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Best Settings On GPZ 7000 For Mild Soils

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I am after some advice, I purchased a GPZ 7000 late yesterday and of course I am keen to take it out today for a test drive.  I am pretty clueless with this machine, although I've watched JW use it many times I've not paid any attention to how he runs it or what he does with it as I never thought I'd be buying one.  I think his settings may not be ideal for me yet anyway as he runs it crazy hot, being a beginner I'd probably need more tame stable settings 🙂

JW is unable to be contacted this weekend, Queenstown's big music festival of the year which JW always attends going on for the weekend so he's off at that so I can't get any advice off him for my mission today.

I was hoping GPZ users here would be able to give me some advice on what to do.    I don't have time to properly read the manual today as I've got a big drive to get to a gold spot, I was thinking I'd just do a quick start and get going but if there is something obvious I should be doing to use it in mild soils please let me know.  If the default settings are more suitable for tough soils I'd be wasting my time.  I'll have to start reading the manual tonight after I've used it today 🙂

I've ordered a 10" and 12" X-coil for it which I believe to be the best two coils for use in NZ with JW's results.  I'm also going to use the Chet method of a longer style adapter patch cable for it, I like the idea of his method and it also makes changing coils easier which I like the idea of. 

Here's my new toy.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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Congrats on the new toy Simon. Keep it as simple as possible at first. The number one move for mild soil and small gold is to go from Difficult to Normal and audio smoothing off. Then run the sensitivity just like a VLF, high as you can while staying stable. Good luck!


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Awesome, thanks for the prompt reply and good information! Gotta love this forum. 

I still have both kidneys too!

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Start with High Yield/Normal/ Audio smoothing:off / Ground smoothing: off. My sensitivity starting point is usually 6-8, then I slowly increase until the machine becomes too unstable. In my experience, running the machine very hot (Sensitivity >13) is catching more shallow gold assuming your brain can process all the chatter, whereas you will miss deep faint targets with sensitivity set too high. Another advice, use the ferrite with GB set to semi-auto (so it keeps the iron track constant). The 14 in coil works best with strict coil control keeping both sides at level, and slow swing speed (I use the guide arm regularly for coil control). Watch for anything that is metal containing within about 2 feet or more near the coil, i.e. metal in your shoes is no good.  The tracking of the Zed is awesome, just slow down with coil speed to allow the machine to run as stable as possible. I pump the coil every now and then, especially to reconfirm targets  (but don't press the track button while doing). Also, put a cover on the control box. The screen scratches easily. Have fun.

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Thanks, great tips, I am trying to find a control box cover for it, it appears you can't buy one in NZ so I'll have to try find one overseas that posts to NZ for a reasonable price.

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One more thing, sometimes (but not very often)  I hear targets better in general than in high yield. Not sure if depth is the only contributing factor, but at general the detector is pushed to it's limits as it tries to process deeper grounds as well. If the ground gets too hot (likely not in your ground) then dial down the sensitive but keep it at normal whenever possible. Running in normal you can still ID targets at very low sensitivity (i.e.4 or 3), but if you switch to difficult then you loose a lot that will not be compensated with higher gain. Extra deep I only use on my 19 in coil.  

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And yeah for that money I would have expected the control box screen to be more durable....

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I didn't get to do a proper prospecting trip today as my back was still sore from my days of sluicing so my wife decided I needed to rest rather than make my back worse.  I don't know which was more painful... my back or not being allowed to go use my new toy. 🙂

I took the detector down to the river behind my house to have a swing over some little nuggets.

First impression.....

