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Where’s The Gold??????

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Back in LA after a side trip to Florida, Yuma, Mexico, and Alaska 😜

Where you are you Mitch????

im at the same place for awhile.

Emailed Broken Arrow today...

Checking on the weather, etc

i need another ring this year!

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Mitchell is at the Quartzite Coin Hunt.... I think.

if you get to San Diego give me a call... if you want 


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You bet Fred.... 

if I come down I will surely stop in. 

Meantime I need to give Mitch some lessons 🤓

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I'm back.  I'm sure glad to know you are back at it around here.  I had wondered about the mysterious man from down under.

I saw some good gold from Norm and company at Tom Wells Road.

Lu won a salt lamp with a token.  I got Curtis out there picking up coins.  Last year he just sat in his stroller.  Next year he will probably find more than me!


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