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Mark Gillespie

Very Old Hair Barrette?

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Dug this hair barrette from a very old home site.



Old house site hunt.jpg

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7 hours ago, Mark Gillespie said:

Dug this hair barrette

I believe that is for a woman's shawl, it would be missing the pin that goes through the material.

I have seen similar pieces before, it should date around the late 1800's to early 1930's.

Most were made out of silver or silver plating.

Very nice find.

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I found pieces of one with similar pattern and also thought it was part of a frame. Nice finds.

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      Last week I had the opportunity to go back to Wisconsin and hunt my old homestead that was settled in 1845. Last year I found my first Barber Dime dated 1899 when I detected there. This year, the only old coin was a buffalo nickel from 1939 ( I'll post that pic later.). There were a couple neat relics, however. The Equinox 11" coil was used, Park 1, highest sensitivity possible, and speed of 4. Here are a few pics. The bell still rings, and it is a first for me. The lantern has a patent date of 1872, and the stove board has a patent date of 1878. 

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