The screen is great, I love the modern design and easy to use interface, a vast improvement over the GPX with it's knobs and switches.   Felt far more modern than the GPX.
The screen is also bad, as it's damn hard to see it in bright sunlight, I did notice it has brightness controls so maybe I need to play with it a bit more to adjust it, after all I was in default everything.
The detector itself seems easy to use and understand, I was using it like I'd been using it for months on my first time.  No difficulties understanding anything and it has a very nice interface.
The threshold was very stable, far more so than I'm used to with the GPX
Ran near the power lines fine, no issues at all, a feature that I see as a real benefit for my detecting locations.
It felt heavier than the GPX, maybe due to the bigger coil, I prefer smaller coils on the GPX for most of my detecting
I love the swing arm, why did I take so long to get one these things, what a feature! brilliant.
Used the settings suggested above and was able to detect all of my test nuggets, wasn't as good as I hoped on very small nuggets but I am sure once I put the 10" X-coil on it that will dramatically change.  I can't wait to get that coil, it's the main reason I wanted a GPZ.
Audio was nice, it sounds slightly different to the GPX but similar enough you get used to it very quickly, in fact it sounded better.
Sensitivity and depth on bigger targets... incredible.
Gain? Max was possible, wasn't too bad at all, the threshold became a little unstable but targets still really stood out
Ground balance wasn't an issue, my soil was invisible to it without doing anything.  Of course I will do the procedure but I didn't need to

Overall impression, love it.

I can't wait to take it for a proper detect.....

So am I very happy with the purchase? You bet I am, extremely happy and very thankful to a very special person who made it possible.  I did not expect to ever own a GPZ and it's not even my birthday for a couple of weeks yet! 🙂 👍

I'm not bothered by a pending new detector that could be better than the GPZ or I would have held off on the purchase just in case..  The GPZ + 10" and 12" X-coil is my dream combination and that's becoming a reality for me.  Happy as can be!

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53 minutes ago, phrunt said:

damn hard to see it in bright sunlight

I thought it was a direct sunlight viewable display - maybe I am thinking of the Equinox?  I thought if you actually directed it straight at the sun it was easier to see?  

54 minutes ago, phrunt said:

The detector itself seems easy to use and understand

Yep, very straight forward  👍

55 minutes ago, phrunt said:

I love the swing arm,

Makes a massive difference to weight control and coil control.  

58 minutes ago, phrunt said:

Audio was nice

Loved the audio.  So much better than the QED.  


59 minutes ago, phrunt said:

So am I very happy with the purchase? You bet I am

😊   That's all that matters.  

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Simon, since you will be dying to use it everyday anyway take it to the coin field near your house and hit the most hammered area. I'm curious if you pick up any deeper silvers.

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    • By Andyy
      Well, I tried a new way to get out to this new gold area I found.  The gold seemed fairly small, but I had to hike in at least 3 miles to get there.  So I tried to drive in another way in hopes of only having to hike in a mile.  Of course Google Earth made things seem better than they were (almost like I could drive right there), but in the end I only cut about a mile off the hike (one way).  So now I had a decision to make … take my GPZ 14" coil, the GM1000, or what I call my Midget Coil (10" Xcoil).  GPZ 14" about killed me getting out there last time so that was out.  I love the GM1000 on bedrock, but some of the bedrock here was very hot.  Usually in those cases, I will go to my GPZ 10" Xcoil, which I venture to say is at least on par with the SDC 2300 (with the exception of being a little bigger).  And the Xcoil is still a pleasure to hike with.  So off I went.  
      I started out hitting the areas I had been to before and got some good signals.  First piece was only about .1g.  Then I started finding slightly bigger .2g pieces.  Most of these seemed to be what I call runners.  Those are the ones in washes that I find on the sides of the wash, trying to run away when they see me coming.  The larger coils tend to lose a bit of depth when checking the sides and depressions.  The 10" Xcoil, however, does very well getting in there.  
      Overall, 5 pieces were found (total .75g).  Not a lot, but at least half of these finds were detected very carefully with the 14" coil and were missed.  The Xcoil was very clear on all but a 1 grainer piece that was about 2" deep on it's side.   All in all, it was just a fun day crumb chasing.

