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Some Pre Christmas Gold


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6 minutes ago, phrunt said:

They're some whoppers! I am assuming they were Gold Bug Pro gold?

I need to give creek detecting another go, my best day detecting was in a creek, never been able to beat it.

Found with gold bug and equinox. But either detector could have found these. It's easy once the bedrock is cleared. 

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1 hour ago, kiwijw said:

Nice Matt.👍 A multi gram piece is a distant memory for me these days.  Happy holidays to you & family.

JW 🤠

Thanks John, hope you're having a good holiday break too. As you can see in the photo we're hard at work digging and winching boulders. Perhaps if you got into some of that you'd find multi gram nuggets again! But it's terribly hard work! 

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John, looks like you do your exercise getting to and from the gold! I do mine digging for the gold. Admittedly while my gold is generally a little bigger than what you find now, you win for overall weight as you seem to go out more consistently pull some grams. 

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Hi John, got to love those e-bikes for prospecting.

I bought a Giant TRANCE E+ 3 PRO a few months ago and can’t believe how handy it is to get to spots the 4wd cant. Also found it pretty useful for going across bush looking for promising ground. Sure beats walking. On my last trip i took it away and covered so much ground riding up hills and around tree i would normally have to cover on foot. Unfortunatly i had my frst crash at only 1 mile an hour when a stick flicked up locking the back wheel. I went straight over the handle bars and landed on my shoulder. Bit of blood and and it hurt a bit but no time to cry you just got to keep going.

I’ve just got to work out how to carry the zed on the bike now. Looks like you have pulled yours apart and carry it in the backpack, is that correct?

Also sorry for not replying to your previous question regarding shares. 

So far I've make a little money but not huge amounts. I have a few of blue chip companies but I’ve ventured into more speculative stocks in the last few months. The ones i seem to be more interested in atm are in gold or oil and gas. One oil stock was up 2.5k after only one week of purchase on an initial investment of only 7k. But thats exceptional and defenatly not the norm - well for me anyway.

I’ve also entered into bio stocks and a few of those should do really well. 

I’ve got my eye on a gold mine in Africa that is sitting on a huge reserve of gold but will wait until there just about ready to mine before buying into that one. 

Of interest to you may be the 2 stocks i bought that operate in New Zealand.

Bought into Z- Energy because it dropped 20% in one day and id previously bought stocks that had big falls and was able to sell them for a healthy profit as the share price retraced a few months later. However Z-energy has continued south. Can’t win them all, at least the dividend is good.

The other was Keystone dairy. I think over a couple of years i should double to triple my investment and really like they way they operate.

Any it’s  interesting stuff the share market and a bit of fun. I’ve got some losers but overall seem to be going ok. 



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Quality gold my friend.... But the best part of the pictures is your friends willing to help.   Hunting gold is harder work than many folks realize.  Pretty good size nuggets too. Thanks for sharing. 

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