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TDI Beachhunter Versus TDI SL

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Yes EarnestRooster, when it comes to minimising ground noise and maintaining smooth operation there is only one rule. Whatever works... In theory 10 is optimal, but by advancing it a bit to 12 etc.. and reducing ground noise then why not?  In my case as long as I can keep hitting that one grain ingot then I know I have all the sensitivity I need on small targets. We can run the machines 'hot' and pick up ground noise etc, makes for hard work trying to distinguish targets from background noise. Set it up to run quiet and enjoy a smooth and stable threshold, less tiring and you will more easily pick up faint targets. 

The smaller the coil then the less ground noise you will pick up. Also better sensitivity on smaller targets. So that 7.5 DF should be mounted on the detector and all it's capabilities fully investigated. A choice in coils is always a good thing. Making for a more flexible set up. Don't forget the conductivity switch. I run mine in ALL and LOW when prospecting. LOW conductivity setting will settle it down on hot ground, but generally stay in ALL depending on circumstances. A fun machine with many choices. As you gain experience your technique will develop and you will enjoy it even more.

Again all the best,




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Thanks Karelian. I took the 7.5 DF out for a quick go. It seemed more stable than the new high q coil. Though that was to be expected with the size I guess.

If you are up in Bendigo and want to catch up, Let me know. Given your experience it will be good to know what you think of the coil.

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