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Fisher Impulse AQ Discrimination Explanation

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13 minutes ago, ALEXANDRE TARTAR said:

The IMPULSE AQ cannot however be used to search for gold nuggets, other models are provided for this, they are more sensitive and do not need to compensate for the conductivity of seawater.

Thank you for the detailed explanation Alexandre. One question about the above statement - is the salt compensation still active in the all metal mode?

I hope you are feeling better soon!

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On 12/26/2019 at 1:02 PM, ALEXANDRE TARTAR said:

The IMPULSE AQ has a purely analogue analysis.

If this is the case then the Chinese copiers will be licking their chops waiting to reverse engineer this.  The potting compound had better be J&B weld with some phony decoy circuitry thrown in for good measure.

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I'm not worried about this, there are a multitude of details that make it difficult to copy.

Physics of materials ... I cannot say much more about this.
The gold versions are more interesting for copying, the market is more interesting.

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The gold and relic versions will be what interest me the most, since I use my TDI almost exclusively for gold jewelry hunting and one week a year to the beach.

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Hi ,

I am Alain from France , very interested by this discussion on the new fisher impulse aq technology , even if I am more a coin/relic hunter than beachcomber , I live in the north east of France and I detect in low mineralized ground.  

First thanks very much steve/alexandre for the pi/aq discri informations , I now understand better how it works . 

So it looks like even the last impulse aq will not eliminate ALL the ferrous targets at the same time  ,keeping good targets like a VLF does. In France there is everywhere a very dense iron trash density coming from more than 2000 years of human presence. And then it is very important that the iron disc is excellent, say perfect. It is the most important thing for our areas I would say. 

The problem with coins is that they can be of very different sizes , for example the roman coins we have over here  scale from 1g to 30g, with possibly different metals. So  it is not possible to use a discri by size like the one that is used by the AQ. Actually I am a little disappointed considering the amazing depth performances of the AQ ….

I know that the AQ is not designed for coins but for gold rings in wet sand. But I have read somewhere that a PI relic/coin machine was planned by Fisher,  based on the AQ techno , so I am wondering how the iron disc will be managed with this new relic/coin machine ....




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Welcome to the forum Alain. This is just my personal opinion, but comparing the Impulse discrimination to VLF detector discrimination is an apples to oranges comparison. To be fair the Impulse should be compared to other pulse induction beach detectors, where it is almost certain to offer a clear advantage. Anyone expecting it to offer discrimination as good as the best VLF detectors may very well be disappointed. My advice if that is a concern is to wait and see. As a longtime PI user the choice in this particular application is very clear for me, but for people like you more caution is advised. It is unlikely the AQ model is what you are looking for, and a coin/relic version of the Impulse is still just a distant rumor, nothing more.

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    • By Luis
      We have been told on several occasions that it was impossible to export the Aqua limited outside of the United States and now on the official page of Fisher I find this publication.  How is this possible?
    • By tvr
      Was in Myrtle Beach for most of a week. Got the AQ well into the chop on this trip. I stayed in cuts between sand bars and the beach so the waves were not terrible and I was able to stay on my feet. Ran all metal all the time. It ran mostly quiet with ATS on 7, Sensitivity on 4, delay on 10. If I ran delay less than 10, each step lower got a good bit more noisy. ATS lower than 7 did not make for good hunting either. Still left lots of adjustment should I venture beyond the sand bar. Had the big coil on, did not take the 8 inch on this trip. The waves did make for an effort controlling the coil, but made it through without mishap. Did not go out detecting on Thursday when Elsa went through. Elsa seemed to mostly push some sand up on the beach in the area we were staying; that made the bottoms of the cuts softer than they were early in the week. That said, On Friday in a soft bottomed cut, had a fairly faint but repeatable signal that after four scoops became very loud and I got it on the fifth scoop. Nice little 2.3 gram 14K gold pendant.  

