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Dean Stone

MXT Coil End

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Dose anyone where I can get a coil end that's goes on the black control box. I have a 9.5" coil that someone changed the end for another detector. I can't find where to order on Whites forum. Thanks Dean

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I am not a connector expert.  This site here though may have what you are after.  Might be a connector labeled here as slim line series.  Maybe someone else can chime in and help you select proper connector on this site.  A phone call to White’s might get you what your after too.  You never know.


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White's is fabulous on parts and best contacted by phone. I'd call and would be very surprised if they won't sell you one for a nominal fee.


It's a female 5 pin connector but I don't have a part number. This is from one of my V3i coils, which are interchangeable with the MXT.


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Thanks guys, I will call Whites and see if I can get one shipped to me.

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      You maybe thought I sold it - no way!  I am the original owner of this Bigfoot coil and it is treated like the gem it is. It certainly is not going anywhere. However, I have bounced it back and forth between several detectors over the years. It started on a DFX, the went to a Vision, then an MXT, then a V3i, then a DFX, then back to a V3i.... and now back to a DFX. I really love the V3i, but the Bigfoot coil was not designed for it, and it has erratic performance that I just can't really get used to. Specifically, the 22.5 kHz frequency target id numbers triple in value, and this makes everything on the high end, like all coins, wrap around into a ferrous reading. This creates an intriguing expanded low end VDI range with a 100 point spread between ferrous and a nickel. But it make running in multifrequency pretty weird. It also seems to throw the multi ground balance off, which makes sense as 22.5 kHz is involved in that. I really only get stable operation running in 7.5 kHz single frequency. But then why bother? I love the features the V3i offers, but getting solid stable performance with the Bigfoot coil is questionable at best.
      So I decided to go back to the DFX, again, and found a clean one at a decent price on eBay. Many DFX are overpriced right now, going for up to $500, but with shopping you should pay half that. I got a clean one delivered to me for $260. The detector will be dedicated to the DFX, and the 950 concentric will help fill out my V3i coil collection, which right now includes the new D2 coil and a 6" concentric. The 950 may not be V rated so remains to see if the gain can be maxed out on the V3i.
      Be fun to get out again with this all time favorite combo of mine.

      White's DFX with Bigfoot coil
    • By Steve Herschbach
      For those folks who have used both the 9” round HF coil and 5” x 9” elliptical HF coil, if you could have only one, which would it be and why? Thanks in advance for any responses.
      22.5cm (9”) Round DD coil:
      13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 50 to 59kHz 24 x 13cm Elliptical DD coil:
      13 to 15.7kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 68 to 81kHz
    • By Luis
      After trying several reinforcements and lasting very little, I have found one that has nothing to do with the others.  The person who makes them is an aeronautical engineer.  I leave you some photos in case anyone is interested.  I have been using it for several months and I can recommend it. It also makes more parts, such as armrests for different crutches, the part for catching the coil, parts for mounting the electronics on different crutches, etc.

    • By canoe
      Was just getting ready to order the equinox and noticed that apparently minelab only makes double d coils for it.
      Will a double d coil work ok in non-mineralized soil??
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
          I was reading Steve's post on "Best detector values under $500 dollars"! And noticed something!
      I noticed that MineLab is the only manufacturer that listed the operation temperature, and storage temperature of their equipment!
      Being a Native of South Florida with its oppressive heat, humidity, and salt air, most of the year! I have experienced first hand what happens to electronics,  plastics, adhesives, etc... that many of you in certain States, and Country's, have also experienced!
         Suffice it to say to the uninitiated, that it is a bad idea to leave these items in an enclosed vehicle for an extended period of time!♨️
         The last couple of weeks, i have been trying to figure out if coil or detector color, can adversely affect function and longevity, in these types of conditions! (not just inside vehicles)!  Proof has been hard to find, without the advantages that the designers,  and bench testers, have at their disposal!
         I know "most" electronics have overload protection built in; from energy spikes , as well as heat! That would be an obvious "failure"! But short of this "failure", will detection depth, or circuit function be appreciably reduced based solely on the surface, and internal temps of the parts themselves?  Especially the copper windings of the coil!  Are PI detectors more likely to suffer, due to the added power output? And is this a cumulative,  or situational effect that goes unnoticed? ( loss of depth with hot coil, or circuit function)!
        Just wanted to get that out there for any input you all have!! Based on the huge knowledge base on this forum!👍👍
    • By jmaryt
      hi steve!
       what do you think of this new coil?
      do you believe it is good for trashy sites?
      it appears to be a "compromise" to me! 
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