    • By maxxkatt
      I have located two gold mines that I have access to after much research.
      one mine about 4 ft tall in the side of a hill and has a nice pile of quartz rock tailings pile. rocks are about 12" wide. Should I remove all of the larger quartz rocks to get  down to the smaller rocks before I hunt with my 800 using a six inch coil?
      the other is in the side of a creek bank about 2 feet high. No sign of tailings pile, so I guess just hunt the creek with my Equinox 800 and 6" coil in front of the mine and down stream and on both sides of the creek in case they had their washer equipment set up at that location.
      both sites are rather remote so should not be much trash in the area.
      thanks for any help.
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      (Update... im not taking the ctx3030 and instead I’m buying a equinox800 and practice with that and take it to the digstock event.
      there has been some very good advice offered I  the comments... things that as a newbie I wouldn’t have considered.)
      I’m recently retired and decided to start some new hobbies, metal detecting is one of them.
      i bought a CTX3030 used at a great price from the president of the Ohio Detectorist association. It included the stock coil and a 17 inch. I’m still learning how to use it and so I basically dig every signal I get.
      my question is this... I’m going to travel to Chazy NY for DigStock 2020 and will be hunting relics and coins... in open fields.
      should I use the CTX3030 or should I also invest in a Garrett ATX and deepseeker for this event or should I take both?
    • By phrunt
      I had my first outing with my GPZ about a week ago with JW, my back was still terribly sore at the time from an injury so I wasn't really doing well and had trouble digging targets, and we were in terribly heavy rain so I was off my game.  I went back to the same spot today, the weather was much better, in fact it was far too hot for me.  My back has improved a lot, I lasted about 3 hours which I thought's pretty good, my longest detect since I did my back in.  This particular place I've always called my Nemesis as I could just never do well there.  I've been there probably 25 times and only found gold three from memory.  The first time with my Gold Bug Pro which was 1 bit, then the QED with 12x6" X-coil which got 1 bit, then the GPX with 10" X-coil which got 1 bit.  I've never got a bit with the Nox or Gold Monster here even though I've used the Nox the most I'd imagine and I'm the most comfortable on it feeling I can use it pretty well.
      I had a lot more faith in myself today as JW has done very well here with his GPZ and 10" X-Coil so now we were both driving the same machine surely I could come away with a piece.
      I threw my little ferrite super magic ring on the ground and waved over it, no response unless I rubbed the coil on it so maybe I don't need to do that anymore after doing my Quick start procedure the other day so I just got stuck into it.  I've had a few skilled operators suggest I use Manual instead of Auto or Semi Auto, that made sense to me with our mild soils here so I was in manual, I raised and lowered the coil and had no response from the ground so I assumed that I didn't need to do anything so I just got stuck into detecting.
      I first tried all the mountain goat one gust of wind and you're dead terrain, I get a bit wobbly detecting this stuff as I'm not so good with heights.
      My first target was a shotgun pellet.... not unexpected, there are many of them around here....

      That's good though, it means the detectors working well 🙂  I'm not used to the target noise of the GPZ on these small targets yet, bigger targets sound similar to the GPX but these small things behave differently, it's sort of a wobbly noise, different to the GPX.
      I kept going, detecting closer to the cliff.....

      Scary!  I did get a target in this area, it wasn't on the surface as it remained after my first scrape and moved on the second, unfortunately, a tiny little bit of some sort of junk

      I was super impressed with the sensitivity of the 12" X-coil getting these tiny little targets, Gold Monster size bits of junk.

      I really thought I had a nugget in this photo above, this was just before my dig..... turned out to be another shotgun pellet stuck in the schist bedrock 😞
      Now the sun came out, it was terribly hot and I was frustrated looking at the nice cool water below me while I'm up here sweating badly wanting to jump in it to cool off, I really struggle in heat so I moved away from the cliffs and jumped in my car to go back into the terrain JW found his bits last weekend, it's very close by and I could have walked if it wasn't so hot and my drink had run out already 🙂
      This next area has lots of good bedrock and didn't seem as junky with the pellets, the issue here is the power lines, I dropped my gain down to 14 from the 20 it was on previously so the machine ran nicer as I couldn't put up with the power line noise as the spot with the bedrock I wanted to detect was basically under the power lines.  As I detected further away from them I cranked my gain up again and as  I got closer lowered it down, quite easy to do on the GPZ as you just leave it on that option and adjust as necessary.

