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Gold Hunting Adventures

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On 1/1/2020 at 3:00 PM, mellifluous17 said:

Can anyone recommends any really great gold hunting adventures in the USA?  Maybe something like a week guided tour.

My Field Staff Experts and I know the majority of gold detectors on the market.  We offer 3 days Field Training at Rye Patch Nevada and many clients will stay in the area and hunt a few more days.  As for guided tours,  I quit that a few years ago.  Yes most of us had fun and success,  but for a few,  they expected to load their pockets.  If you are interested in real hands on training,  let me know.   Either way,  I wish you luck.   

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Gerry provides thorough training and his staff are experienced detectorists.  He is an effective communicator and makes understanding your detectors settings much easier than trying to learn it on your own.  The knowledge of your detector and confidence you will gain during the three day training will give you a real advantage going forward.  I took the training in Rye Patch and went to Ganes Creek with Gerry and both were worth the money.  Good luck!

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