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Digging Negative Tid Targets

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4 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

What is your iron bias setting?

I know this was for the other person, but I have run 0-2 and have not noticed much difference. But things are different at the beach. Also one other point as to why I am testing these bouncing numbers is gold chains.

Even though I have not found one with the Nox yet I want to make sure none are getting by. My air testing and even beach testing tells me I should have no issues. However something that has been in the ocean and re-set on the beach never seems to do what a simple bury in the sand target does. 


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No gold chains for me either; yet! But i have found a few very small gold beads! Pain in the butt to locate, even with my pinpointer, in the beachsand! But i have no doubt chains are doable! The few chains that i found previously with other detectors, were either hung up in the seaweed, or stiff rolling around in the surf line!👍👍

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8 hours ago, Joe D. said:

Hey Nordic,

I'd have to go back and check, but i think Simon has dug multiple stacked coins at cointopia, and i don't think he got negative numbers with the Nox for those! I wonder if the coin nationality/ metal makeup  makes a difference! 

  I've dug some very low +1- +5, but have not found anything good yet! I haven't dug any negative numbers, but i may try just for fun!👍👍

This is my experience so far as well, up to 5, nothing of interest came out. 1-2 - coke or energy gels, 5 - foil. If these come too scarcely, I do dig them however...

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On 1/7/2020 at 10:20 AM, nordic said:

I was playing yesterday with the coil and found an old button that is clearly non-ferrous, but gives negative TID in multi-frequency and positive/negative on some single freqs.


On 1/8/2020 at 4:27 AM, nordic said:

I forgot to say, I was air testing it. It is an old copper button about 10mm in diameter, pretty thin, with 4 holes, but due to age, all 4 holes merged together forming a big hole, I'll snap a picture of it when I have a chance. It was giving -1 on 6" coil.

This is suspicious.  Copper is one of the highest conductors (pure copper second only to pure silver).  Even copper alloys hold their conductivity well when alloyed with most elements (nickel an obvious exception).  Further, an annular ('ring') shaped piece sets up larger eddy currents which will lead to higher TID's.  Consider that very small aluminum pieces which aren't annular shaped give positive ID's.  And (annular) steel washers are known to give positive ID's.

Did you hold it next to a magnet?  That's the best iron detector.  (Some stainless steels are non-magnetic, but those give moderate TID's in my experience.)  Copper plating is common on iron/steel and will give the appearance of an item being copper.

Pardon my skepticism, but I'm a scientist and we are trained to be such.  🤔


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No problem at all, I'll repeat the test once again today, just need to find this button in the pile of others 🙂 
I'll check if it is magnetic as well. I had a whole saga testing firmware versions, I think I dug it out with 1.7.5, but now running 1.5. Also maybe my hand had something to do with it.

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Hammer coin I found on 5 ID ... near the coin was a piece of aluminum foil that gave 4 ID.
  After digging it had a hammer coin of 7-8 IDs. I use Park2 ../ in this program, conductive ground may reduce the salinity of IDs. Park1 program is resistant to saline and conductive ground.

Try to compare Park 1 / for conductive, saline ground / and Park2 / for iron-polluted ground /

Try to compare it with recovery speed 7 and discrimination set to +2 ...

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Simon and I have had exchanges about digging negative numbers.  He likes the 15" coil.  I think it is finicky but became less so after the update.  We have both had negative numbers turn into good targets.

You are on to one of my secrets.  I've found 3-4 chains in the last 6 weeks or so.  A couple of them were silver.  They can kinda ball up and make a scratchy sound.  I dig all that stuff now on my beaches especially if I'm gridding with good quarters and negative 2 bobby pins around.  I turn up my iron volume from 5 to 10 (I'm hard of hearing on that tone for Beach 1) and I did EVERYTHING.  Sometimes I'm digging down 17 to 18" with the 11" coil to find a quarter that started as negative.  These are times when I can't swing fast.

When I'm going that slow I can also hear some of the micro pieces.  Cruising speed misses some of these objects.  It killed me to slow walk a beach in the past but now I know when it is best.  It is best when it works!  Try it.


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