is still being found in multiple ounce-sized nuggets, which may respond as a high conductive target.

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EarnestRooster, please let us know how the Hi-Q coil performs, many of us are interested to know how it handles hot ground. My personal experience is that the Tdi SL likes the smaller mono coils when the ground gets really nasty. Your perspective would be most welcome and would give us all some user insight. Good luck with your new machine, I'll be out on the Victorian Goldfields myself for a day or two before Xmas looking for a big one.. or a little one..





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Hi All,

Well my first day detecting today. 3 hours on the TDI SL with High Q coil. I was detecting just south of Bendigo Vic.

The machine was nice and steady. I ran it with sensitivity a smidge under half, pulse delay between 10 and 12, all metal mode, GB between 6 and 7. 

I found 8 x 22 cases, 3 x lead shot, 3 x rung pulls. I found then between 1 and 4 inches. The lead shot was in hard clay at 4 inches. 

I'm my noob opinion, the machine was great and easy to use. Hopeful to find some good soon..

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EarnestRooster, thanks for the timely response. The 3 x lead shot is a good sign, shotgun pellets tell you that you have tuned the machine correctly and maybe some time soon when you go to dig up another pellet it turns out to be a pleasant surprise...

When tuning the detector I always try to keep pulse delay at 10 when prospecting, but don't be shy to experiment. You will find that by changing the delay in does influence ground balance.  Also the ground varies a lot in Victoria, I always carry a test nugget. To be more specific I carry a laminated card with a 1 grain ingot. This allows me to quickly test which settings give the best signal in that particular location. 

Very pleased to learn that the Hi-Q coil has no issues and works well. The very best of luck with it.

Lots of good areas around Bendigo, fantastic location. Go to Earth Resources Vic Gov, free downloads of decent maps. I found the old Sandhurst Goldfield map download there, it's a beauty. Loaded it on a USB and printed a large hardcopy for myself. Bendigo is a great little city, cinemas, good accommodation, lots of history, great food etc. Then ten minutes drive into the middle of the goldfields.

Compliments of the season and all the best in the new year.



1490431109_1grain test.jpg

Sandhurst GF10.jpg

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