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Christmas Meteorite

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    • By 1515Art
      I was bumming around Las Vegas today and wandered into the Gold and Silver pawn shop for a look around as the parking lot was open and there was no line to get in. Walking through the shop one of the display cases was filled with nature and science objects and a handful of small meteorites and two larger all iron nickel from the Argentina Campo Del Cielo meteor impact. They were asking $25 for the small ones that were between a nickel and quarter in diameter and $250 each for the large ones. I grabbed one of the large one and asked for a discount and after checking they would sell it for 20% less making it $200 I’m sure I could have bargained more but didn’t care to, the one in my hand weighed 368 grams and had some nice character so I wrapped it up and took it home.  This is a very common meteorite as they go but seemed a fair price at around 1/2 the asking price for most of the similar examples on eBay and although not a bargain I suppose, but if you are in the area and looking for one of these (in a shop) $25 for a small meteorite doesn’t seem to far out of line?

    • By Sercher
      Does anyone have any tips for locating  Location to hunt meteorites in West Texas with Metal Detector
    • By maxxkatt
      do meteorites just land anywhere on the planet? or do they typically land in specific areas?
      For instance would Atlanta, Georgia USA have meteorites on the ground somewhere?
    • By nordic
      Perhaps not enough information, but how does it look to you?
      It's about 15mm in size.
      Thanks in advance

    • By Bobbo
      Hello all,
      My soon-to-be-fiancée and I are heading to Arizona in a few weeks. She's a Science teacher and loves ALL things space. I want to take her meteorite hunting but have NO clue where to start. For the folks whose ever been to Holbrook, I have a few questions:
      1. Are there metal detector rental places nearby? We're flying in from Florida so I'd like to purchase/rent when we get there.
      2. If we drive into Holbrook, are there maps telling you where to go hunt? I'll continue to look for GPS coordinates before I go. I've read folks talking about railroad tracks...
      3. Are metal detectors the best way to find something? Can you "drag a magnet" or use the naked eye?
      Thanks for any replies. ANY help will be much appreciated.
    • By 1515Art
      My son had his first official hunt today on some private property in New Mexico. He was looking for old coins with the whites sst I gave him earlier this year, no coins but he dug this 9 1/2 ounce possible meteorite about 10 inches down. My son said a two pound confirmed meteorite was found very nearby fairly recently that looks exactly the same. 
      My son said the detector just screamed when the coil went over it.

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