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Video - Finds Made By Le Jag With Pulse Detectors

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Thanks, for comments on my video

for AQ, I don't have the final product
Rick stole it from me :))

I have the last pcb of series
but in a ventral case / and not the last sticker
it's not very good for videos ....

3 days ago I found a big gold ring
really very deep
I'm still going to make a short video of this hunt

the depth of the ring is clearly visible
on the film, and should surprise many of you

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Thanks for this video, Le.Jag !

It's very exciting ! 😛

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Footing the sand is the faster way to recover the targets... 

We dont ear the comments and the sound of AQ in the vidéo... except " viens voir " " la vache " 😂  

the nox dont have any signal with the ring ? 

Did the AQ was able to take this ring at the initial deep in réject mode ? 

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12 hours ago, Luis said:

Thank you LE.JAG for bothering to put the subtitles in Spanish.  Great find


Oh my GOD!!! what a depth!!! INSANE.  20 gram ring!!!!! you got to be kidding.That was awsome.My deepest targets vwith the Nox is around a 12inches and with my ATX aound 15.I think you recovered those targets between a range of 18 and 20 maybe deeper.Greate jobb LE.JAG with the video and please share more videos if you have any more!!!!!!!!! I WANT AN AQ!!!!!!!

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