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18 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Hmmm, maybe I should change this into an analog detecting forum that celebrates all the old machines regardless of brand. Obviously just being a Tesoro Forum will run out of steam entirely as time goes on.

That would be cool. I always wanted to try a D-Tex, Gardiner, Compass, Arado, etc... but was stuck on early Bounty Hunters and Whites. Always wondered if anyone actually used them in the parks around my area in the 70's

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2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Other than my minding the store here for historical purposes, the world is moving on. Soon Tesoro will be just like Compass Electronics... a fond memory for us old-timers.

Hmmm, maybe I should change this into an analog detecting forum that celebrates all the old machines regardless of brand. Obviously just being a Tesoro Forum will run out of steam entirely as time goes on.

That’s a great idea Steve.   Either the obsolete/bygone or analog forum would probably get more action than just Tesoro. Here’s a pic or two, the Compass is a $20 flea market find that I was able to get working again!!  No great finds with it but it’s fun to do a lap with every now and then and learn a bit about the technology curve🤠    Also a shot of the one large cent I found with the “lowly”🤔 Compadre!!!



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7 minutes ago, Sven1 said:

Last hunt with a Dtex 2010 SK50 and a picture of a very hard to find camo hip mount version.

No longer have either detector.

Both were fun to use.




Seeing those wooden coil housings is super cool!!  Thanks for posting Sven

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I still have a couple of Tesoro.   A GSII and a Compadre.   Might still pick up another Cortes in the future when I cross paths with the right one.    

Since I like to use all my detectors, it takes a while for them to come up in rotation to talk about.  And I sometimes give the new ones extra attention.  😂


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17 hours ago, Sven1 said:

Last hunt with a Dtex 2010 SK50 and a picture of a very hard to find camo hip mount version.

No longer have either detector.

Both were fun to use.

My website: https://www.treasurelinx.com/

Your website is a very helpful and valuable resource - thank you Sven! :smile:

I have renamed this the Compass, D-Tex, Tesoro, Etc. forum to cover all past brands.

My old Compass Coin Magnum...


and Compass Gold Scanner Pro...


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This is terrific Steve,  name change geared towards older models.  I think it’ll draw good traffic, it’s a needed forum for old timers like us to visit. 

I knew you used a GoldScanner Pro from an article you wrote years ago, but can’t remember reading you had a Compass Coin Magnum II. Gold Scanner Pro was a nice model to own back then, even today its fun to use.  Dug my first gold coin with one, fast recovery speed great in iron laced sites.

The Coin Magnum II,  was a model I didn’t start using until this decade. Believe it’s the first model having a manual Ground balance, George Payne creation. Also,  has a blanket circuit allowing user to bypass surface targets yet capture targets below this blanket. No depth lost, just crank up discrimination and only deeper low and high conductive targets will respond. Its down fall at the beginning, was too complicated to use and I agree took me a while to grasp it. Most users back then moved away from it, some regret not giving it enough time to learn. 

Sven’s web site always a treat to view, the enormous time he put into this is amazing. Many thanks Sven, We all appreciate your hard work.

Have so many vintage detectors I lost count, so many memories. Fortunately, Still use most of them. May not get out as often as before, but still tinker with them to keep them running. 

Thanks Steve for providing us a place to visit, hope the new year brings you gold and new forum members.


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Hi Paul,

I was a Compass dealer back in the day and owned the Compass Yukon 77-IB, Compass Coin Magnum II, Compass Gold Scanner, Compass Gold Scanner Pro, Compass X-70, and Compass X-80 models. I got my start metal detecting for coins in 1972 and got into gold prospecting around the same time. However, when hold prices took off in the late 70s my interest and activity metal detecting dropped way off while I concentrated more on gold dredging. The early detector models were no good on the small gold prevalent in my area, whereas I could find an ounce of gold or more in a single day of gold dredging. I’m sorry to say I passed upon a lot of prime silver coin detecting due to my focus on gold. There is a ten year gap in the 1980s where I did very little metal detecting, just sporadic outings now and then. It was not until the 50 kHz White’s Goldmaster II came out around 1990 that I got heavily back into metal detecting due to it’s breakthrough ability to hit sub-grain gold. Even then other types of metal detecting took a backseat to nugget detecting. The only other type of detecting that I devoted much time to after 1990 was jewelry detecting, with a focus on saltwater detecting. It was not until the Equinox arrived a few years ago that I got briefly back to coin detecting. My relic detecting amounts to a few trips to England. My focus now is swinging back to precious metals again, both jewelry and nugget detecting. 

Long story short I used quite a few early coin detectors from 1972 to 1980 with a ten year gap in the 90s where I just dabbled with a few models like the Compass and Fisher X-series models. Then back at it in 1990 with a main focus on both high frequency induction balance detectors plus every ground balancing pulse induction prospecting detector that came along. The following is fairly complete though I am sure I have left a few out. Models I used enough to at least get familiar with....

