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Joe Beechnut OBN

January Gold From The Chesapeake Bay (15)

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Hi Joe, 

Thanks for the video.  

What a great 1st target of the day.   I'm usually a little wary if my first find of the day is top shelf.  But you followed that up with 2 more.   Nicely done. Great start to the year. 

I like your floating screen sifter material better than my wire mesh.   Haven't figured out what it is you're using.  Can you point me in a direction ? 

Rich - 

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Thank you....Here is some info on the sifter, McMaster Carr is where I get the mesh when I first started..............some one just asked a few weeks ago so I did a vid for them also..

Also a friend of mine got me something called Rockshield Mesh...which has been the best I've used...he works construction, they cover the pipes with it then fill in with rock, the mesh protects the pipes.








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Great finds Joe, and I really like your screen. I have one with a sieve mounted in the middle of a small inner tube but I like your a little more, wider and lower profile. Thanks for posting. :smile:

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Thanks Joe !  That's a great help and appreciated.   I would never have guessed  the base was a bread tray.  LOL     Very clever. 




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Very nice 👍 Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 😎

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Man Joe, you are killing it - good for you!

What is your theory of the similarity of the insignia rings? It's like an entire ring set in different sizes. What are the letters? They are so stylized I can't really make them out. Very interesting.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Amazing what a week of the wrong direction winds can do. Keeping tides very high and pushing sand in...Not Good. But luck was with me the last two hunts and I was able to get into a small section out in the middle of no where and dig some treasures. Four Gold rings and eight silvers.

    • By mn90403
      This is a collection of my last two hunts at a local beach.  There really has not been that much to brag about but you just have to stick with it as they say.  Yesterday was better than the previous day with the cheap bracelet, cheap ring and the nice 14k cross (that is how it is marked on the clasp but who knows about the other parts of it).
      The swinging was sparse until I got to a culvert that I normally skip over because of the iron wire in it.  Just before I got there I found the coin with a hole in it.  It is a 1959 East Africa 1c coin.  I've never seen one.  That slowed me down with the 3030 and just before I got to the culvert I got the high pitch of a quarter.  As it turned out that was the first of 5 $1 coins.  This was the only good area I could find and I got nearly on top of the culvert and could still hear targets.  I'll go back with the 800 now that it is working again but I need to give it the latest update.
      I tired of the gridding near the culvert and I went over to where the day before a grounded sailboat had been removed.  About a month ago I looked out and thought there was a movie shoot going on and it turned out to be a 40 ft sailboat aground.  It looked like it had not been there long and could be pulled out on the high tide.  That didn't happen and over the weeks the mast went down and waves pounded it and then a salvage crew from San Diego just removed it by land yesterday.  The only thing I got from it was the trash on the right side of the items.
      After I walked back towards my car I went over the $1 coin area again and found I missed one.  It then 'dried up' and it was time to go but I worked my way out on the line that held the coins.  I got a signal and looked down in the scoop and it reminded me of the screw scrap but ... it wasn't.  Sand was sticking to it and in the top but I knew it was pretty good if real.  It does have good markings.  Nothing was near so I kept the same line and about 300 yards down the beach was the bracelet.  It sounds good but it is cheap. 
      Today I used the 800 at a couple of different beaches and found next to nothing.  What a difference.  More about that another time.

    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all was was away in Vietnam for 3 weeks weeks eating and discovering the country but the crave for beach combing pushed me to schedule all my shifts straight at work then head to the coast.
      A Strom is battering the UK at the moment but i wasn't really interested in that i had my eyes on a beach which i think has been ignore for a while......not a really good access as the road isn't maintained and i dont have a 4x4 so i need to be careful if i dont want to leave most of my car there😅
      So i took my  nox which i swap for my CTX in January and headed to the spot at 5 am.
      Signals started straight away with big lump of brass, then i started to pick up fishing weight one after another then i hit Gold with this nice 9ct 4.45gr alas 9ct.....😪
      Then few holes later my DIY unbreakable shaft broke but i brought a super dupa spade so i headed to the car and after a water refill(Was sweating despite the strong winds and low temp) i carried for another 2 hours finding the biggest anti aircraft shrapnells i ever found ,imagine been hit by that.The fishing weight are apparently 70/80s.....and the deus shaft you see on the picture of the broken shaft was actually the one i put inside to reinforce 
      Anyway please find the result in picture,i think that that beach has much to offer will try to do another or two long session with the Nox then i will hit it with the PI.....if i succeed it will means 1 thing...my tenacity has paid off or maybe i am just getting to know the beaches better..............

