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1912 5 Centimos Costa Rica


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Last year I moved down to Costa Rica and brought with me 2 Tesoros, the Compadre and the Mojave, and an Equinox 800. I've been dying to get to the beaches but we live inland from the north west coast beaches and we've recently opened a little restaurant in our town so there's not much time for me to get to the beach. I decided if I can't get to the beach I'm going to detect the soccer field in the center and try to get permissions from the people with old houses in town. The other night after I closed up shop I tossed some stuff in the car and pulled out the detector and walked across the street and started going at it. I found a bunch of coins,a button and some nice sounding aluminum and then I got a signal that hit right where all the coins hit, about 19/20. I thought it was another button because it had what looked like a shank on one side but I was seeing a wreath and thought it could be something good. Then when I cleaned some more dirt off and saw the 900 I knew I had something great! I think it was used as some sort of jewelry, maybe hanging off a bracelet because there's a dot of solder right in the middle on the reverse and what I thought was a shank turned out to be silver wire. It's smaller than a dime, maybe the size of a half dime but I've never seen one. It's 1 gram of 90% silver. In the year I've been here it's the best find I've made



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Still a beautiful piece.

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Cool digs and you'll do better as you learn the area.


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Great finds, wish you more luck in  the area where you are at.

Hope to see you get to the beach soon.

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Thanks everyone! Gerry, I bought the detector from you and it's been damn good to me! I found its first gold the day I got it and pulled 4 gold rings, 2 gold charms and a bunch of old silver coins from a small beach in my home town. I'm heading to a beach here with 2 big hotels on it next Monday, Riu Guanacaste and Riu Palace. Negative tides and hopefully some jewelry to be had!

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    • By F350Platinum
      Today promised 68 degrees and sunny, unusual for an early December day, but I've seen it hit 70 here at Christmas. Then it snows. 😀
      I decided to go to the new "trading post" site where I dug the 1690 Cob, just to try and find the edges of the sweet spot. My little buddy was there waiting for me, he came out meowing and purring. He's being fed, I gave him some fresh water and played with him a bit.
      First off I went to the long road to the farmer's house, like me his driveway is about a half a mile long. There is underground power here, I can hear it.
      This field is an easy one, sand mixed with clay, and open until spring because it was a bean field. There isn't much trash in it either, not like many of my other spots. It was cut pretty close.
      My first find was unexpected, a small silver pin that may be sterling but has no hallmarks. It's definitely not aluminum but it appears to be stamped.
      here is the rest:
      All pretty much what I expected to find here, very much like the fields in front of my house. Old Spectacle type buckle, lead bag seal with an "R" on it and "Trade 323" on the back. Clad quarter 1977 found near the driveway. Copper spoon handle piece. Small buckle fragment that is near ferrous. An extremely old button (maybe pewter) with a large shank, it might be an octagon but time took its toll. Copper pin, small Tombac stud. Bottom row is what appears to be a bent trigger guard, it's brass and flattened. Old drawer pull and another Tombac piece. Trash wasn't bad, somebody is practicing their swing 😀
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      1964 silver dime.  At a site I have spent considerable time in last 8 years on and off.
    • By F350Platinum
      I've been pretty busy since I did my last post, "Sometimes you have to mow". Been getting the house ready for Christmas, but I did go metal detecting a few times. I mowed another permission, an old farmhouse site that looks promising:
      I believe these are cannon carriages, but I'm not sure.
      there are 3 old buildings here, and a fourth with two silos behind it.
      Hunting this place before I mowed it was rather difficult, Chase was with me the first time and we really didn't find much in the tall grass. It was kinda interesting though, I dug what I think might be an old Chinese coin, but it has no identifying marks other than the square hole.
      a couple of buckles, remains of a small pocketknife, one no date wheat, a memorial and a clad quarter. Dug a small pistol ball, brass finial, a small nozzle and another one of those grommets that look like a ring. 😵 Chase had a similar experience.
      Went back and mowed the place and only searched the area in front of the truck barn and the silos, not much there but it was interesting as well:
      3 clad dimes, one 1971 memorial, 4 Zincolns. Nice all brass buckle and a chrome plated peace sign. 😀
      Which all brings me to today, I thought I was gonna write "Sometimes you need to mow 2", but nope. Today, Chase came and brought his mentor, I'll call her "Deb". She is a long time detectorist who had helped him along over the years with places to hunt, and a wealth of historical knowledge. We all met at the farm, but we quickly found that she was having a time with digging there because the ground is dry now. We decided to visit a farm we only scouted a while ago, it's pretty big but we didn't find much there the last time except for this little guy:
      "Deb" read the field, found some musket balls and then moved on to a bit of higher ground, and got us both going finding buttons and all sorts of interesting stuff. Chase knocked out the first coin of the day, a nice green IHP, and one of the most interesting Dandy buttons I have ever seen with a sunburst pattern on it. He generously gave it to "Deb" as a memento of the trip.
      I wasn't finding much myself:
      A couple of overall buttons, an interesting front of a two-piece with circles in a triangle, some buckle fragments and a copper nail washer.
      "Deb" left as she had a long ride home, and Chase and I continued to search the high ground. Finally we headed out across the farm to check out another spot which didn't have much of anything, so we headed back toward our vehicles to call it a day. I veered off to explore another bit of high ground, and I'm glad I did, as the find of the day hit me as a 25/26 on the Equinox, I thought I'd finally found an IHP:
      I realize this is a long story but the end was worth it if I didn't bore you to death above.
      1690 Bolivia or Peruvian mint silver Spanish 1 Real Cob. It's a "pillars and waves" type only minted in one of those countries, the mint mark is not there. 331 years old! Officially the oldest thing I have found.
      I dragged Chase over to that spot but we didn't get to hunt it long, the farmer came out and told us the area we were standing in was a trading post. 😀 It's literally his front yard. We talked for a long time about the history of the place and ended up with 3 new permissions, but I'm pretty sure we will be back here soon!

    • By calabash digger
      I went back out a few good ones showed up..

    • By Againstmywill
      Was out today to a local park and came across a strong 32-38 signal on the Equinox. I raised the coil and it still was loud. I thought it was going to be deep junk, but there were a couple 32s that showed consistently on the screen. I was not aware that 1967 was still 40% silver. 
      Equinox, 15" coil, Park 1, 23 sensitivity, 4 Recovery speed, All metal

    • By UT Dave
      Found my first Barber yesterday!  And a Model T key, too!  An old, long abandoned ranch site in the middle of nowhere.  No standing buildings or anything, just rubble and outlines.  Found both very close to what I think was the house.  Both less than an inch deep, on the hard rocky desert.
      Darn shame that winter snow is probably going to hit soon and lock me out of going back until next year!
      - Dave

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