      Why do they always put these right where the best bedrock is... I'm sure they did it on purpose. 

      Nice bedrock though... I could see a number of fresh looking dig holes around, I suspect JW's handy work, he was good though, all necessary ones were back filled. 😉  The funny plants are getting annoying, there is a plant that looks like that if you grab onto it and try rip it out it spikes you to death so I wasn't game to touch them, just worked around them.
      I noticed an area with a lot of dig holes but it was virtually right under the lines, I figured there is no point doing that area but the dig holes seemed to go off in a direction so I instead went down rather than follow the digs and it was only 15 steps from a dig hole and I had a target, quite faint but very obvious.  At this point my gain was on 12 to calm down the power lines and I had the detectors volume on 4 as the Steelphase SP01 was attached to the Wm12 and gave me all the volume I could ever want.  I did notice if I got between the WM12 and the detector sometimes the audio dropped out for a few seconds and picked up again if I moved, it seems it doesn't like passing the audio through my body, is this normal or is my WM12 a lemon? I would think it's pretty normal passing wireless though your body.  I tried changing frequencies but made no difference.  I might just use my Quest Wirefree mate as it doesn't seem to do that, similar thing to the WM12 anyway.
      I dug the target thinking it's probably going to be another shotgun pellet, it was doing the same wobbly type noise, hard to describe the noise....  I did a scrape with the pick and it was still in place, getting hopeful but the bedrock was quite shallow so I just started taking scoops out with my plastic scoop and waving them over the coil, narrowed down a target and it was a bit of gold! Awesome, my first GPZ gold, a tiny little thing....  I rechecked the area and the exact same noise was still there, it sounded like I never even dug the target.  So I kept scraping it out and waving the scoop over my coil, a few more scoops with and I had the target. Boom! Another bit of gold.  Two from one hole! this doesn't happen to me often.

      The spot I got them!

      You can see the detector sitting in the spot still where I got them and if you look up the damn power lines!

      The two little guys! 🙂  I was done for the day now, it was too hot and my back was pretty sore.  I had a goal of finding a bit of gold then I was going to leave, it's lucky it happened when it did as to clean the little bits I had to use the last drop of moisture in my body, my spit came out like pasty thick molasses to clean them.  I stumbled back to my car and was lucky.  I found a few fruit trees on the walk that were covered in fruit.  I got my fluids up eating a bunch of apricots and a few plums.

      I picked a few for the road too

      Washed down my KFC with them.
      Time to head home, my wife had sent me a text message while I was detecting saying I've had a parcel arrive, it was the two coils I've ordered to start exploring for some new ground, I wanted some ground coverage so I can explore and find some ground JW hasn't already done so I think this is partially why I called it quits so early in the day, I wanted to rush home and see the new coils 🙂

      15x10 and 17x12"
      I've tested both of them out already in my backyard, both detect my bits of gold I found today, that means they'll be my perfect exploring coils.  I hoped they'd both still have the sensitivity to small gold which they do.  I shouldn't say my bits of gold either, my wife confiscated them off me, valentines day gift she said as its valentines day here today 😄  It's the first nuggets I've given her so that's OK.
      Time for the weigh in.

      Not too bad! Happy with that.  I really like the 12" coil, it's going to to be my everyday use coil.
    • By mh9162013
      I saw one of these for sale for basically $200 + shipping. Is that a good deal? What's the typical resale price (Fair Market Value) for a machine like that?
    • By okara gold
      Broke my Nox arm cuff the other day. I got ahold of a new one and modified it so it is now stronger than ever. I took a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe, ( just the right width! ), cut it to the width of the cuff and just below where the strap openings are. Did a little sanding to "round" off the edges and attached it with industrial 3M two face tape to the cuff. Then put the black cushion rubber on top. I have used it about 6 hours now of constant swinging and it is rock solid. $1.98 for the PVC and a little modification. We'll see how it holds up. 

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