    • By cudamark
      Sorry, I can't seem to find my previous thread on this subject. To recap, my AQ wouldn't power up, so, it was sent in to Fisher for repair. They claimed that it was the battery. I had my doubts, as I had tried a second battery with the same results. Anyway, they claimed it was only the battery and sent it back to me with a new one. On a side note, I had just sent the electronics back to them, and kept all the rods, cuff, and charger to save on shipping costs. Well, it seems they want EVERYTHING sent back when they do a repair. That's a first for me. They even told me that you shouldn't remove the arm cuff at all! It's something that they have to do, and not something the customer is capable of as it might damage the cable inside the rod.  Good grief, what a design. Anyway, when I got it back, I noticed that the cable from the battery to the pod had been changed. Hmmm, I wonder if that was really the problem and not the battery. Otherwise, why change it? Oh, you think they might have sent a new and improved one? Think again. I didn't think they could make that design any worse, but, they managed. It's even longer that the original, and wimpier IMO. And what is the problem with using 90 degree connectors to reduce the risk of cable damage? Well, it works now, so, I guess I can't complain too much, in fact, the new battery is a lot better than the original. The last hunt, I got over 3 1/2 hours on it and still had a green light! That's definitely an improvement. Now, if I can just find something good that my other detectors couldn't find!
    • By PPP
      Hi guys!
      I watched the treasuretalk on youtube for couple of days ago and Myer's metal detecting confirmed he is going to bring in AQ final edition in the shop next month in july! just wanted to ask others if it is true and anybody heared anything about it,Thanks!
    • By tvr
      Walked down to the local watering hole; brackish water bay tributary, pretty well cleared out over the years but a bit trashy with bits of iron. Ran delay 7, sensitivity 7, threshold 4, volume 8, ATS 6.5, reject 6; mostly all metal but some tones and mute to check targets.
      Initial reaction is that it is a little easier to hear the edge modulation with the 8 inch than with the big coil. I walked away from several targets that were very pronounced double tones then had a more subtle edge that I told myself to walk away … but dig to verify. That was the little fish hook. The odd shaped washer, to the right of the fish hook, fooled me; it sounded pretty good in all metal and in tones. The rest of it is all non-ferrous. Some of the small targets fell through the scoop several times before I finally capture them and got them in the pouch. This set up finds fairly small targets well. Tones seem to be more pronounced to me with this coil than with the big coil with some similar settings, yet I think I still hear iron better in all metal than in tones ... maybe some setting tweeks would change that around but I'm pretty happy in all metal.
      I did have an interference issue. A boat about 100 feet from me fired up and the AQ talked and talked. Stepped through the frequencies and no help there. I was shallow enough the detector head was above water so I went deep where the detector electronics were well under water and, surprise to me, that did not help either. Dropping the sensitivity down to 2 made it usable. Once he lowered the boat lift, backed off and motored away I could turn the sensitivity back up and hunt with a very quiet AQ.
      Did have a great blue heron land on the beach and walk into the water. Got about 30 feet away from me so I stayed still and watched it turn its head looking for minnows, catch and eat them. After a few minutes it walked around the beach corner towards the boat lift then flew about 2 hundred yards down the water.
      A good afternoon in the water.

    • By Mikeguard01
      Didn't get out this past week since I was under the weather.
      Started out with the detector being really unstable. Water got into the coil connector. Blew the water out of the connector and tightened the back-shell and everything was good to go. I also have noticed when I'm in shallow water she's a little noisy and a lot of falsing (water way below the connector). She's pretty stable when completely covered. I do run my machine hot in all metal.
      One old beach I hunt always has sand piled in to the one side. No sand movement in this area other than more accumulation. For years I said there has to be targets just out of detection range. Well not for the AQ. I did find a few targets in this area. I had to work slow since these targets were pretty close to the depth limit and I was running hot. A few pieces of crusty Silver and a nice 10K ring dated 1946.

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