Compass Yukon 77-IB, Compass Coin Magnum II, Compass Gold Scanner, Compass Gold Scanner Pro, Compass X-70, Compass X-80, Fisher 1236-X2, Fisher 1280-X, Fisher CZ-5, Fisher CZ-70 Pro, Fisher CZ-3D, Fisher Gold Bug, Fisher Gold Bug 2, Fisher Gold Strike, Fisher F75, Fisher F75 Special Edition, Fisher F75 Ltd2, Fisher Gold Bug SE, Fisher Gold Bug Pro, Garrett Ace 250, Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger, Garrett Infinium, Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Gold, Garrett ATX, Makro Gold Racer, Makro Gold Kruzer, Makro Racer, Makro Racer 2, Minelab Excalibur II, Minelab XT 17000, Minelab American Goldstriker, Minelab XT 18000, Minelab SD 2000, Minelab SD 2200D, Minelab SD 2200v2, Minelab GP Extreme, Minelab GP 3000, Minelab GP 3500, Minelab GPX-4000, Minelab GPX 4500, Minelab GPX 5000, Minelab GPZ 7000, Minelab SDC 2300, Minelab X-Terra 50, Minelab X-Terra 70, Minelab X-Terra 705, Minelab Gold Monster 1000, Minelab Equinox 800, Nokta AU Gold Finder, Nokta FORS Gold, Nokta FORS Gold+, Nokta FORS CoRe, Nokta Impact, Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer, Teknetics G2, Tesoro Diablo, Tesoro Golden uMax, Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ, Tesoro Stingray II, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Tesoro Vaquero, Troy X-3, Troy X-5, White's Beachhunter ID, White's Coinmaster IV, White's Coinmaster V Supreme, White's DFX, White's Goldmaster, White's Goldmaster II, White's Goldmaster V/SAT, White's Goldmaster 3, White's Goldmaster 4/B, White's Goldmaster 24K, White's GMT, White's M6, White's MXT, White's MX Sport, White's Surfmaster II, White's Surf PI, White's Surf PI Pro, White's Surf PI Dual Field, White's Sierra Pulse Pro, White's TDI, White's TDI SL, White's Vision, White's V3i, XP Deus

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4 minutes ago, phrunt said:

It's an addiction. 😮  And I thought I was bad.

Steve's going on year 49.  What are you on, year 4?  Do the math.  😏


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    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am very fortunate to have made JPs acquaintance years ago on Finders Forum when I was trying to learn more about my new sd2200d. Those were great times on a great forum, everyone friendly and sharing. JP is a literal gold mine of deep Minelab knowledge, with personal ties to Bruce Candy. We got to know each other a little over the net, and then I was fortunate enough to be invited to Oz to spend a month of time detecting with JP and Chris Ralph.
      I have never had a better host in my life than Jonathan Porter. He is like this crazy camp host who insists on cooking and who selflessly shared his locations and gold with me for a solid month. It was one of the best times of my entire life.
      The Aussie forums went downhill and became combative. To my dismay I found myself acting like an asshole in response. This forum was set up as a direct response to my experience watching forums self destruct. I wanted this place to be like the old Finders Forum. By and large I’ve achieved that goal over the last few years.
      But a problem developed. As this forum has become the place to be for information, it is attracting some people who have history of some sort with JP. A lot of it seems to be tall poppy syndrome. Other stuff is more real and personal. Maybe some of you have legit beefs with JP.
      Here is the deal. I don’t care what those issues are. Jonathan Porter is my friend. I’ve learned a lot from him. I’d like to learn more. I know of nobody outside Bruce who has deeper knowledge about current Minelab product, and JP is a truly superb detectorist to boot.
      People dogging JP is at cross purposes to the forum as far as I am concerned. I think there are quite a few people here who would like to hear more from JP without him having to swat files and getting grumpy in the process. Long ago I promised him a refuge here, and I have failed in that by trying to accommodate everyone. But I guess the time has come to declare allegiances, and I choose still to stand with JP.
      If anyone has a problem with that it is simple. There are a dozen forums you can go to instead where you can spend all your time talking about JP and me and the multiple ways in which we are horrible people. I’m really fine with that. Those who wish to stay are also very welcome, but from now on keep in mind that having a go at JP is the same as having a go at me. And my patience after four years has hit rock bottom. We have a new detector on the way, and lots of exciting stuff to talk about. If you want to share information and have fun, stay. Anything else, please leave. If it is just ten of us here I can handle that. I don’t need this forum or website, and it either gets back on track or I will continue to take action until it does.
      This is not about products, this is about personalities and who gets along with who. I think JP deserves one place on the internet where he is truly welcome by all, and anyone that gets in the way of that here will eventually be rooted out. Thanks and good night!
      Steve’s Australia Adventure

    • By Valens Legacy
      There was an article a few weeks ago about a find that needed to be identified.
      It was a square pendant with some gold flakes inside.
      Several people had seen them before and there was a link to the item.
      I have someone that is wanting to find a couple of them, and would like to point them in the right direction.
      Thank you, Caleb
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      Anyone signing in from old whites forum site.  Just seeing if any of you guys made the journey over here.  Sign in here if you did. This is Sleddman , long time whites user. Be safe out there to all and have a great Christmas.   Sleddman
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      Looking at some usernames on this forum i sometimes wonder how they came up with their name. Obviously some have user names that are their real name but others are a little more bizarre. When i decided to join prospecting forums i didn't know what to have, so googled how you say Gold in different languages. I came across "Jin" which is the Chinese term for gold.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I just upgraded the forum to the next major release, 4.5.2. This time they did some changes to the overall look and feel. Most of the changes are improvements but the new high contrast colors and bold fonts are almost too bright, too sharp. The header went stark white so I dialed that back to blue. Anyway, I'll be tweaking the look and feel for a few days. A couple of the old add on modules are now out of date so need to deal with that also.
      For any nerds out there, here is the forum feature change list. One new thing is there will be a new mobile app. If you visit lots of Invision powered websites (like Chris', Bill's, and Rob's) it may be of interest.

      The old color scheme. Less bright colors, blue text instead of black and white, more of a gray background.....

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      I enjoyed reading the topics under this forum as I have a couple entry level units un addition to my Equinox. But I have not been on this site for a couple of months and can’t seem to find it. It seemed pretty active. 
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