    • By dewcon4414
      Thought id post my finds from Jan.    Dec was a bust for me ... just one gold which was odd compared to other years.   Normally Oct, Nov or Dec id have one good month with a high count of gold.   Could be the cooler weather.... because its not been warm enough for people to want to get in the water.    Some good stuff to test a machine on...... tiny earring,  that 18K ..... size 2 small ring, and the open peace ring.   I seem to be dialing in pretty good on what a target is now.    To me in AM almost no iffy targets...... weak but i can tell its a target over just a mineral pop which is very fast... but might be longer on other machines giving that iffy signal.   Running so hot i get a lot more jumpy digits.... you almost have to hold the detector on the target with a brief wiggle.   But im more concerned about is it a tone lower than a high tone.   DEEP pulls ..... say in the 8" range often upscale .... as high as 26 digit... a quarter reads 21.    Iron on the surface or big iron can wrap around ...... 27 to 30ish.   In all honesty i could pass most high pings.    Ive only seen one ring come in at 12..... a penny reads 13 air testing.  Most machines on a cross or a broken ring like that peace ring might have a broken tone.   Not on this machine in AM...... them may sound smaller.

    • By mn90403
      Today I had a chance to go out to the beach for a 2 hour afternoon hunt using the 3030 while I wait on my bracket piece from Minelab.  Thank you Minelab.  
      Lately I've been working the same beaches which have not been producing much in the way of coin or jewelry finds this month.  We've had a bit of energy in some waves but the intervals have been so great that there is no grouping of objects so the beaches are hard to read.  When I started I was finding nothing for a few hundred yards and then I got a hit.  It was some larger steel trash that I didn't save but I started circling around that and found some of the pieces below.  I still had not found a coin.

      Just because there was something and it was deep I decided to grid mostly because there were no other clues.  I doubled my lines up and down across the black sand line and I managed a couple of quarters and the button below the ring.  Then I got the key which sounded like a penny.  Then the deeper steel parts because they were sounding scratchy.  The flattened bottle caps were in there too but at least they were something.
      During this time an older white guy who looked like a tourist tried to stop me and ask me what the best thing I ever found was.  I kinda looked and pointed at my headphones and kept gridding my beach.  I didn't want to be bothered.  He was not very pleased with me but what could I do?
      Then I got the high pitch you always love with a 3030 and thought it was another quarter until I looked down into the scoop.  Silver I hoped and a honker at that.  It felt heavy but not solid ... maybe a biker's ring?  I didn't know.

      It does say .925 but I can't make out the other mark and this picture I have of the backside doesn't capture it either.  It weighs just over a half ounce!  It fits although I could size it easily because it has a crack.  Most of the red is gone.  I've looked on the internet and found the same shield design on a stainless steel costume ring but this one is silver.

      I continued to grid this section of beach for another 30 minutes and picked up the piece of pipe and another couple of quarters before a group of 5 guys came walking by.  These are normally the type you don't want to tell anything to when you are on the beach alone.  I would have ignored them if it was at night but this one black guy (I use these descriptions just so you know the total story) about 30 asked me what the best thing I ever found was.  I lowered my headphones and I said "Since you asked, I'll show you something."  I reached into my Minelab pouch and pulled out this ring and his eyes went BIG.  Ah ... it was great.  His buddies who were local Mexican and black guys too came over and said 'Hey dude, you got a Templar, way to go!'  I've got this ring in my hand and the guy who asked me about it reaches down to take it from me to look at it but I'm not letting it go.  haha  He gave it a tug and then understood I was showing it, I wasn't letting him handle it.  He and his buddies went walking down the beach with a nice laugh.  I don't think these guys will ever pick up a metal detector.
      Before I left the beach the first guy who asked me about my finds came walking back and I thought ... I'll show him the ring too.  Well, once burned, twice shy, he didn't look at me.  I wanted to run after him and tell him I was detecting my pattern when I saw him before and couldn't talk but he was gone down the beach.  It was a good afternoon.
      Can someone give me their ideas about this ring?
    • By Dan(NM)
      My day started off with an eyeball find at the post office. I spotted a round object on the ground as I was walking into the post office. I didn't look at it closely until I got into my car. I thought it was some costume jewelry at first until I saw some faint lettering on it. Still, not thinking much of it, I drove 5 miles to hunt a new beach on the lake I've been hunting. I picked a spot and was doing some sampling and not having much luck, very few signals. So, I drove to a new spot and started hunting.
        First signal was a penny, a good sign, walked about 20 feet and got a solid 21 signal. I thought for sure I was digging a zinc, much to my surprise I found another piece of turquoise jewelry.  It's been a while since I've found a piece of turquoise, here I am today with two!  Not much else was coming out other than clad, so, I decided to head home and eat lunch.  
       After taking a couple of pictures of my finds, I enlarge the pics and darn near fell outta my chair. The 2 pieces of jewelry are silver and they are made by 2 Navajo silversmiths from different states, but, the makers are related to one another. The pieces were found 5 miles apart, the large one in the parking lot and the small one at the lake. That's one of the many things I love about this hobby, you just never know what weirdness is going to turn up.

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