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Looking to trade my TDI Super Pulse 350 for a 12 OZ mono coil or possibly another true mono coil.  Will consider paying a little boot too.

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    • By Horst
      Dear fellow hunters,
      I have a Compadre Mini as attached picture shows, the version with volume control which I have never taken out of the house. It is new! As far as I know this version has never been available on the US market. I do not have use for it and would love to have the 15x12" coil for the Equinox or the 14x9" Gold Extreme COILTEK coil for the SDC2300. I will be coming to the US 5thMarch 2020. If anybody living in the US is interested in a swap deal I will mail the unit when I get to the US. I have a shipping address in the US as well.
      The Tesoro Compadre Mini high-performance small parts detector works on the basis of the Tesoro Compadre.
       Instead of the 15 cm (6") search coil from the Compadre, the Compadre Mini uses the 10cm (4") search coil. The miniature version of the Compadre locates coins about 4 -5 times deeper than pinpointers. It is only about 35cm (approx 14") short in the latest version and only about 490 grams (about 1 lbs) light and finds its place in any small carrying bag or comfortably in the backpack. Optionally, you can locate all metal or with infinite metal discremination. The relatively high search power for this coil size and the small design make this metal detector uniquely flexible in its application.

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